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How to add Call Forwarding to a 4 Line Phone System

Businesses ranging from large corporations to small businesses must continuously improve and maintain good customer relations. Therefore, the choices you make regarding what phone system or multimedia channels to utilize matter significantly. Setting up call forwarding for your office line is one such important decision. Whether your company handles calls through one phone or multiple numbers for different offices, call forwarding can help streamline call management and boost customer interaction. Let’s look at how to add this feature to a 4 line phone system.

Call Forwarding: Benefits for the Office

Call forwarding basically redirects incoming calls to a number different from the one dialed. This is convenient when you do not want to give out your real number. Or, when you want calls to be forwarded to different departments or offices at certain times of the day. You can move calls around in an efficient way to ensure no calls or prospects go missed.

Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of virtual numbers with call forwarding. Virtual numbers route calls over the internet instead of traditional phone lines, making them a cheaper option. You can get a toll free number or a local number for a specific geographical location. Toll free numbers are free for callers as they charge the receiver. Local numbers have area codes for specific locations and this helps you have a virtual presence in a city or state without needing to physically move there.

Multi-Line Phone Systems

Standard phone systems carry audio between only two parties, that is, between the caller and receiver. However, multi-line phone systems allow multiple people to be on the phone at the same time. These lines can be 2 line or 4 line phone systems. You can set them up for internal communication between employees and colleagues or externally for customers.

Who Can Use Multi-Line Communication Systems?

Companies of any size can use a 2 or 4 line phone system to streamline and organize their calls. They can easily forward or redirect calls from one line to the next. There are different ways to set and organize multiple lines for your system.

choosing the best virtual phone system
Source: O#100001356953

With a 2 line phone system, you can have:

  • One line for home and one for business.
  • One line per employee and one for a fax number.

With a 4 line phone system, you can have:

  • Two lines for salespersons, one for toll free number, and one for the marketing team.
  • One line for customers in certain states, one line for local customers, and one for the remote team.
  • One line per department.

Let’s look at a few scenarios where having multiple lines on one phone system can boost communication.

  1. Businesses offering medical support, financial services, etc., will need to be constantly accessible to their clients. And so, having call forwarding set in such a way forwards calls to multi-site offices where someone will answer and help customers.
  2. One-person or small businesses, freelancers, and remote workers can use this service to protect their actual numbers. They can provide a virtual number which directs calls to their phone, without having to share their personal number.
  3. Restaurants and companies with high call volumes during rush hour or holiday seasons.
  4. Businesses with employees that travel a lot for work.
  5. Companies that want to provide around-the-clock service and improve their customer service.

Setting Up Call Forwarding on a 4 Line Phone System

Adding call forwarding to your 4 line phone system is easy and quick, and does not require expensive equipment. Just follow the steps below.

1)  Virtual phone service providers offer call forwarding and other communication features for businesses. We recommend Global Call Forwarding for its affordability and high-quality user experience.

2) Review plans and features: Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget from a variety of options. We offer 5 different plans based on business size and amount of minutes anticipated. Then, look at what other features you can add to enhance your phone system. For example, you can pair call forwarding with call recording, select country forwarding, interactive voice recording (IVR), or time-of-day routing.

3) Sign up for virtual service: Enter the necessary information on the sign-up page. For example, enter the type of number you want: toll free, mobile, UIFN, area code number, etc. Then, select the number you want from the options available. Finally, enter the destination number where calls should be forwarded. This could be your personal, office, or cell number. You can later go into your control panel and add additional lines.

4) Purchase multi-line phones: Purchase a desktop phone system that can run several lines. You can look at major phone companies for a device that works well for you.

Streamline, Organize, Control: Manage Your Call Volume Better

With a 4 line phone system and call forwarding, you can easily ensure that customers can reach your business at any time. Call Global Call Forwarding today at 1 (888) 908 6171 to learn more or to sign up for a virtual number with call forwarding now. It’s never too late to improve internal communication and customer service.

How To Get a Virtual Business Address

Companies with a global customer base need a local presence in the countries or states they are conducting business in. Customers need to know they can reach you easily without much hassle. Freelancers, on the other hand, hesitate to provide their home address as their business address in order to maintain a work-life balance. Additionally, a lot of official documents need a business address. So, what can you do to establish your virtual business as a professional one? This is where a virtual business address comes in handy.

