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12 Rules for Winning Emerging Markets in Asia

From expanding your business to the UAE to opening a field office in Russia, you need the right tools and contacts to win in emerging markets in Asian countries. Let’s look at 12 rules to pay attention to if you plan to do business in Asia successfully.

How to Win Emerging Markets in Asia?

Asia is home to many up and coming countries that focus on everything from manufacturing to technology to agriculture and more. Countries in Asia include: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen.

While some of these countries are well-established, they are still open to foreign investment. And the emerging markets have the right conditions for foreign businesses. So, how can your company do business in Asia successfully? Here are 12 rules to be aware of and follow.

1. Establish Virtual Offices & Enter the Local Market

Establish virtual offices in target markets by subscribing to an international call forwarding service like Global Call Forwarding. You can create a virtual local office in any location and it is a simulated presence. Incoming calls are forwarded seamlessly across borders to your headquarters, call centers, mobile phones, or computers using VoIP technology.

And you can use toll free numbers or local numbers so callers have no long-distance fees to pay when they connect with your business. In this manner, callers think your office is local and are less reluctant to do business with you.

2. Get International Toll Free Numbers & Local Numbers

When you choose to do business in Asia, you need to have strong and reliable communication channels. This means that you need to make your business available to locals in target Asian countries.

Global Call Forwarding provides the largest selection of local phone numbers and toll free numbers worldwide. Its international call forwarding service covers over 160 countries, including cities, states, and regions around the world. You can get Asia virtual business numbers such as toll free or local numbers for countries you want to expand to.

Then, offer locals a free or local calling rate when they call your business. This can help your business attract more customers from different parts of the world and build strong customer relations.

3. Stay Reachable with Virtual Communication Tools

Virtual communication tools or virtual call center software can help your business stay connected and reachable no matter where your business or teams are located. Here are some ways virtual communication tools can support international business:

  • Call forwarding — route calls to your headquarters, satellite offices, remote workers, BPOs, home office, smartphone, and more, as needed.
  • Call routing — forward calls to any location based on time, location of the caller, or skills needed.
  • Call recording — record all incoming and outgoing calls to review in the future.
  • Cloud IVR — an automated voice response that assists callers with menu options to resolve their call.
  • Voicemail, Fax, and SMS to email — send voicemails, fax, and text messages to an email inbox.
  • Local ringback tones — make your business “local” using local ringback tones that are heard by customers when they call your business.

4. Conduct Market Research: Understand Your Demographic

Before taking any business to a new market, it is important to conduct market research and test your product. Doing so can help you understand your demographic and prepare for success. Use market research to find underdeveloped or under-served market areas. Find new opportunities in market segments that your competitors do not serve well. And, further identify customer needs in those areas and take steps to satisfy those needs.

5. Learn from Product Testing

Planning and forecasting are necessary, but they may not predict the market impact of product or service changes. Rely on testing, either in-house or in the marketplace, to get insight into the market. Testing allows you to make changes as needed before full market release. You may even conduct pre-service surveys of potential leads and customers to get an idea of what they expect from a business like yours and your products.

6. Study Your Competitors

This is an important part of doing business in any new market: survey and study your competitors. Try to get a complete understanding of the actions, strategies, and tactics used by successful competitors. Buy competitor products to learn their mechanisms, strengths, and weaknesses. Try to visualize how competitors will respond to your business strategies. This will give you insights into what needs to be done to best serve your customers and boost your business.

7. Put Emphasis on Customer Feedback

To know how exactly your business is doing, you need to hear from your customers. Customer feedback will let you know if you are fulfilling your customers’ needs and what their preferences and expectations are. Additionally, outsiders who are familiar with your business can provide valuable advice on market desires. Listening to outsiders can help you become a stronger competitor.

8. Hire Local & Skilled Talent

You can boost your virtual presence by hiring local, remote employees to conduct sales and customer support. Additionally, hiring skilled talent will ensure that your employees are prepared and fit for the job and bring in more customers.

To do this, it is important to consider competitive salaries, benefits and perks, company culture, and opportunities for career growth. Engage prospective employees by looking at career hubs like LinkedIn or Facebook. Advertise openings on your websites. When you make an offer, be willing to negotiate.

