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Bio: Valerie Stitt lives in New York. As a mother and grandmother, she is a passionate health advocate. As an author of four eBook guides, she shares tips and steps on maximizing nutrition, weight, and fitness goals that will enhance a healthier lifestyle. She blogs at Halfmile Fittness.

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How to Call 1800 Numbers from Canada

Calling 1-800 numbers from Canada may seem self-explanatory, but the rules are not the same as calling them from the US. Some people assume that the moment they connect to a 1800 number from Canada, they will not have to pay for it. But in actuality, they can acquire large charges for things they were [Continue Reading]

Space X Rocket Failure Bloopers

There is an ongoing space race among privately owned companies headed by individuals with great vision for the advancement of space exploration. While some of these privately owned companies are focused on space tourism, others have channeled their resources towards cutting the cost of sending rockets into space. Space X, founded by Elon Musk (also [Continue Reading]

Flying With Qatar Airways Internationally

As the demand for air travel increases every year, airlines are constantly in a race to win the largest customer base by expanding their flight networks, as well as innovations in passenger experience. This has brought about a competition between airlines operating in multiple destinations across the world. While some airlines are striving to provide [Continue Reading]

How to Use Verizon Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is not a complicated feature to use. In fact, the instructions to follow in activating this feature are not difficult at all. You will be tasked to enter and press a few buttons, and if you are successful in activating the service, you can reap the benefits of using Verizon call forwarding. For [Continue Reading]

How to Call 1800 Numbers From Puerto Rico

There are many questions that you may have regarding making calls across borders, especially when you are calling another location in the world. If you are in Puerto Rico and you have to make an international call using a 1800 number, do you know exactly how to do it? If you do not know how [Continue Reading]

Work Phone Etiquette

Telephone Communication As easy as making and receiving telephone calls can be, many still do not know that there are rules that guide telephone conversation, especially in the professional context. Business communication is a very important dimension of every organization. It can set the tone for many business activities involving clients and customers as well [Continue Reading]

How to Get A US Phone Number

Do you have a business? If yes, you most likely need to reach more people throughout the world in order to gain recognition from potential international customers. There may also be the potential of customers working with your business simply because you have a US phone number, which is an indicator of your business being [Continue Reading]

How SMS Forwarding Works

What Is SMS? In recent years, SMS appears to be replacing phone calls to a large extent. People are making fewer calls and spending more time on their phones messaging to friends, family, colleagues, or business associates. Gone are the days when you could spot a good number of people talking on their phones on [Continue Reading]

Is 855 A Toll-Free Number?

If you are a newbie in the world of call forwarding and all of the features related to it, you will be unable to answer the question of, “Is 855 a toll-free number?” Perhaps you may not be aware of what 855 is. If you are a business owner or if you are planning to [Continue Reading]

Building Credibility With Toll Free Numbers

Business Credibility A business can succeed in creating the perfect product or may have found the perfect solution that a market needs; but still struggle when it comes to credibility. Customers can be very skeptical when it come to being offered new products and services, especially from a new company or start-up. When new businesses [Continue Reading]

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