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Bio: Valerie Stitt lives in New York. As a mother and grandmother, she is a passionate health advocate. As an author of four eBook guides, she shares tips and steps on maximizing nutrition, weight, and fitness goals that will enhance a healthier lifestyle. She blogs at Halfmile Fittness.

Posts by Valerie Stitt:

Building Credibility With Toll Free Numbers

Business Credibility A business can succeed in creating the perfect product or may have found the perfect solution that a market needs, but still struggle when it comes to credibility. …Read More »

Notorious International Phone Calls by Donald Trump

When Donald Trump became elected as the president of the United States, the world was left in awe of the results. While different events were happening all over the world, …Read More »

Where Can I Buy A Universal Toll Free Number?

Toll Free Number A toll free number, also known as a “free phone,” is a phone number in which all charges are incurred by the subscriber for receiving incoming calls. …Read More »

International Toll Free Number Providers

There are a lot of business owners who are hoping to expand their business in the international market but they do not know how to begin. Taking a look at …Read More »

1-800 Numbers For Mobile Devices

Toll-Free Forwarding Toll-free forwarding, also known as call divert or call forwarding is a service that allow businesses to set up toll-free numbers in another city, state, or country, while …Read More »

What Is An SMS Forwarding Number?

What Is SMS? A Short Message Service (SMS) is a component of most, if not all, telephone, internet, and mobile phone systems. The service makes use of standard communication systems …Read More »

Start-up Business Tips and Resources

What Is A Startup Business? A startup business is a newly emerged, fast-growing entrepreneurial venture that is designed to meet a specific marketplace need by developing a practical business model …Read More »

International Phone Calls Are Illegal In North Korea

North Korea has been in the news for many years for reasons that are far from positive. The country has remained in the spotlight due to the approach of the …Read More »

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in the Pacific – and their Country Calling Codes

Humankind has an innate curiosity to learn, discover and explore. This innate quality drives us to visit foreign countries and experience other cultures. Visiting foreign countries is generally known as …Read More »

The 7 Best Airports in the World – and How to Call Them

The 7 Best Airports in the World – and How to Call Them Airports are a major part of the travel experience. The best airports in the world not only …Read More »

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