9. Pay Attention to Employee Experience (EX)

Besides hiring talented employees, you also want to retain good and valuable employees. For this reason, pay attention to your company’s EX rates. Ensure employees have good working conditions, growth opportunities within the company, and other incentives to stay put. EX determines how your employees treat your business and your customers. Happy employees lead to happy customers, and overall greater business success.

10. Keep Up With Local Trends

As with any market, to do business in Asia successfully, you need to be aware of current trends and expectations. Don’t get buried only within your own business. Follow industry developments, regulatory changes, market trends, and competitors’ new product announcements.

Your business needs to keep evolving so that it can continue to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. When you repeat certain behaviors and patterns, your competition can begin to anticipate your actions. Be less predictable by changing your operational methods. You may find that different approaches can accelerate growth opportunities.

11. Compete on Experience Instead of Price

While the prices for products and services do play a big role in customers choosing a business to invest in, customers are often willing to pay more for high-quality and reputable products and services. Strive to provide unrivaled products and customer service by doing the following:

  1. Make it easy to do business with your company
  2. Make your business customer-centric
  3. Humanize your brand through effective marketing and communications
  4. Provide customer support even when sales are not pending

12. Exercise Care When Cost-Cutting

Lastly, do not allow cost-cutting-steps to degrade your products and services. When that happens, your competition will take advantage of and possibly steal business from you.

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Ready to Do Business in Asia?

Tap into emerging Asian markets by being prepared and ready to take on whatever comes your way. With the right business plan, advanced technology, and resourceful employees, sit back and watch as your business grows and expands across the world!

How Much Does an International Toll Free Number Cost? [2024]

International toll free numbers can help you expand your company’s reach by creating communication channels between your company and interested customers in other countries and states. Here we will outline how much an international toll free number costs and what important factors to take into account when getting a new international toll free number.

International Toll Free Number Costs: Factors to Consider

International toll free phone numbers are toll free numbers for different countries across the world. Residents within those countries can call your ITFN for free while incoming calls are forwarded to a location or line in a country of your choice.

This enables your business to offer sales and customer support to international countries. For instance, you can get a UK toll free number and have calls forwarded to your office in Singapore.

How much an international toll free number costs depends on the following factors:

1. How you answer calls
What device you answer calls on can affect the ultimate price you pay for an international toll free number service. For instance, calls answered on a mobile phone may be more expensive than calls answered on a VoIP or SIP phone.

2. Where calls come from
One of the biggest contributors to the international toll free phone number cost is the location of your callers. That is, where your callers are calling from. For instance, calls from China may be more expensive than calls from the UK or Singapore. Furthermore, what device — landline or mobile — is used to call can also affect the cost.

3. Talk time per month
What is your business’ call volume per month? How many calls and how much call time do you expect? This is also important to consider when getting an ITFN service. The more you talk, the more you pay. However, there are plans that reduce cost per minute when your call traffic increases.

4. Additional features and services
What additional features or add-on services do you need? These additional features can increase your overall cost. Important features like outbound calling, IVR, call forwarding, etc., should be easily accessible. If the prices for these services are too high, you may want to consider a different service.

5. Extra fees
Lastly, don’t forget to take into account any additional fees such as set-up or installation fees, cancellation fees, long-term contracts, etc. Look for a provider that doesn’t need set-up or cancellation fees so you can switch providers if needed.

Global Call Forwarding: ITFN Price Breakdown

Here we breakdown our current international toll free number costs for the most popular countries. We include our basic monthly plan, SIP trunking price, and forwarding rates.

1. US Toll Free Numbers

To buy a US toll free number, you can simply review the below pricing information and sign up on our homepage.

    • Cost of a US ITFN: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $.02 – $.04 per additional minute

2. Germany Toll Free Numbers

With Germany virtual toll free phone numbers, you can now offer German residents a free way to connect with your business.

    • Cost of a Germany ITFN: $17.95
    • IP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.05- $0.07 per additional minute

3. UAE Toll Free Numbers

UAE 800 numbers can help your business offer sales and customer support to individuals and businesses located in UAE.

Cost of a UAE ITFN: $28.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.43 – $0.47 per additional minute

4. UK Toll Free Numbers
Use UK freephone numbers to create reliable communication channels between your business and its UK clientele.