Cost-Effective Business Address Option

A virtual business address is basically an address for a location separate from your business or home address. This location can be anywhere, depending on where you want to run or expand your business. Those who run a home-based company or have branches in other states or countries can make use of a virtual business address to establish a local presence. They are generally more cost-effective than renting an office space.

Who Can Make Use of a Virtual Address?

Companies, large and small, can utilize a virtual business address to expand and maintain relations in different markets globally. Enterprises/ business people that can benefit greatly from a virtual address are:

  • Small businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Solo professionals
  • Solopreneurs
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Companies looking to expand to other countries.

How to Get a Virtual Business Address

There are different options for obtaining a virtual address for your business. You can get a private mailbox or invest in a virtual mailroom or virtual office. Here’s an overview of how you can maintain mail through these options:

Private Mailboxes

You can sign up for a private mailbox at your local post office. Your address will have a P.O. Box number on it. Cost is usually less than $10/month for most places. However, the rate depends on the size of the box and duration of use. It is the most cost-effective but has a few drawbacks. Private mailboxes cannot receive packages from other carriers like UPS or FedEX. You can also get a private box through UPS or Pakmail for a slightly higher price. These boxes do not have a P. O. Box number on the address and can receive packages from other carriers.

H3: Virtual Mailroom

Virtual mailrooms provide addresses in a city of your choosing. A virtual mailroom scans and uploads images of your mail to a secure website. You can then decide to have the mail shredded, forwarded to your personal address, deposit checks, etc. Such mailrooms cost more than private mailboxes but offer more convenient services. Companies such as PostScan Mail and Earth Class Mail provide these services. Subscriptions for such services, depending on the type and volume of mail, start at $9.95/month and go up to $60/month.

Virtual Office

If you are looking for a virtual mailroom but also want access to office or conference rooms then a virtual office is the one for you. With a virtual office subscription, you will have the ability to meet customers, hold meetings, and therefore have a stronger local presence. These offices have live receptionists, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems, mail forwarding, and professional settings for meetings. And because of these facilities, they are the most expensive of the three with prices starting at $60/month.

Get A Virtual Phone Number To Go With Your Business Address

Now that you have your virtual business address figured out for your mail, it is time to consider virtual phone numbers for your calls. Customers are more likely to get in touch with you through your phone number than any other means of communication. This makes it highly important to invest in a reliable and resourceful phone service that can cover all your virtual needs. You need a phone number that has multiple lines and call forwarding to ensure no call goes unanswered. You can get a local or toll free number for the state or country you are interested in. Get all this and more with a virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding. Sign up today and let us help you expand globally.

How To Make Your iPhone Announce Calls

Want Siri to tell you when your annoying boss or an old friend is calling instead of searching for your phone as it’s ringing? Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t know where our phone is. Other times, we would like to do everything we can to make our lives easier. Having your iPhone announce calls is one more way to make answering your phone convenient. So, how can you make Siri announce calls for you?

Making Your iPhone Announce Calls

Apple is constantly trying to find easier and more handy (or hands-free) ways to use their devices. And Siri has been an invention for this purpose. One of the useful features that comes along with Siri is having your iPhone announce calls. This feature came out in 2016 among more than 100 other new features for iOS 10.

With this feature, you will know who is calling you without having to look at your phone. iPhone uses Siri to announce the calls by saying their name out loud. For example, if John Doe is calling, the phone will first start ringing, then the ringtone volume will reduce and Siri will say “John Doe.” If Siri doesn’t know the name of the caller, she will announce the number. The process of making your iPhone announce calls is very easy. To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

make the iphone announce your calls
Source: – Lic#9135188 ID#27446420


Step 1: Open “Settings.”
Step 2: Select “Phone.”
Step 3: Then, tap “Announce Calls.”
Step 4: Finally, choose when you want Siri to answer your calls:
• Always
• Headphones & Car
• Headphones Only
• Never

How Can You Use This Feature?

Now you know how to make your iPhone announce calls. But why should you use this feature? Assuming the caller is in your phone contacts, Siri will announce the name of the person calling you. This is a good reason to keep your contacts up to date so that there are no surprises. Otherwise, Siri may announce the number of the incoming call or tell you that it’s an unknown number.

You can determine in what circumstances you want your iPhone to announce calls. Set it up to always announce calls by selecting “Always.” If set to “Always,” Siri will announce the caller through the phone’s speakers only when the phone is in Ring mode. So, if the phone is set on Silent, calls won’t be announced.

