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7 Reasons to Get an International 800 Number

An international 800 number can help your business gain more credibility, improve customer satisfaction, and boost overall sales. This article features 7 reasons why you should get international toll free numbers for your business. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an International 800 Number?

International 800 numbers — also known as international toll free numbers or ITFNs — are toll free numbers assigned to different countries. Calls made to these numbers are forwarded to representatives in different countries or locations for answering.

Residents and contacts within those countries can call the number for free. While incoming calls to the recipient (your business) are forwarded to your country or another location as desired. Say your UK business has an Australia international 800 number. Australian residents can call this number for free and calls are then automatically routed to your office in the UK.

international 800 numbers

So, how can 800 numbers benefit your business? Here is a look at the top advantages.

1. Offer Customers a Free Calling Option

With an international 800 number, your international customers and contacts have the option to call your business for free. Being given easy access to connect with a business greatly increases the chances of customer engagement. Whether it is to inquire about a new product, plan a partnership, or receive customer support, individuals will hesitate less when calling a business with a toll free number.

2. Improve Your Company’s Professional Image

800 toll free numbers have a reputation. For years, small businesses and large corporations have used these business numbers to make customer calling simple. Toll free numbers are associated with large and established corporations that care for their customers. And so, getting an 800 number improves your professional image as a business that’s established and customer-focused.

3. Acquire More Credibility

Not only do 800 numbers increase customer engagement, but they also make your business seem more trustworthy and credible. A toll free number makes you more accessible and easily reachable. Customers can rest assured that when they need your business, they can connect with you quickly and without obstacles. This increases credibility and gives your customers confidence in your abilities to meet their needs.

4. Easy Mobility

ITFNs make it possible for you to move anywhere within the country or the world without changing your number. You can have incoming calls forwarded to any number, line, or VoIP phone of your choice. And so, even if you decide to move to a new location, simply change the forwarding specifics and keep your numbers.

5. Gain Local Presence in Different Countries

ITFNs enable you to advertise locally in different countries across the globe. You can, therefore, develop connections with local customers, advertisers, vendors, and other business contacts by creating and maintaining a local presence.

6. Improve International Sales

By advertising locally and entering your business in local directories and other platforms for locations you are trying to expand into, you can increase brand visibility and awareness. Both of these are important when it comes to increasing international sales. Having an 800 number indicates to customers that your business is positioned to do business, offer a service, and it demonstrates your business is local to their area.

7. Offer Global Customer Service

Finally, you can offer global customer service by staying connected and reachable. Good and quick customer service leads to high customer satisfaction rates. And this is the best way to maintain and retain valuable customers, as customers need to know you are available to support their issues and concerns.

Ready to Purchase an 800 Number?

To get international 800 numbers, simply sign up on our website by choosing the country you want to target or offer customer service to. You can add additional numbers later once your service is activated. Furthermore, having an international 800 number is an ideal way to strategically offer communications and customer service. Purchase one today to ensure your international expansion connects with customers in the most efficient, effective ways possible.

How Much Does an International Toll Free Number Cost? [2024]

International toll free numbers can help you expand your company’s reach by creating communication channels between your company and interested customers in other countries and states. Here we will outline how much an international toll free number costs and what important factors to take into account when getting a new international toll free number.

International Toll Free Number Costs: Factors to Consider

International toll free phone numbers are toll free numbers for different countries across the world. Residents within those countries can call your ITFN for free while incoming calls are forwarded to a location or line in a country of your choice.

This enables your business to offer sales and customer support to international countries. For instance, you can get a UK toll free number and have calls forwarded to your office in Singapore.

How much an international toll free number costs depends on the following factors:

1. How you answer calls
What device you answer calls on can affect the ultimate price you pay for an international toll free number service. For instance, calls answered on a mobile phone may be more expensive than calls answered on a VoIP or SIP phone.

2. Where calls come from
One of the biggest contributors to the international toll free phone number cost is the location of your callers. That is, where your callers are calling from. For instance, calls from China may be more expensive than calls from the UK or Singapore. Furthermore, what device — landline or mobile — is used to call can also affect the cost.

3. Talk time per month
What is your business’ call volume per month? How many calls and how much call time do you expect? This is also important to consider when getting an ITFN service. The more you talk, the more you pay. However, there are plans that reduce cost per minute when your call traffic increases.

4. Additional features and services
What additional features or add-on services do you need? These additional features can increase your overall cost. Important features like outbound calling, IVR, call forwarding, etc., should be easily accessible. If the prices for these services are too high, you may want to consider a different service.

5. Extra fees
Lastly, don’t forget to take into account any additional fees such as set-up or installation fees, cancellation fees, long-term contracts, etc. Look for a provider that doesn’t need set-up or cancellation fees so you can switch providers if needed.

Global Call Forwarding: ITFN Price Breakdown

Here we breakdown our current international toll free number costs for the most popular countries. We include our basic monthly plan, SIP trunking price, and forwarding rates.

1. US Toll Free Numbers

To buy a US toll free number, you can simply review the below pricing information and sign up on our homepage.