Cost of a UK ITFN: $12.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.083 per additional minute

5. Singapore Toll Free Numbers
Buy Singapore toll free numbers to create a business in Singapore and add locals to your customer base.

Cost of a Singapore ITFN: $27.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

6. Japan Toll Free Numbers

Japan toll free numbers will help you enter the Japanese market without increasing the cost of operations.

    • Cost of a Japan toll free phone number: $68.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.33 – $0.37 per additional minute

7. Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers

Use Hong Kong toll free numbers to increase sales and offer customer service to local consumers by making your Hong Kong business accessible and easy to call.

    • Cost of a Hong Kong ITFN: $27.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

8. Australia Toll Free Numbers

Want to expand to Australia? Australia virtual numbers can help you test the market and see how your product performs before you open field offices.

    • Cost of an Australia toll free number: $13.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

9. China Toll Free Numbers

Use China toll free numbers to sell to local Chinese residents and businesses. Enter the Chinese market and advertise locally.

    • Cost of a China ITFN: $44.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.37 – $0.41 per additional minute

10. India Toll Free Numbers

Doing business in India? Connect to India’s telecommunication network to make global communication easier and less expensive.

    • Cost of an India ITFN: $38.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.25 – $0.35 per additional minute

11. Mexico Toll Free Numbers

Mexico toll free numbers can open your business to include a Mexican customer base.

    • Cost of a Mexico ITFN: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.073 per additional minute

12. Canada Toll Free Numbers

Get Canada toll free numbers today and start selling your product or service in Canada. Improve brand visibility and awareness by advertising locally.

    • Cost of a Canada toll free number: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.02 – $0.04 per additional minute

Choose Your International Toll Free Number Now!

ITFNs make it easy to do global business without incurring exorbitant international calling rates. Get an international toll free number based on the countries and regions you want to target and expand your business to. With these numbers, you can add new customer bases, improve sales, offer global customer support, and become a reputable international brand. Sign up today or call us to learn more!

Australia Toll Free Numbers: Comparing the 3 Top Providers

Need Australia toll free numbers for your business? Here we compare three of the top Australia business phone service providers so that you can make an informed decision.

Top Providers: Australia Toll Free Numbers

Picking a provider for Australia toll-free phone numbers can be tricky. One must consider several factors before making a decision, such as:

  • The different services and features the provider offers
  • The pricing models and plans
  • The provider’s credibility and service’s reliability
  • How to get the service
  • The ease of use, additional fees, etc.

Here is a comparison of the top three providers: Telstra, Optus, and Global Call Forwarding.

*Note: The information and prices mentioned in this article are current and are subject to changes and tax inclusions.

1. Telstra

Established in 1975, Telstra is an Australian telecommunications company offering voice, mobile, internet, and television services. They provide plans for individual, business, and enterprise use.

What they offer:

  • Toll free numbers
  • HD, video, Wi-Fi calling
  • SMS plans
  • Office phone systems
  • Business internet
  • Unified communications
  • International calling
  • Toll free service in 30 countries


Register on their website and request a callback for a personal consultation to determine business needs and pricing plans.

How to get started:

To sign up or get a quote about their toll free number service, contact customer service through their website.

2. Optus

Optus — also known as Singtel Optus Pty Limited — was started in 1981 with a vision for creating a well-connected Australia. This includes providing communication regionally as well as internationally. They have telecommunication services for individual use and business use. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

What they offer:

  • Toll Free numbers
  • Mobile plans
  • Satellite and 4G
  • Optus Loop (VoIP phone solution with call recording, CRM, dual identity)
  • Office broadband
  • Multiple phone lines
  • Global SIP
  • Phone systems, and more


Monthly Access Fee: Basic Value
Minimum Total Cost over 12 months: $330; excluding call charges
Charges for calls received on a fixed line: Local calls (per minute)
National calls (per minute)
mobile calls from within Australia (per minute)
Charges for calls received on a mobile number: All calls from within Australia 16.5c

How to get started:

To sign up, request a call back by filling the contact form with your contact and business information on their website.

3. Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding was launched in 2007 under its parent company United World Telecom, established in 1996. The goal of this company was to become an exclusive outlet for toll free numbers. And so, Global Call Forwarding offers international toll free numbers to businesses in more than 160 countries across the globe. Australia toll free numbers are one of the services offered.

What they offer:

  • Toll free numbers
  • Call forwarding options
  • Inbound and outbound call recording
  • Unlimited extensions
  • SIP trunking for businesses
  • Inbound SMS plans
  • Customizable outgoing caller ID
  • Interactive voice response (IVR systems)
  • Can be used internationally


Global Call Forwarding has 5 different plans. These are based on the size and requirements your business has. Plus, there are no set-up fees and no long-term contracts. Additionally, you can opt for a free trial of 7 days to test their service. Here are the prices for their Australia toll free business numbers with mobile accessibility:

Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Price $13.95/month $58.95/month $198.95/month $398.95/month $698.95/month
Monthly Minutes 75 600 2,201 5,250 11,008

How to get started:

The sign-up process for Australia toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding is simple. You can sign up online through our homepage. Purchase and activate your new toll free number in less than a day. You can add additional premium services such as Rollover Minutes, Call Recording, and Outbound Calling to your plan.

Choosing the Ideal Provider

This decision is based solely on your business’ needs and budget. Would you like a provider offering additional communication services or just the toll free service? What other features would you like to include in your business communication system? And so on.

To purchase an Australia toll free number from Global Call Forwarding, sign up on our homepage. To learn more about Australia virtual numbers, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171.

Understanding 0800 and 0808 Freephone Numbers in the UK

Whether you run a business in the UK or are looking to expand there, you will come in contact with 0800 and 0808 UK freephone numbers. In this article, we will discuss what these numbers are, how they work, and how they can benefit a business’s communication system.

UK Freephone Numbers

UK freephone numbers — also called UK toll free numbers and free call numbers — are telephone numbers with toll free service. These numbers begin with the prefix 800, 0800, 1-800, or 0808 followed by 7 digits. In 2015, 0800 and 0808 freephone numbers became universally free to call from landlines and mobile lines. Enterprises located in the United Kingdom or those conducting business in the country can make use of UK freephone numbers to enhance their business communications.

How do these toll free numbers work? Calls made to these numbers are charged to the receiver (the business) instead of the caller. Therefore, callers calling a business for customer support or product inquiries can call 0800 and 0808 freephone numbers for free.

  • Some common uses of 0800 and 0808 numbers are:
  • Sales and customer support lines for businesses
  • Government helplines
  • Charity hotlines

Benefits of UK Toll Free Numbers

So, why should your company get UK freephone numbers? With providers like Global Call Forwarding offering international toll free service, you can get a 0800 or 0808 freephone number even if your business is not located in the UK. Doing so helps you expand your business to this part of the world by establishing a nationwide presence.

When you get UK freephone numbers from a virtual phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding, you can:

  • Get mobile-accessible UK toll free numbers
  • Set up virtual communications with prospects and business partners in the UK
  • Customize and manage communications with your own VoIP phone system
  • Forward incoming calls to any number or line located anywhere in the world
  • Reduce international calling rates and save costs
  • Set up 24/7 customer service with IVR and call routing options
  • Add numbers for employees, departments, remote offices, etc
  • Encourage customers to call your business by providing a free and reliable way to connect
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction by making your business accessible

How to Get UK Freephone Numbers for Your Business?

Getting a UK toll free business number is easy if you know what to look for. You can get such toll free service from any toll free number provider. However, there are some factors to consider. For example:

  • Do you want additional virtual communication features such as call recording, IVR, outbound calling, etc?
  • The provider’s credibility and their service’s reliability.
  • Cost of service and ease of use.
  • Range of coverage.
  • Call quality and call routing options, and so on.

It is important to choose a UK toll free number provider based on your business’s communication needs. Global Call Forwarding offers 5 different plans for our international toll free numbers. You can pick a plan that suits your needs best. These virtual number plans come equipped with basic communication features such as:

  • Call forwarding (including Time of Day Routing and Select Country Routing)
  • Unlimited extensions
  • SIP trunking
  • Call transfer
  • Custom greetings and local ringback tones, etc.