Generally, when you are wearing headphones or using the phone hands-free, you can use this feature by selecting “Headphones Only” to let you know who is calling. This way, you don’t have to fish out or locate your phone to see who is calling. Select “Headphones & Car” if you want to answer phones hands-free when driving and when using headphones. Lastly, you can always disable the feature by selecting “Never.”

Customize Incoming Calls

Other ways to know who is calling you are through caller ID or by assigning ringtones to a caller. To set up caller ID functionality, go to “Settings,” scroll to “Phone,” and select “Show My Caller ID” and turn it on or off.iphone

To assign ringtones, open “Contacts,” select the person you want to assign a custom ringtone for. Then tap “Edit,” scroll to “Ringtone,” and select from a list of available tones. Then, tap “Save.”

Get A Virtual Phone Number for Your iPhone

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual numbers for more than 140 countries. You can get a local or international number for your business at a very reasonable price. Virtual numbers route calls over the internet to any device, in any location. Answer business calls on your iPhone, even when you are traveling for business. Sign up for a number with Global Call Forwarding today or contact us for more information at 1-(877)-898-8646.

How To Delete Google Voice Number

Switching to a new phone service and want to get rid of your Google Voice number? It’s absolutely doable but a little complicated. However, by following a few steps you can disable your Voice number and over time the number will get passed on to someone else. So, how to delete a Google Voice number? Read on!

Why Do Users Want To Switch From Google Voice?

Google Voice was launched by Google in 2009 after acquiring GrandCentral, the original owners of the service. Voice is a telecommunications service that works alongside existing phone services as a secondary phone number. It offers additional benefits of voicemail transcription, call forwarding, call screening, and SMS capabilities. You can use this number over different devices including laptops and computers, as this service works through the internet and a web-based application. You can download the Google Voice app from Playstore for Android phones or Apple store for iPhones. To access Voice on your laptop or computer, simply log in through its website.

While Google Voice provides all these useful services, there are a few limitations causing its steady decline. These drawbacks are:

Inability to make emergency calls: Users cannot make or receive emergency calls through their Google Voice number. For example, if a user dials 911, it will appear as an invalid number.

Limited international texting:

Users can send text messages to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada only, but can receive messages from all over the world.

Call screening affecting call forwarding:

Users can set up Google Voice to forward calls from the Voice number to the desired number. However, when forwarding, if the desired number does not answer within 25 seconds, the call is rerouted to Voice’s voicemail system. This is Voice’s screening service where it provides caller information for users to decide if they want to answer or not. So, if the call is not answered in 25 seconds, it is considered unimportant and directed to voicemail, allowing little time to answer.

Delete a google voice number

Source: – Lic#149139873 ID#27446420

No phone support for customer service:

Lastly, Voice has no direct phone support for customers who have queries or concerns about the service. Users can, however, find help through the Google Voice Help Center FAQ or Google Groups’ Voice forum.

How To Delete Google Voice Number

It is important to note you cannot delete your Google Voice account but you can delete call logs, voicemail, and text messages. If you are certain you don’t want or need a Google Voice number, you can disable Voice and then delete the Google Voice number. Since Voice has many pieces that make it work, you have to disable the different pieces in order to fully disable Voice. Let’s have a further look at how to delete Google Voice Number.

Steps to Delete Your Voice Number

Step 1: On your computer or laptop, go to Google Voice’s website.
Step 2: At the top, click on the ‘Menu’ icon and select ‘Settings.’
Step 3: You will be able to see your Google Voice Number here. Turn off voicemail by clicking on ‘Voicemail’ on the left and unchecking the box to ‘Get Voicemail via Message.’
Step 4: Uncheck other services you wish to stop.
Step 5: Enable Google Voice ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the left to stop calls ringing on your personal phones.
Step 6: Then, click on ‘Account’ on the left.
Step 7: And under your Voice number, click ‘Delete.’
Step 8: Finally to confirm, click ‘Proceed’ and that is how to delete Google Voice number.

Note that after deleting your Voice number, you will have 90 days to recover it. After 90 days, the number will be assigned to someone else. Your Google account will be accessible on the computer so you can listen to past call recordings and voicemails, unless you delete them.

Steps to Delete Your Text, Call Logs, or Voicemail

Note that once you delete texts, call logs, or voicemails, you won’t have access to them again. Additionally, you can only delete text messages one at a time. To delete texts, calls, and voicemails:

Step 1: Open Voice on your computer.
Step 2: Open the tab for ‘Messages,’ ‘Calls,’ or ‘Voicemail.’
Step 3: Select the items you want to remove by pointing your mouse over it and clicking the checkmark sign.
Step 4: Then, after making your selection, click on ‘Delete.’
Step 5: Confirm by clicking ‘Delete’ again.

