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Bio: Ilsa Morales currently resides in Chicago after a 4-year long stint living in New York City performing improv at the Magnet Theater and writing sketch shows with a band of ragtag comedians. She is passionate about cats, tarot card reading, celebrities and comic books. She currently flexes her writing talents at multiple websites and runs her own comic book themed blog that encourages girls to appreciate geek culture.

Posts by Ilsa Morales:

Manning the Phones: How to Create an Effective Customer Service Strategy

A chief role of managers and customer service employees is knowing how to create a good experience for their customers. As a business owner, it is essential that you develop a strong customer service strategy that your employees can easily navigate and understand. This strategy should effectively incorporate key points that will take your customer [Continue Reading]

This is How Customer Service is Done Best

What can you do to gain loyal customers, expand your business, and increase your earning potential? Upgrade your customer service. A skilled customer service team knows how to engage with their customers, problem-solve, and is empathetic to others’ queries. Customer service is one of the most critical pieces of your business as a whole because [Continue Reading]

Awesome Skills of the Best Customer Service Agents

Customer service can be a difficult industry with a high turnover. But there are a few secrets that the best customer service agents use to stay friendly, clear, and knowledgeable when in communication with their customers. Whether your agents are using phone calls, social media, email, or all three, there are specific skills that every [Continue Reading]

More than Just a Number: Why Your Toll Free Number is Essential to Your Business

Toll free numbers began gaining popularity in the 80s and 90s with almost every business because it was the simplest way to communicate with customers all over the country. Now, in the age of information and the internet, toll free numbers are still essential to have for your business and they remain popular with major [Continue Reading]

Games To Boost Call Center Morale and Engagement

Motivating your call center team can do wonders for your company. An easy and fun way to do this is by introducing games and activities that can be done in the workplace. After all, work doesn’t have to be boring. These games will encourage employees through competition, and you will see an improvement in company [Continue Reading]

Streamlining the Vendor Selection Process

If you are looking to streamline the process in which you select your vendors, consider a Request for Proposal or RFP. An RFP is precisely what it sounds like, and it is a proposal that you can use to compare and contrast offers from a variety of different vendors. Once you are able to analyze [Continue Reading]

Things Customer Service Representatives Should Do On Every Call

The customer service representative is one of the most critical pieces of your business. They are the face of your company and the people who you trust to speak one-on-one with your customers. We may sometimes forget how important a customer service representative’s role truly is. They are given the duty to treat customers with [Continue Reading]

How to Maintain Excellent Customer Service During Peak Seasons

The holidays have come and gone, and for the rest of the world, they are ready to get back to work. But for retail companies that means it’s finally time for some rest. How did your company do during this holiday season? Were you able to keep up with all of your consumers’ demands? If [Continue Reading]

Suggestions for Providing Excellent Customer Service

Businesses that place more emphasis on their customer service experience are much more likely to see better profits than a company who lets their customer service drop off. This comes from a straightforward idea that people want to be heard and cared for. It is a basic human need that a business can easily provide [Continue Reading]

Is it Hard to Open a Virtual Office in Singapore?

Before starting your own business in Singapore, try minimizing your overhead costs by opening up a virtual office first. Although it is no easy task to start your own business, virtual or not, there are perks to choosing a virtual office. For some business owners and entrepreneurs, it might be easier to build an office [Continue Reading]