You can add premium features for an additional price. These include:

  • Call recording software (inbound and outbound)
  • Outbound calling with customizable outgoing caller ID
  • Rollover minutes
  • Inbound SMS plan (if applicable)

UK Virtual Numbers

Ready to get UK freephone numbers with Global Call Forwarding? Sign up on our homepage today or call us to learn more about UK virtual business numbers.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting a 1800 number

Getting 1800 numbers for your business is a big decision. One that needs to be deliberated over, researched, and thoroughly understood. Here we will go over some important factors to consider before getting a 1800 number for your business.

Which is the Best 1800 Number Service?

Finding the right toll free number provider can be a difficult task, especially when you do not know what to look for. The ideal provider offers you the perfect feature set with a budget that fits your pocket. This feature set should include services and tools needed to make your business communications better. This could include anything ranging from IVR, call recording, outbound calling tools such as a web dialer, etc.

While these are the most common aspects to consider, the following article will discuss the five main factors to keep in mind before getting a 1800 number service.

1. Number Prefix

The 1800 number prefix is a common and popular toll free number prefix. This means that it may not always be easy to purchase. Before settling on a provider, check with their customer support to ensure they have 1800 numbers available for your needs.

1800 are popular because they are the original toll free numbers. Prefixes such as 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 followed once 800 numbers became exhausted. Callers generally associated 1800 numbers with large and professional corporations and therefore these numbers are in high demand as business numbers. They can add credibility and professionalism to a business’s image.

2. Amount of Call Traffic

1800 toll free numbers do not the callers anything; they don’t get charged for the calls. Instead, the receiver (that is, the business) incurs the charges. This helps your business build and manage high call traffic. Whether it is for customer service or to make a purchase/appointment, interested and returning customers can quickly connect with your business for free.

1800 numbers are known to increase call traffic by creating a free channel of communication for interested callers. Giving this opportunity to your customers shows them that you are determined to make caller experience better. And by extension, that you care about and value their business.

3. Destination / Number of Operators

Where do you want your calls to be forwarded to? And how many operators will these calls be directed to? Calls made to virtual 1800 numbers can be forwarded to select predetermined destination numbers. This way, when calls come in, they will go where you want them to; to your head office or a remote call center.

You can also have calls routed based on where a call is coming from or based on time. For example, off- or after-hours calls can be directed to an office in a different timezone. You can also have multiple destination lines so that incoming calls ring on multiple numbers or phones. This way, no call goes unanswered or missed. Before you purchase your 1800 number, consider and map out how you want your calls forwarded.

4. Length of Contract

Another important aspect to note is whether you want a contract with your provider. Some virtual toll free number providers offer one- or two-year-long contracts that are not easy to get out of. Part of signing up for their service is agreeing to use it for a set amount of time. If you are certain of this provider’s credibility and reliability, then this may be a safe choice.

However, it is also a good idea to sign up with a provider that has no contracts or long-term commitments, in case you want to change or cancel your plan. Global Call Forwarding, for example, has no contracts or long-term commitments. We hope that our high-quality service keeps our customers coming back for more.

5. Reliability of Provider

Finally, it is important to determine the provider’s reliability and credibility. How long have they been doing business? What are their customers or clients saying about the service? What features and services are they offering and are these up to date? The longer a provider has been in this business, the better they understand a company’s communication needs and will serve you better.

Purchasing 1800 Numbers

Feeling more confident about buying 1800 numbers for your business? Start by researching various toll free number providers. Global Call Forwarding offers virtual business numbers for more than 160 countries across the world. We offer local, international, and toll free numbers. Get your 1800 number with Global Call Forwarding today. For more information, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to speak with an expert.

1800 Numbers for Hotels, Resorts, and Timeshare Properties

More and more businesses in the travel industry are using 1800 numbers as their contact numbers to offer callers a free way to call. Learn how getting a 1800 number can boost your company’s incoming call rate and help customers build trust in it.