Looking For A New Virtual Phone Service

In the market for a new virtual phone number for personal use or for your business? Consider Global Call Forwarding for your phone number needs. We have virtual, local, and toll free numbers in over 140 countries and aim to keep expanding. Give us a call today at 1-(888)-908-6171 or check out our website to see how we can help you with our cloud communications solutions.

How To Make a Private Call

Almost every smartphone can detect who is calling, and more recently landlines have been able to do the same as well. But what if you want to how to make a private call? Is there a way to hide or block your caller ID when making calls? The answer is yes.

“No Caller ID,” “Scam Likely”: What Are Private Calls?

One way to display caller ID is to save contacts of people you know on your device. This usually applies to family and close friends and any other important people or businesses. However, that is not the only way caller IDs work. Most phones will also be able to notify you of the caller’s ID if their business or organization is registered. This way, you almost always know who is calling you. But what of those “No Caller ID,” “Private Number,” or “Scam Likely” calls?

Most phone carriers notify you about potential spam calls by displaying “Scam Likely” when you receive a suspicious call. Android users who have their “Caller ID and Spam Protection” on can see information about callers and business numbers not in their contacts. This is enabled to warn them against potential spam callers. Global Call Forwarding has a feature called “Black and White Lists” which allows you to white list (approve) and black list (block) calls.

However, private calls are made by hiding one’s caller ID. This is when a person or business willingly hides their contact information to ensure a call goes through. In some cases, this may work even if they are on the caller’s no-call list. This is usually the route taken by telemarketers doing illegal business or angry exes or creepy stalkers trying to get in touch with you. It is safe to ignore these calls as anyone important will leave you a voicemail to get their message across.

How to make a private call
Source: – Lic#:75538505 ID#27446420

How To Make A Private Call: Block Your Caller ID Permanently or Temporarily

There are a few different ways to hide or block your phone number from being displayed on the receiver’s screen. Let’s look at how to make a private call either on your own or through your phone number provider.

You can temporarily deactivate your number to make it appear as a private number by dialing ‘*67’ before the number you are calling. For example, if you wish to block your ID when calling 698-334-5647, dial *676983345647. Calls made this way cannot be called back. However, you must contact your phone service provider to block your ID permanently by requesting a line block. Before you do this, remember that when you block your number permanently, it cannot be reversed. It is important to remember, however, that calls made this way remain traceable by police services.

Hide Your Caller ID Through Your Phone’s Settings

The other way to mask your caller ID is by turning certain phone settings on or off. Most Android phones and iPhones provide caller ID settings. Below is the process of how to make a private call from an Android phone and iPhone. Note, however, that the process varies depending on the phone’s model and software version.

To block your number when calling from an Android phone:

  • Go to the ‘Phone’ app
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Then, click on ‘Call’
  • Tap ‘Additional’
  • Select ‘Caller ID’
  • Select ‘Hide number’ or ‘Show number’ to turn the Caller ID on or off

To hide your number when calling from an iPhone:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Phone’
  • Then, click on ‘Show My Caller ID’ and turn it on or off

For Business Reaching International Clientele, Local Numbers May Be A Better Option

Users generally hesitate to answer calls that display “Private Number.” If you are an international business trying to expand your clientele and are choosing to contact them by hiding your foreign number, we may have a solution for you. Global Call Forwarding has local numbers in over 140 countries which are meant for local and international businesses. Purchase a local number for the country or state you want to extend your business to. A local number will make your customers more comfortable with answering a call from your business because it is a number they recognize. Don’t get lost in all the “Private” or “Scam Likely” call your prospective client is receiving. Purchase a business number from Global Call Forwarding today and stand out among the virtual crowds!

How To Hide Your Phone Number

Have you wondered how to hide your phone number when making calls and what it looks like to the receiver? When you hide your phone number, it appears as a “Private Number” or with “No Caller ID.” These are calls from individuals or organizations who have purposefully blocked or masked their number. With no caller ID, it is difficult to identify who may be calling you. But how do these callers hide their numbers and why?

Different Ways To Hide Caller IDs

There are a few different ways to keep your caller ID hidden. Let’s look at how to hide your phone number temporarily or permanently, depending on your requirements.