    • Cost of a US ITFN: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $.02 – $.04 per additional minute

2. Germany Toll Free Numbers

With Germany virtual toll free phone numbers, you can now offer German residents a free way to connect with your business.

    • Cost of a Germany ITFN: $17.95
    • IP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.05- $0.07 per additional minute

3. UAE Toll Free Numbers

UAE 800 numbers can help your business offer sales and customer support to individuals and businesses located in UAE.

Cost of a UAE ITFN: $28.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.43 – $0.47 per additional minute

4. UK Toll Free Numbers
Use UK freephone numbers to create reliable communication channels between your business and its UK clientele.

Cost of a UK ITFN: $12.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.083 per additional minute

5. Singapore Toll Free Numbers
Buy Singapore toll free numbers to create a business in Singapore and add locals to your customer base.

Cost of a Singapore ITFN: $27.95
SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

6. Japan Toll Free Numbers

Japan toll free numbers will help you enter the Japanese market without increasing the cost of operations.

    • Cost of a Japan toll free phone number: $68.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.33 – $0.37 per additional minute

7. Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers

Use Hong Kong toll free numbers to increase sales and offer customer service to local consumers by making your Hong Kong business accessible and easy to call.

    • Cost of a Hong Kong ITFN: $27.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

8. Australia Toll Free Numbers

Want to expand to Australia? Australia virtual numbers can help you test the market and see how your product performs before you open field offices.

    • Cost of an Australia toll free number: $13.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.082 per additional minute

9. China Toll Free Numbers

Use China toll free numbers to sell to local Chinese residents and businesses. Enter the Chinese market and advertise locally.

    • Cost of a China ITFN: $44.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.37 – $0.41 per additional minute

10. India Toll Free Numbers

Doing business in India? Connect to India’s telecommunication network to make global communication easier and less expensive.

    • Cost of an India ITFN: $38.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.25 – $0.35 per additional minute

11. Mexico Toll Free Numbers

Mexico toll free numbers can open your business to include a Mexican customer base.

    • Cost of a Mexico ITFN: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.063 – $0.073 per additional minute

12. Canada Toll Free Numbers

Get Canada toll free numbers today and start selling your product or service in Canada. Improve brand visibility and awareness by advertising locally.

    • Cost of a Canada toll free number: $12.95
    • SIP trunk pricing for outbound calls: $25 for 10 channels
    • Rate for forwarding to IP: $0.02 – $0.04 per additional minute

Choose Your International Toll Free Number Now!

ITFNs make it easy to do global business without incurring exorbitant international calling rates. Get an international toll free number based on the countries and regions you want to target and expand your business to. With these numbers, you can add new customer bases, improve sales, offer global customer support, and become a reputable international brand. Sign up today or call us to learn more!

Comparing All Types of International Toll Free Numbers

Most companies are trying to go global to expand their reach and generate more sales. But how do you communicate with international clientele without increasing your expenses? International toll-free numbers are the way to go! Here we compare all the types of international toll free numbers so you can find one that is perfect for your needs.

Comparing All Types of International Toll-Free Numbers

An international toll free number or ITFN is a number type that enables international calling between a business and its customers. Callers dial this number for free and it connects to employees or agents in a different country by forwarding calls internationally to any device.

Certain types of international toll free numbers, such as traditional international numbers, are country-specific. That is, they are free to call from within the country they are assigned to. On the other hand, universal or global freephone numbers can be contacted for free from a predetermined list of countries.

If your business has an international clientele and you want to provide international customers with the same customer service and care you offer domestic or local customers, then your business could greatly benefit from international toll free numbers. It is known that global consumers want convenience in 2021.

Let’s look at the different types of international toll free numbers so you can identify which is more suitable for your needs.


ITFN are country-specific and can be called for free by residents of the country they are assigned to. You can forward incoming calls to smartphones, computers, VoIP softphones, and more. Businesses with international clientele will find these numbers useful. With these numbers, your company can create a virtual presence in different countries and offer customer service globally.

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Domestic toll-free numbers are similar to ITFN in that they too can be called by a resident of the country the number is assigned to. In other words, residents of the US can call a US toll-free number for free when in-country. These numbers are true “800 numbers.”

The main difference between domestic and international toll-free numbers is that the former does not generally have additional fees for calls connecting to mobile or pay phones. Therefore, businesses that want to provide callers with a free way to call from any device will find domestic toll-free numbers more suitable.

Local 2-Way Numbers

Local 2-way voice enables users to place outbound calls with a local phone number and display an in-country caller ID. These are essentially cloud-based local numbers that support both inbound and outbound voice calling, no matter where the business is located.

Calls made with local 2-way voice are routed through local routes instead of international routes, even if your business is not located in that specific region. This means these calls are guaranteed to connect and show a local caller ID. Additionally, since these are local phone numbers, they have country and region-specific phone number formats. These are recognizable and familiar, helping your business increase response rates and encourage callbacks.


A UIFN is a single unique number that is accessible and free to call from multiple countries. Currently, 45 countries are included in the UIFN number program monitored by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). There are, however, some factors to consider when purchasing UIFNs:

  • Your number must be registered in at least 2 countries.
  • You must use the number between 2 countries within the first 180 days of purchase.
  • These numbers have a significant, one-time setup fee.
  • The different dialing formats are different from regular or standard toll-free numbers.
  • Not all countries are included in the program.
  • The more countries selected, the higher the cost.

