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Be More Professional – Use Toll Free Numbers with Extensions

How to be more professional

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Consumers prefer to work with a business that they can trust, and the most professional companies allow consumers to feel at ease, enabling them to freely give their trust. There are several ways to make your business appear more professional and gain the trust of your clientele. If your product is amazing but you are struggling with getting people to trust your brand and give it a try, then it is probably time to upgrade your business style. This can be done in a series of ways, such as upgrading your website, using high-quality business cards, and adding a phone number where your customers can reach you.

Invest in Your Website

A website is usually the first thing that potential customers will be viewing before trying your service or product. Having a polished and up-to-date site gives the appearance of validity. You can affordably update your web page by using a popular hosting site or hiring a professional designer to create something that is unlike other sites. Very few businesses can compete in their market without a proper website, and if you have no website is extremely unprofessional, and you’re probably going to miss out on a lot of traffic.

Your Business Card Matters

Sharing a quality digital business card is another great way to leave a lasting impression at networking events. It is always a great idea to use a professional printing company and it may be worth it to splurge on the highest card quality offered. If you are not that creative, it is a good idea to outsource the image that you will be using for your card to a professional artist or graphic designer. This will ensure that your cards are unique and memorable, while clearly representing your work. Word of mouth marketing is one of the greatest marketing tools in your arsenal. Be sure that you are ready to jump on any opportunity that comes your way by being fully prepared with an elevator pitch and a high-quality card.

Open Up Communication with Toll Free Numbers

One of the simplest ways to promote your business and make it appear more professional is to use a toll-free phone number.

Getting a phone number for your business is the first step in creating a more professional brand. Having a toll free phone number shows that your business is legitimate to potential customers. Plus, advertising a phone number on your website will drive more customers to your page. Being able to customize your greeting on a toll free line is a much better first impression than hearing a simple “Hello” with no other prompts. There are several different benefits to using a toll free phone number for your business. You can customize a unique phone number with Global Call Forwarding, take advantage of unlimited forwarding options, and you can benefit from unlimited extensions.

Phone Line Extensions

Phone extensions are different divisions within your company that your toll free phone number will forward to when the person on the other line is prompted to be directed to that department. If you have a small business, your business will seem larger by simply adding several extensions for no extra charge from the provider. If there is only one person working in that department, that is no problem. The unlimited extensions simply create the appearance of having a larger company without having to pay extra.

You can customize your extensions and greeting with your new toll free phone number by using the Global Call Forwarding control panel. You can gain access to your control panel from any device that uses an internet connection. Simply log into your account to begin setting up the different extensions. The more extensions you have, the bigger and more professional your business will seem.

If you have three people working for your company, a sales manager, a CEO, and a marketing person you can still take advantage of the unlimited extensions. For example, you can create your own greeting on the toll free line, and then it will prompt the consumer to dial an extension to reach the department that they need. The prompts may be “Press 1 for the Sales Department, Press 2 for the CEO, and Press 3 for Marketing.” Once your customer has chosen their needed department, they will be forwarded to the person in charge of that department. If you have multiple people working in one department there is also a feature included in every virtual phone number package that will allow your consumer to be forwarded to any person that is available within that department. This is called Sequential Forwarding. This feature ensures that your customer will always be greeted by someone in your business even if an employee has stepped out of the office.

Every extension can also be set up to have their very own personal voicemail and message delivery settings. That way the right people from your company will receive the messages that have been left for their unique department. This is helpful for an organization in any size business. If you only have one employee, and the message was left for the sales department, the employee will know how to respond properly.

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Toll Free Phone Lines

Having a phone number that your business can be reached at is extremely important for growth. Toll free numbers allow customers from anywhere to call your number without being charged. These phone lines create a way for the business and consumer to interact on a more personal level. You can use yours for customer service or as a helpline. Establishing a relationship with your customers in such a direct manner paves the way for a long-term relationship. Customers will be more likely to stay loyal to your company if your helpline or customer service line is filled with helpful and friendly professional people. Once a customer has decided that they are loyal to a certain brand, they are more likely to spend more freely on that brands’ products. While you focus on gaining more customers through marketing and advertising methods, having a customer service line will help your business keep the customers you already have.

The best part about having a virtual toll free phone number is that you can add a line to your everyday cell phone. These virtual lines can also be added to landlines and other devices like computers and tablets.

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