Temporary vs Permanent

One way to block or hide your phone number is by dialing ‘*67’ before the number you are calling. This will temporarily deactivate your number and make it appear as a private number on the receiver’s screen. For example, if you are calling 745-332-5987, dial *677453325987 to mask your number. Phone calls made this way cannot be traced.

To permanently block your number, you will need to call your phone service provider and request a line block. When you do this, the phone number will remain blocked for all future calls. Note that this cannot be reversed.

Hide Your Caller ID With Mobile Settings

Most iPhones and Android phones allow you to turn your caller ID on or off through the phone’s settings.

how to hide your phone number
Source: – Lic#:57373345 ID#27446420

So, how to hide your phone number with an iPhone?:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Phone’
  3. Then select ‘Show My Caller ID’
  4. Here you can turn your Caller ID on or off.

To hide your number on an Android device:

  1. Open the ‘Phone’ app
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Click on ‘Call’ settings
  4. Then select ‘Additional’ settings
  5. Click on ‘Caller ID’
  6. Select ‘Hide number’ or ‘Show number’ to block or display your caller ID.

How To Hide Your Phone Number in Other Countries

*67 is the common code for blocking caller IDs in the United States (except with AT&T), Canada, and New Zealand (using Vodafone phones). However, other countries have their own blocking codes. Here’s a list:

Argentina (landline), Germany, Switzerland (landline) *31#
Australia (landline) 1831
France (landline) 3651
Greece (for landlines), Iceland, Netherlands (with majority of carriers), Romania, South Africa (Telkom phones) *31*
Hong Kong 133
Israel (landline) *43
Italy (landline) *67#
Japan 184
New Zealand (Telecom or Spark phones) 0197
Rotary phones in North America 1167
Nepal (NTC prepaid/postpaid phones only) *9#
Pakistan (PTCL phones) *32#
South Korea *23 / *23#
Spain (landline) 067
United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland 141
United States (AT&T phones), Australia (mobile), Albania, Argentina (mobile), Bulgaria (mobile), Denmark, Canada (mobile), France, Germany (some mobile providers), Greece (mobile), India (only after network unlock), Israel (mobile), Italy (mobile), Netherlands (KPN phones), South Africa (mobile), Spain (mobile), Sweden, Switzerland (mobile) #31#

Why Do People Hide Their Phone Number?

Usually, telemarketers conducting illegal marketing businesses choose to block their numbers. This is the preferred method of communication because these numbers cannot be traced. Other times, people who have been blocked can resort to hiding their phone number or Caller ID to ensure the call goes through.

Most receivers who get “No Caller ID” calls are interested in who is calling and may answer. Others, however, are suspicious of unknown or private numbers being spam or telemarketers and avoid answering them.

Benefits of Purchasing Local Phone Numbers

Since customers are less likely to answer numbers they don’t recognize, consider local numbers if you have a business in a different country. Global Call Forwarding is a phone service provider that offers virtual phone solutions for local and international businesses. With a virtual number from Global Call Forwarding, you can have a local phone number for overseas countries where your business extends to. Customers prefer local or toll free numbers over unfamiliar international numbers. Make your customers more comfortable with a local or toll free number from Global Call Forwarding today.

How to add Call Forwarding on Costco Phones

Costco offers a wide range of unlocked cell phones available for purchase. This means that they offer cell phones that aren’t tied to major cell phone carriers. This way, you can choose the carrier you want. And, not have to lock into annual contracts and agreements with unsuspecting fees. If you’re considering Costco phones for yourself or your business, this article will outline how to add call forwarding to these phones. This way, you can forward calls otherwise meant for your Costco phone to be sent to another line.

The Benefit of Costco Unlocked Phones

Unlocked cell phones, whether from Costco or otherwise, provide quite a few benefits. Firstly, they don’t come tied to a certain carrier. This means that you can shop around for the best carrier that meets your specific needs. Secondly, they give you the choice to have a no-contract phone service. Often, major carriers only allow you to purchase a phone with your signature that locks you into an annual contract. This keeps you from changing carriers whenever you want. Finally, unlocked phones are great for specific situations. For example, if you travel a lot, roaming and international fees from major carriers can lead to massive bills. However, unlocked phones allow you to purchase minutes on SIM cards or from no-contract carriers that allow for more affordable traveling.

What is Call Forwarding?