Toll Free Numbers for the Travel and Tourism Industry

First, what are 1800 numbers? These numbers are toll free numbers provided by cloud-based phone service providers. They are a preferred communication solution because instead of charging callers, calls are charged to the business using the number. So, 1800 numbers or toll free numbers for travel agencies ensure that they remain accessible to customers traveling to or using their service. With 1800 numbers, you can:

  • Provide uninterrupted customer service and care
  • Encourage customers to call whenever they need
  • Connect with travelers from different parts of the world
  • Increase and diversify your customer base

1800 Numbers: Why They Work?

When you purchase 1800 numbers from a cloud-based phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding, you have access to toll free numbers for different countries across the globe, no matter where your hotel, resort, or timeshare is physically located. This means that you can get 1800 numbers for countries that you want to target or where you get more of your customers from. This gives travelers in these areas a free and reliable way to connect with your business. Furthermore, they can contact you even as they travel to different locations, in case there is an issue.

For instance, you can purchase 1800 numbers for the United States, Canada, Australia, or Mexico, to name a few locations. Now, travelers contacting your hotel, resort, or timeshare from these countries don’t have to think twice to call you. This makes it more likely that they will contact your business over your competitors. And, it increases your chances of converting those calls into sales.

1800 Numbers: Making International Communication Easy

The reason why travel and hospitality companies are getting 1800 numbers is because these numbers encourage people to call. Additionally, most individuals associate such toll free numbers with large and established companies, placing your business among their ranks.

Additionally, you can provide 24/7 service by having inbound calls routed to different numbers and lines during specific times of the day or based on location. This is especially helpful for travel companies that have offices in multiple locations. During your office’s off-hours, forward incoming calls to your office in a different time zone. Or, direct calls to the nearest location based on where the call is coming from. Organizing and distributing calls this way can ensure callers get the assistance and care they need in a language and culture they are familiar with.

Using Toll Free Numbers for Marketing Purposes

Most businesses are unaware of the fact that 1800 numbers can boost their marketing efforts and provide valuable insights. When you purchase multiple numbers for different locations, you can track incoming calls to understand which markets are more successful than others. In fact, you can even run different marketing campaigns and use call tracking to determine which campaign has more ROI.

Should Your Business Get 1800 Numbers

Yes, travel and hospitality businesses like hotels, resorts, and timeshares often deal with travelers from different parts of the world. It is, therefore, essential to build convenient communication channels so that these travelers can count on your business to make their experience worthwhile. Want to know more about 1800 numbers? Call us at 1 (561) 908-6171

How to Find the Right Toll Free Number Provider?

Choosing the right toll-free number provider can be a daunting task. Learn what toll-free numbers are, how businesses can use them, and how to find the right provider for your needs here.

Toll-Free Numbers: How to Choose the Right Provider?

Toll-free numbers offered by phone service providers make for an easy and free way for individuals to call a business. This is because calls made to these numbers charge the receiver instead of the caller. Large corporations and established companies will have a toll-free business number as their contact number to encourage interested and recurring customers to connect with them and, by extension, promote sales. You can get a toll-free number for the country you reside in. Calls made to this number from within the country will be toll-free.

Virtual Toll-Free Numbers

Virtual phone number providers, on the other hand, have more toll-free number options. Such cloud-based providers offer numbers with an international toll-free forwarding service. This enables your business to get a toll-free number for different countries spread across the world. Calls made to these numbers then get forwarded through the international forwarding service over the internet and are routed to a number of your choice.

Global Call Forwarding, for instance, offers virtual toll-free numbers for more than 160 countries across the world. For example, your business enterprise is based in London but you have clients and customers in India, Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and the U.A.E. You can get toll-free numbers for these countries, making it free for callers to call your enterprise. Calls are then forwarded to your London office for a cheaper rate than international calls usually charge.

Find the Ideal Feature Set

When thinking about which provider to go ahead with, consider the additional features and tools they offer. For example, do you have multiple offices working in different time zones? Then, you may take advantage of a time-related call forwarding service. Additionally, can your business benefit from tracking incoming calls to study where they are coming from, etc? Then, call logs and activity reports would be helpful. Furthermore, would you like to record business calls to see how employees are doing or to maintain compliance with regulations? And so on.

