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Before picking an ITFS number provider for your business, it is important to understand how an ITFS number works. These numbers can boost your business’s incoming and outgoing communications by providing easy and reliable channels.

What is an ITFS number?

An ITFS number uses an international toll free service (ITFS) to connect with individuals across borders. This means your business can contact overseas customers and clients without paying international charges. You would pay a lower subscription fee to a call forwarding service or ITFS number provider like Global Call Forwarding.

Using an ITFS number provider, your number would appear as a local toll free number related to the area you are calling. To explain further, your number will appear as though you are physically present in that specific country you are calling. Additionally, when the customer calls your ITFS number back, they won’t be charged internationally either. Since your number appears as a local number, they will be charged for a local call.

Business ITFS Number Provider: Why Do You Need One

Subscribing to an ITFS number provider for your business can vastly improve how your business interacts with its customers. Consider this: are you planning a global expansion for your company? Do you want to target new markets and demographics? Would you like to create a virtual, local presence and connection in different countries, states, and cities? Then an ITFS number is what you need.

These numbers help you build connections to individuals living in areas that you want to target next. An ITFS number works as a virtual phone number, in that it uses the internet to route calls. And so, as long as you are connected to a reliable internet connection, you remain accessible to your customers and prospects.

Enter Local Markets Easily

With an ITFS number, you can expand your network and your business’ reach by tapping into new markets. Test your product/service in these markets, study customer responses, and develop the product better. This way, the next time you enter your product, you will be more prepared. Additionally, you can do all of this without worrying about the costs of moving, office space, supplies, etc. ITFS numbers give you the opportunity to enter local markets across the globe virtually while saving money.

Virtual Communication Features

Most ITFS number providers will offer you a set of communication features along with your number plan. These features are meant to support and enhance your call volume. For example, Global Call Forwarding offers:

  • Call forwarding options such as Simultaneous Ringing, Time of Day Routing, Select Country Routing
  • Call Recording software
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • CRM Integrations
  • Call Activity Reports
  • Outbound Calling (with customizable caller ID)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR system) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Black and White Call Lists
  • CallMe Click website widget, and more

Such virtual features make it easy to organize, distribute, and handle inbound and outbound call volumes. This, in turn, will allow your business to offer uninterrupted customer service and support and an overall improved customer experience.

How to Get an ITFS Number Provider

1) Decide what features you want with your number

Before deciding on a provider, choose what virtual communication features you would like to integrate into your office communication system. Would you like IVR or call recording, etc?

2) Research ITFS Providers

Research different providers available and compare their prices and features offered. Are they offering the features and services you are looking for? And are the prices suitable for your purposes? ITFS number provider Global Call Forwarding offers 5 different number plans based on calling minutes. We also have a standard set of features that come free with each of our plans, plus additional advanced features that can be added on.

3) Sign up for your ITFS number

To sign up for your ITFS number, navigate to our homepage. Then, start by selecting the country for which you want your toll free number and select “toll free number” as the number type. In the next section, enter the number for where you would like calls forwarded to.

4) Add premium features

Global Call Forwarding offers Call Recording, Outbound Calling, CRM Integrations, and Rollover Minutes as additional features. Select any that you’d like to add to your plan to enhance communications.

5) Finalize your payment

Complete the sign-up by providing your payment and contact information, and wait to hear back from customer service. Your number will soon be activated and ready to use.

Get Your ITFS Number With Us

Global Call Forwarding offers local, international, and toll free numbers for more than 160 countries across the world. No matter where you are located, we can help you expand your business to the markets and demographics that matter most to you. Start by signing up on our homepage or talk to an expert today.

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