Often, people want to set up their unlocked Costco phones with call forwarding. Call forwarding is one of many phone features useful for business and international travel. Essentially, it allows you to forward incoming calls to other phone lines like:

  • Traditional landlines
  • Other mobile phones
  • Voicemail boxes

You can set up call forwarding on your unlocked cell phone to forward calls when you don’t answer. Or, as soon as someone dials your number. Either way, it allows you to have the choice for how calls are handled. This way, you can better personalize the function of your cell phone.

How to add Call Forwarding on Costco Phones
Source: Lic#163940540 ID#8691437

Setting up Call Forwarding on Your Costco Unlocked Phone

If you don’t choose one of the Costco phone plans when you purchase your phone, you can pick another provider. But, if you want to add call forwarding as a phone feature, you’ll need to make sure the provider you choose offers it. For example, Global Call Forwarding offers virtual phone numbers that can be set up with call forwarding. And, these virtual phone numbers can pair to Costco phones. But, other no-contract cell phone service options may not offer call forwarding as a phone feature. So, before deciding on the company you want to use, make sure they offer this feature for Costco phones.

How to Easily Get Call Forwarding on Costco Phones

If you’re looking for a sure and easy way to get call forwarding on your Costco cell phone, consider Global Call Forwarding. We make the setup process simple and can get you a virtual phone number on your Costco cell phone within minutes. And, you can choose the local phone number that you want. Plus, any of the other features you find on our website for virtual phone numbers. Along with call forwarding, choose from a number of phone features including:

Global Call Forwarding Services

All in all, choosing our service as your phone plan for your Costco unlocked phone can make things a breeze. So, if you’re looking for a service that offers call forwarding phone plans for Costco phones, consider Global Call Forwarding for your needs. With Global Call Forwarding, you’ll never have to sign any long term contracts. You’ll never have to make a long term commitment to a phone carrier. And, you can take advantage of all the phone features you could ever want.

How to Call Phone From Computer

Everything we do now revolves around the use of our phones or laptops. We search for information, news, restaurants, services, and even find new people through this virtual web. But what the internet does best is connect us all with its ability to enable easy and comfortable communication. First with texting, then with video calls, and now, we have the ability to call phone from computer as well.

Benefit Of Using Virtual Numbers

The next time your network coverage is down when traveling, you can make a virtual call straight from your computer. All you need is a virtual phone number with outbound calling, and Global Call Forwarding can help with that.

How To Get Outbound Calling?

To start making virtual calls, the first step is to get a virtual phone number by browsing Global Call Forwarding’s available plans and signing up.

Sept 1: Visit Global Call Forwarding and select your new number, then enter the destination number. This is available on this page at the sidebar, or on the virtual phone numbers page.
Step 2: Select a plan, select their optional features, and complete the checkout. Make sure to select “Outbound Calling” during the checkout process.
Step 3: After signing up, a customer service agent from Global Call Forwarding will contact you within 24 hours to complete the process.
Step 4: Once your account and number are set up, log into the Control Panel.
Step 5: Select ‘Outbound Calling’ at the left-hand corner of ‘Account Overview.’
Step 6: In the first column on the left, you will see your PIN number.
Step 7: Select your line. Under the ‘General’ tab, make a note of your Line Password.

How to Call Phone From Computer
Source: Lic#163208464 ID#9304294

Call Phone From Computer With Zoiper

Outbound calls through the internet are becoming increasingly popular because of their great speed and quality connection. Zoiper is a softphone application that allows users with a VoIP connection to make calls through any device. Here are the steps to follow for using Zoiper to make phone calls via computer:

Step 1: Follow the Outbound Calling instructions and download Zoiper for Windows or Mac. Other options available are X-Lite, MicroSIP, and Phoner.
Step 2: To log onto Zoiper, enter your Outbound Calling PIN as the username and Line Password as the password.
Step 3: For ‘Domain,’ enter ‘’ This is the Global Call Forwarding domain name.
Step 4: Go through the rest of the login process and once your account is ready, you will be able to call phone from computer.

Calling Virtually

Open the Zoiper desktop app, locate the dial pad on the top left, and enter the number you wish to call. You are now making virtual calls from your computer!

More Useful Features

Your calling experience can be made more comfortable and professional with additional features such as Call Recording, Call Transfer, changing your Caller ID, and more.