Global Call Forwarding offers the following features along with each plan:

  • Advanced IVR: automated voice response
  • Black and White Lists: to organize blocked numbers and accepted numbers
  • Call Transfer: manual transferring of calls between different departments
  • Customer Greeting: personalized greetings with company information
  • Dedicated Account Manager: account support to ensure smooth functioning
  • Failover Forwarding: forwarding calls to a set number of lines to ensure no call goes unanswered
  • Fax to Email: receive faxes in email format
  • Local Ringback Tones: plays the signal tone of the destination the phone is ringing in
  • Simultaneous Calling: calls multiple lines and numbers at a time to ensure no call is missed
  • Time of Day Routing: routes calls to different locations or numbers during certain times of the day
  • Voicemail to Email: receive voicemails as MP3 files in your inbox
  • 24/7 Customer Support: to provide support and customer care

And, you can get these additional features:

  • Call Recording Software: record up to 100% of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Rollover Minutes: accumulate unused minutes to be used the next month
  • Inbound SMS Plan: receive texts from customers
  • Outbound Calling: call local and international customers with customizable caller IDs

Research Providers, Reviews Plans

Once you have an idea of what communication features and tools you want from your international toll-free number provider, research different providers and see what they have to offer. Compare prices alongside the quantity and quality of features offered. Most providers have free trials you can use to test the quality of service before you make a commitment. They will also have different plans based on different business types or sizes. This will give you a better understanding of how much time and money you would need to spend on the service per month.

Toll-Free Numbers: Making Communication Easier

Toll-free numbers are often associated with big businesses. Having a toll-free business number will further solidify your company’s professional image. To learn more about toll-free numbers and how Global Call Forwarding can help with your company’s communication system, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171.

Extremely Useful Communication Solutions for Healthcare Services

Maintaining strong internal and external communication is important for businesses of every kind. Whether to schedule appointments, answer queries, or collaborate between different departments, having a strong communication system is essential to the successful running of healthcare services. Global Call Forwarding offers resourceful communication solutions that can help increase sales and enhance customer relations.

Communication Solutions: Why Healthcare Services Must Pay Attention to Their Communication System

Callers—patients, users, doctors, nurse practitioners, and more—often connect with a healthcare service for a variety of reasons. Healthcare services such as clinics, hospitals, therapy and rehabilitation, online and virtual patient care, medical insurance businesses, and pharmaceutical companies need a well-built communication system to:

  • Handle and store patient information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Maintain communication between doctors, patients, and pharmacies
  • Provide caller switch drug information to users and medical professionals
  • Screen for clinical trial
  • Fill and refill prescriptions
  • Register complaints and concerns
  • Provide recall hotlines
  • File insurance claims
  • Collect feedback, and more.

Let’s have a look at four core communication solutions—toll free numbers, call recording software, outbound calling, and IVR—that can reinvent how your healthcare service communicates.

1) Toll Free Business Numbers

Toll free business numbers are one of the most popular communication solutions available. They help further solidify a reliable means of communication and support incoming call volumes. Calls made to such numbers are free for the caller as they charge the receiver instead. This makes it easy and free for callers to quickly get in touch with your business and not have to worry about paying high long-distance fees.

Furthermore, you can use extensions to demonstrate professionalism. Callers can then instantly connect with the right department or professional for their needs. You can have extensions for different activities such as scheduling appointments, drug information, complaints and suggestions, prescriptions renewal requests, etc.

2) Call Recording Software

A call recording software, offered by virtual phone service providers, enables you to record and review calls. You can choose to record all incoming and outgoing calls or only certain types of calls. In fact, businesses offering phone therapy prefer recording calls for documentation purposes.

Call recording for healthcare services ensures your service is HIPPA and MIPPA compliant while also keeping records of important transactions and payments. Additionally, it lets you collect customer data quickly and with fewer errors, as opposed to manual note-taking. This data can then be used to review patient files, clinical trial screening, and collection of feedback. Another reason why a call recording software is beneficial to healthcare service is that it helps reduce liabilities based on false claims and misunderstandings by acting as evidence.

An additional benefit is that you can review recorded calls for quality assurance purposes and to study consumer behavior and preferences. This can give you insights into better ways to serve your customers.

3) Outbound Calling

An outbound calling service is generally used by sales and customer support teams. This service encourages and supports outbound sales and enhances customer support efforts. Your healthcare service can use outbound calling to connect with customers regarding recent visits, renewal and payment reminders, recalls, or to inform them of company updates and promotions.

