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Top 7 Destinations for Medical Tourism in the World

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Tourism has existed for a very long time. However, medical tourism has become increasingly popular in recent times and this is because a lot of people are now looking towards the industry to deal with issues that affect their health.

Medical tourism is the process of traveling from your home country to another country in order to seek medical care. According to a study completed by the Medical Tourism Association, more Americans are traveling abroad in order to seek medical attention elsewhere. Most people travel for medical care because the cost for treatment is less expensive in foreign countries than in their home country. Others embark on medical trips because they want to undergo a process that is illegal in their home country. There are lots of medical procedures that people undergo while traveling abroad. However, the most common treatments are plastic surgery, heart surgery, and even dentistry.

Why Medical Tourism?

There are lots of reasons why people embark on medical tourism. A few of them are discussed below.

  1. It is Cost Efficient: This is probably the number one reason why most people decide to go overseas for medical treatment. By seeking help abroad, this saves on cost for elective procedures. For instance, the price for a particular treatment may be 50% less expensive in another country. Some procedures cost more than $10,000 in the United States, meaning that medical tourists can save $5,000 or more.
  2. Quality Service: It is human nature to assume that if something is cheap then it is likely to be of lower quality, but for a well-planned medical tour, the situation is always different. Most people embark on medical tourism to receive quality services from world renowned medical centers. Most medical tourist centers have been accredited by the JCI; (Joint Commission International) which means the quality standards of medical services delivered will be one of the best any patient can ever receive.
  3. Professional Treatment: Another reason why people go abroad on medical trips is to receive treatment from top professionals. Most of the surgeons who treat international patients have been trained in some of the best medical schools in the world. The hospitals in these countries offer state of-the-art facilities with services to international patients that are equal or greater to the services that are offered in their home country.
  4. Latest Technology: International patients have attested to the fact that they had greater access to treatments using the latest technology in the medical industry. Numerous medical tourism hubs offer tourists across the world the benefits of quality medical facilities at lower costs.
  5. Opportunity to Travel Abroad: Medical tourism allows patients an opportunity to travel abroad and experience life in other countries. Some people may even choose to recuperate in the country where they received the medical treatment.

Top 7 Worldwide Medical Tourism Destinations

More countries across the world are opening up their health systems to medical tourists by providing affordable costs; combining the experience with comfortable accommodations. The following 7 countries are known for providing the best medical care for international patients. Note that these medical tourism destinations have been properly scrutinized and rest assured that the clinics in many of these countries have been awarded JCI accreditation.

  1. India: You are probably wondering why India of all countries should make the list since it is known for ancient medicine. However, if you are looking for one of the best destinations for medical treatment, India should always come to mind. There are many trained and qualified medical professionals who are capable of treating some of the worst ailments in the world today. Indian doctors work very fast to diagnose you and start treatment immediately – which means a shorter waiting time for patients. The costs are also very affordable when compared to other countries.
  2. Singapore: Over the years, Singapore has been able to come up with formidable policies that have resulted in a massive boost to its economy. This has helped it establish its place as one of the most developed countries in the world. Singapore boasts world class medical centers that are operated by some of the best professionals you will find in the medical field. The country has received awards for its state-of-the-art medical service delivery. When considering a country to travel to for medical treatment, Singapore should come to mind.
  3. South Korea: South Korea is also one of the countries of the world that has experienced massive development in recent times. It boasts some of the best medical centers in the world. Hospitals in South Korea have a reputation not only in cosmetic surgery but for treating chronic injuries that people sustain when they get involved in serious accidents.
  4. Costa Rica: Though Costa Rica is more famous for having some of the best tourist attractions in the world, it has also cemented its place as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Cost Rica provides social stability and transparency for its patients and provides them treatment using the latest healthcare technology.
  5. Thailand: Thailand has been able to build its reputation as one of the best medical tourism centers in the world. The quality of service delivery in Thailand is excellent and the health costs are low; which makes it one of the most affordable destinations for medical treatment.
  6. Germany: Germany also ranks in as one of the best countries to visit for medical treatment. They have excellent medical equipment, a wide range of specialized medical professionals, and some of the best medical facilities in the world, which has made it one of the best tourism destinations.
  7. United Arab Emirates: UAE is gradually building its reputation as one of the best providers of high-class health services. They boast of the best medical professionals and expertise that specializes in plastic surgery, abdominal surgery, dental care and many others. This makes them one of the favorite destinations to consider when planning for your next medical trip.

Whichever country you choose in your medical travels, take into consideration that destination is not more important than finding the right treatment for a certain condition. There is no compromise on care just to visit a certain country.

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