Receiving Calls On Your Computer

Having a virtual phone number not only allows you to call phone from computer but also lets you receive calls on your computer. To do so:

Step 1: Select ‘Call Forwarding’ from the left-hand corner of your Control Panel.
Step 2: Locate your line. Click ‘Call Forwarding Action’ and enter ‘SIP:[your Outbound Calling PIN].’ For example, if your Outbound PIN is 4572694, then enter ‘SIP:4572694’ in ‘Call Forwarding Action.’
Step 3: Once you make the changes, click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Save.’ Now, you are ready to receive calls on your computer.

Why Change Your Caller ID?

Many people have a cell phone or home answering machine that can detect and display an incoming call’s caller ID. When contacting a customer in a different country, it helps to display a local number on their caller ID. This feature can help your business gain a virtual presence and keep different businesses separate and organized. To change your caller ID on your virtual number, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: In the Control Panel, select your phone line in ‘Outbound Calling.’ Under ‘General,’ you will see your current Outgoing Caller ID.
Step 2: To display your Caller ID as a number from a particular country, choose the desired line from different lines available.
Step 3: Once you make the changes, click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Save.’

Start Making Calls From Your Computer

Virtual phone numbers make business communication much more accessible by providing yet another way of finding and maintaining leads and clients. As the world becomes more digital, it is necessary to keep in touch with new features and services available. This way you can ensure you are doing the best for your business and your customers. Sign up for Outbound Calling with Global Call Forwarding today or contact us for more information on how virtual calling can benefit your business.

How to Call Ireland from US

If you’re from Ireland or you frequently need to do business with people in Ireland, you may be wondering how to call Ireland from US states. So, if you need to frequently make out of country calls to Ireland, you might be looking for an easier way. In this article, we determine how to call international to Ireland. And, provide an option for affordable long distance calling options through Global Call Forwarding.

How to Call Ireland from US Phones Step by Step

Before calling people in Ireland, first thing’s first – you need to figure out the present time in Ireland. Surely, you don’t want your call to catch anyone while they’re sleeping or super late at night. Typically, it’s best for people in the US to call people in Ireland in the mornings.

Step 1: Dialing Out

Once you figure a good time to make your call, it’s time to dial out. But, remember, calling Ireland isn’t like calling people in the states. First, you’ll need to exit the US calling code system. To do this, you need to dial the numbers 011. Anytime you want to call outside of the US or Canada, you’ll need to first dial these numbers.

Step 2: Ireland Country Code

Next, after the exit country digits, you’ll need to dial Ireland’s country code. This number is 353.

Step 3: Dial the Area Code

Once you’ve dialed both 011 and 353, you’ll then need to punch in the area code of the person you’re calling. Just like in the US, there are many different area codes for the people living in Ireland. So, you’ll need to know this number before dialing. If you don’t know the area code of the person in Ireland you’re trying to reach, check out this Ireland area code list.

Step 4: Dialing the Phone Number

Now that you know the area code of the person living in Ireland you’re trying to reach, you can dial that along with their entire 7-9 digit telephone number. So, all in all, the format of the number you’ll be calling will be: 011 (exit USA) – 353 (Ireland’s country code) – XX (Ireland area code) – XXXXXXX (full phone number).

How to Call Ireland from US
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How to Call Ireland Cell Phone Numbers from the US

Another thing that you’ll need to consider before making your call is if you’re calling a wireless cell phone or a landline. This is because Ireland has a different area code for people with cellphones. So, after the US exit code and Ireland’s country code, you’ll dial a specific area code to a specific region. Or, the standard wireless code for the country (80 or 81). So, if you’re not sure of the area code that you’re calling, you might need to use this as the area code. Specifically, if the person you’re calling has a wireless cell phone.

Choosing a Provider for Your Long Distance Calling

If you don’t set up a long-distance calling plan with your current cellular or telephone service provider, you might want to think about doing so. Especially if you have friends or family in Ireland and you plan to call them often. If you don’t get a good plan for out of country calls, you could be looking at steep international charges on your next phone bill. However, while your current provider may offer options for international calling, it still may be a bit more expensive than you’d like. If this is the case, consider other options, like purchasing a national virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding.

National Virtual Phone Numbers for Calls to Ireland

Maybe you already know how to call Ireland from US phone lines. But, you’re looking for a cheaper way to call friends, family, or potential customers. If this is the case, virtual phone numbers may be right for you. Simply, a national virtual phone number is a phone number that’s given an Ireland area code. This way, you can call people in Ireland without racking up international charges. And, your friends, family, or Ireland customers don’t have to rack up international charges either. With virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you pay a monthly fee for the minute plan you select. This way, you can make as many overseas calls to Ireland as you want without paying outrageous charges. Plus, you even have the option to set up SMS at an additional charge.