What outbound calling does best is it gives you a means to building strong relationships with callers by letting you follow up with them and increase satisfaction. Such interaction can go a long way in increasing confidence and trust in your business.

Global Call Forwarding also offers outbound call recording software that lets you review and study outgoing calls to identify areas of strength and weakness.

4) Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An interactive voice response (IVR) is an automated response that answers incoming calls and presents callers with a set of menus. A common example of IVR is a prerecorded voice asking callers to “Press 1 for [insert language preference], 2 for [insert language preference].” The next level can target more specific categories or departments. For example, “to make an appointment, Press 1. For billing and payments, Press 2. To renew your prescription, Press 3,” and so on.

Having an IVR system integrated within your communication system can help your employees handle incoming call volumes by distributing them. Callers are able to complete simple tasks by interacting with the automated voice and prerecorded messages. And if their case or concern is too complex, they can be transferred to an employee or agent. Having your system set up this way only strengthens the image of your service as an established one that takes customer care seriously. Learn more about how to create a perfect IVR system for your business.

Consider Investing in These Communication Solutions

The best way to know what works for you and your business is to research and give the service or product a chance to work. You can get these communication solutions from the world’s most trusted provider, Global Call Forwarding for a reasonable price. Sign up or call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to learn more.

Improve Customer Success and Retention for Your Online Marketing Service with Outbound Calling

For many businesses, customer success and service can vastly impact how well they succeed and how long they survive. You will find that your online marketing service is no different. And so, you need every tool and feature available that can support your outbound calling needs which, in turn, will increase customer retention rates. Let’s see how all these elements work together.

What is Customer Success and Retention?

Customer success and retention are business functions that focus on providing customers with the necessary tools to succeed and achieve their goals. And, thereby, convert them into a returning customer. Customer success is a proactive approach where employees or reps reach out to customers to work together and find better solutions. Some tactics include suggesting other products, offering upgrades, cross-selling, providing market research and analytics, etc.

To ensure your marketing service is offering customers the best quality of work, customer success enables you to:

  • Develop strong customer relations by understanding their needs and goals
  • Take into account metrics and analytics for improvement
  • Help them reach their long-term goals
  • Present your product or service as the solution.

Customers who find value in your service—and can track their growth and success—will come back for more. These are the customers who will further recommend your marketing service to others.

Cold and Warm Contact with Outbound Calling

Because of these reasons customer support and retention are extremely crucial for the successful running of your company. So, why do we recommend using outbound calling for marketing services? This service offers a way to reach as many customers as you want, anywhere in the world for a reasonable subscription rate.

Outbound calling supports high outgoing call volumes. Whether you are conducting market research for a client or welcoming new clients or want to stay in constant communication with customers to help them achieve their goals, outbound calling will enable steady, reliable, and high call quality.

Reach More Customers by Switching Your Caller ID

More importantly, however, outbound calling gives you the ability to reach customers, clients, and markets across the world through your phone. How can you do this? First, you buy multiple local and toll free business numbers for areas and markets you want to target. Then, through our outbound calling feature, you can override your caller ID to display one from the list of numbers purchased.

For example, say your company is based in India but you want to expand to Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, and Mauritius. You can purchase numbers from Global Call Forwarding for these countries and then when you call Morocco, you can have the caller ID on your prospect’s phone display the Morocco number. Likewise, it can be coordinated the same way for the other countries you are doing business with.

Give Customers a Reason to Trust Your Service

The benefit of using virtual numbers and outbound calling for sales and marketing services is that you don’t have to pay high international calling fees. This is because your calls are routed through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Calling and managing global clientele has never been easier.

Additionally, prospects are more likely to answer calls from numbers they are familiar with. And they are also more likely to ignore calls from areas and country codes they don’t recognize. So it is necessary to increase customer loyalty and confidence in your brand by being there for them proactively and demonstrating that their success is valuable to you.

How Can Global Call Forwarding Help with Customer Success?

Global Call Forwarding has local, international, and toll free numbers for more than 160 countries across the world. You can purchase multiple numbers with your outbound calling plan and pay only for what you subscribe to. Sign up for a new number or call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 for more information. We are here to help you achieve your goals and satisfy your loyal customers. Take advantage of our services today!