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Bio: Ilsa Morales currently resides in Chicago after a 4-year long stint living in New York City performing improv at the Magnet Theater and writing sketch shows with a band of ragtag comedians. She is passionate about cats, tarot card reading, celebrities and comic books. She currently flexes her writing talents at multiple websites and runs her own comic book themed blog that encourages girls to appreciate geek culture.

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Suggestions for Providing Excellent Customer Service

Businesses that place more emphasis on their customer service experience are much more likely to see better profits than a company who lets their customer service drop off. This comes from a straightforward idea that people want to be heard and cared for. It is a basic human need that a business can easily provide [Continue Reading]

Is it Hard to Open a Virtual Office in Singapore?

Before starting your own business in Singapore, try minimizing your overhead costs by opening up a virtual office first. Although it is no easy task to start your own business, virtual or not, there are perks to choosing a virtual office. For some business owners and entrepreneurs, it might be easier to build an office [Continue Reading]

The Importance of a Virtual Phone System for Businesses

Many businesses are beginning to see how necessary it is to use a virtual phone number to connect themselves with their current customer base and as a great tool to establish connections across new markets. This new technology allows sales teams to establish contact in local and international regions for more affordable prices than ever [Continue Reading]

Tools for Starting a Business at Home

Running your own business from home can feel like a dream. You get to make your own rules, you get to pick the background music, and there’s no fear that a co-worker might steal your lunch. However, starting a home business is no simple feat, but luckily there are plenty of tools available to you [Continue Reading]

Why Some Companies Are More Successful than Others in Expanding to New Markets?

Many companies have expanded globally to great success while others have tried and failed. The difference between these companies is not what they offer; it is often how they go about providing it. There is much research to be done for a business before considering expansion and to which countries would be most suitable. Simply [Continue Reading]

5 Tech Auto Communication Features to Keep You Safe

Automobiles have come a long way since the horse and buggy days. Many innovations are created each day and countries around the world are clamoring to make vehicles, better and more reliable for their consumers. Since safety is the number 1 concern of most people when choosing a car, several manufacturers have been working to [Continue Reading]

Brain Food: What to Eat When Working for Optimal Performance

You’ve heard of the term “brain food” but, what are these so-called magic foods and how are they better for you than anything else? Is it true that certain foods make us smarter? While the items on this list aren’t likely to turn you into a super genius overnight, they are incredibly good at keeping [Continue Reading]

Security Features of the New iPhones

The new iPhone XS and XR have finally dropped and with them, an abundance of security features. Thanks to the latest iOS update, iOS 12, your phone is safer than ever. In addition to the new OLED displays, aerospace-grade aluminum bands, and the professional “portrait mode” camera feature, there are great, new ways to protect [Continue Reading]

Secrets to Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance

Managing a full-time job and finding the time to set aside for the things that you enjoy is a problem for many people. A majority of people believe that their work commitments demand too much time from them. Not every 9-5 job ends at 5. Being successful means having success in both business and your [Continue Reading]

Biking with Uber: When Cars Just Don’t Cut it Anymore

Uber has been working hard for quite some time with their partner, JUMP, focused on electric bikes, in an effort to bring a better alternative to ridesharing. Now you can pedal to work instead of sitting in rush hour traffic or cramming yourself into an overcrowded train or bus. As of now, the bike sharing [Continue Reading]