Getting Your Virtual Phone Number Today

If you think that national virtual phone numbers may be the right solution for your Ireland phone calls, learn more about our services right from our website. And, contact us today to set up your virtual phone number so you can call your Ireland contacts today.

How to Start an Order Fulfillment Company for E-commerce Business

Year after year, an increasing number of retailers take their businesses online. Recent data indicates e-commerce accounts make up close to 10 percent of all retail sales. However, research anticipates growth around 15 percent annually in this sector. In other words, the precedence of the Internet has customers worldwide shopping online. So, to keep customers happy, a business owner must ensure accurate fulfillment of orders, quickly, and efficiently. Optimizing e-commerce fulfillment strategies is the key to success. 

To clarify further, this means order fulfillment companies are in-demand and the demand will increase. Below are steps explaining how to start an order fulfillment company for e-commerce business and what to expect in the process. 

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment refers to the method that is used to fulfill customer orders. For e-commerce, companies may choose to manage their order fulfillment in-house, while other companies may choose to operate using drop shipping or third party fulfillment. For third party fulfillment, some companies are solely dedicated to fulfilling the orders of their clients (other businesses). This offers businesses the ability to devote more of their time other aspects of the business, while still being able to access data regarding inventory and sales. Third-party fulfillment is often chosen because it decreases costs related to packaging and shipping. 

Deciding Which Type of Fulfillment the Company Will Offer

There are a number of roles your fulfillment company can play. A business owner decides whether the fulfillment company holds responsibility for storing, packaging, shipping, tracking, and more. Based on this decision, a business owner will make other decisions regarding equipment, facility, and staffing. 

Phones and Communication Systems

Most notably, a fulfillment company is a high-tech business. This means there is a strong need to respond in a high-tech fashion. A business owner must understand this is not the place to cut corners. The right access to websites, operational equipment, and phone systems is critical. 

Staffing a Fulfillment Company

A business owner can launch a fulfillment company with two or three people. A business owner will name a fulfillment manager, a warehouse manager, and a fulfillment specialist. The fulfillment center manager should have the ability to make sales calls. A fulfillment manager will also be responsible for walking clients through the initial setup. The warehouse manager is responsible for installing any warehouse management system. Furthermore, this person is in charge of writing all back end procedures and training personnel. 

How to Start an Order Fulfillment Company
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It is imperative that a fulfillment company makes a consistent effort to market and sell its capabilities. A business owner must focus on sales efforts to add more customers and grow. One method is to use sales personnel to generate leads and then have the fulfillment manager drive the sale moving forward. A larger fulfillment company may need a specialist to come in and provide advice including selling skills. 

Marketing a Fulfillment Company

A business owner must provide a basic marketing campaign to take an order fulfillment company’s messaging forward to the current client base as well as potential clients. A business owner should not solely rely on existing sales personnel to develop accounts. Sales representatives are, at times, reluctant to offer new services to their clients. Because of this, marketing campaigns can prove to be very useful. 

Pricing Matrix For Order Fulfillment Services

Establishing a pricing system for the fulfillment company may present challenges at first. The company’s pricing system must include all services that are completed. Therefore, fees may include storage, customer service, and more. Some pricing options may include:

  • Storage charged at a price per pallet, per month
  • New product set up fee
  • Warehouse fee
  • Receiving services fee
  • Order receipt fee
  • Shipping materials cost
  • Reporting fees
  • Customer service
  • Initial set up fee

Challenges Faced by E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses face challenges, which include competition, finding the best products to sell, reaching a target audience, generating traffic, retaining customers, choosing the right technology, and achieving long term growth. Understanding these challenges will help you run a successful order fulfillment company. 

In Closing

In essence, order fulfillment is the backbone of an e-commerce business. The strategy for order fulfillment for customers directly affects everything from customer satisfaction to profit margin. Therefore, a business owner must consider this carefully. Another thing to be considered carefully is scalability. A business owner who starts a fulfillment company has a goal to grow. Likewise, having a plan in place that outlines how you will grow and keep up with the growing needs of clients as well as adding new clients is very important. As a result, providing customers with the best value through order fulfillment is key to an effective operation. Above all, a business owner that helps clients to maximize profits and efficiency is destined to succeed.