If you run operations and want to offer customer service in the countries included in the UIFN program, then you may consider a UIFN number to streamline incoming calls and provide just one number for customer support, sales, account management, etc.

What Type of International Toll-Free Number is Right for Me?

If your business extends operations to 2-3 different countries, then you can get international toll-free numbers or domestic numbers for each country and list them on your website or social media platforms. This way, you can provide customer service and sales assistance to clients within these countries.

However, for a business like a travel or hospitality company with multiple locations involved, a UIFN is more useful. This way, customers from around the world can connect with you through one number.

 Want to Learn More?

Global Call Forwarding is the leading provider of international toll-free numbers. We have been in this business for over 25 years and we offer unmatched quality, affordability, and service features. We can help you find the ideal phone number for your company. Call us today to learn more!

International Toll Free Number Providers

There are a lot of business owners who are hoping to expand their business in the international market but they do not know how to begin. Taking a look at international toll free number providers and all of the services and features they offer will be ideal because it can help business owners reach more customers. At the same time, these services will make it easier for customers to contact the company they need to connect with.

You should always do a search of the best companies for toll free numbers to be sure that you are getting the best services for your business needs. Once you seek the help of an international toll-free number provider, you will then be given a toll-free number for international customers to call whenever they need to reach you.

Does Your Business Need Services From Toll Free Number Providers?

There are lots of small businesses that are popping up in 2020. It will be hard to compete with all of them because you may be offering similar products or services to what they have.

You can use this technology in order to become more present in the eyes of your customers, offering an additionally beneficial channel of communication in regards to customer service. You will make them feel that you are near even if your office is actually located in a far away location. The uses of a toll-free number can also give you access to various features and tools that will be beneficial for your business such as account management, select country forwarding, black and white lists, and much more!

5 Benefits of Choosing a Reliable International Toll-Free Number Provider

Global Call Forwarding is one of the top-rated international toll-free number providers in 2020. They have been in business since 1996.

Being accessible to your customers is one of the major factors to consider in having a successful business. If your customers are not able to connect with you, they will look at your competition instead. You will lose sales and your customers in the process, especially if they inform the people they know that your company cannot be trusted.

When you use toll-free numbers for your business, your customers can reach you whenever and wherever you are located globally.

Some of the benefits of using toll-free numbers are as follows:

1. You can provide excellent customer service.

What is the one reason why people keep on choosing a certain brand? When they see that the company is always willing to answer their questions, they will be more than willing to recommend that same company to the people that they know. You may have different toll-free numbers for different locations depending on the people you want to reach.

2. You will allow yourself to be present in various locations all at once.

Your physical location may be in a place outside the country that you are trying to target. With the use of toll-free numbers for business provided by international tollfree number providers, your target market will not feel that you are far away. You may come to a point that you are so focused on your international customers that you overlook the customers who are in the same area as your actual office’s location. Make sure that your customers are aware of your presence no matter where you are, whether they are international or local.

3. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get this service.

One of the misconceptions about the services that are provided by international toll-free number providers is that the service is expensive. This is not true at all. Surprisingly, toll free numbers provided by Global Call Forwarding are indeed affordable and you do not have to worry about expensive international calling rates. Aside from the basic toll-free service that you can get, there are some added features that you can use with your number to improve the customer connection even further.

4. You allow yourself to become more flexible.

Since the toll-free numbers you get are very versatile, you can forward the calls to your landline number at home or you may forward them to your phone so that you can still be reached even when you are outside of your office. Since toll-free numbers are portable, they would not require contacts. You can use them with any telephone carrier. Just imagine how convenient this can be to your business! You can be traveling and still attend to your customer’s needs without the barrier of distance.

5. You manage to improve your reputation.

If there is one thing you should realize as a business owner, it is that you have to improve your reputation so that you can reach even more customers. The more positivity about your reputation spreads, the better it is for your business. Buy toll free international numbers and use them when creating various pages throughout social media sites and people will leave their reviews based on the products or services provided from you. International toll-free number providers such as Global Call forwarding will be sufficient for your business needs.

Why Should You Choose Global Call Forwarding As Your International Toll Free Number Provider?

Now that you know some of the benefits that it can provide for your business, you still need to know the reasons why it is ideal to get the services provided by international toll-free number providers such as Global Call Forwarding. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • You will come across as a company operating in a specific country, city, or state.
  • You will be able to centralize incoming calls that you are going to receive. You may not realize how important this is until you start getting many calls from various customers.
  • You can make your business appear larger than it actually is; sometimes this is important, based on your business strategy.
  • You can make your business more accessible to different people.
  • You can also eliminate people’s concerns about calling a number from another country.

Based on all of these reasons mentioned above, do you see how international toll-free number providers such as Global Call Forwarding may actually offer you something that may be immensely beneficial? International toll free numbers can be an excellent move for your business in 2020, especially as companies transition to remote work. The earlier that you invest in it, the higher the rewards are going to be in the future.