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Where Can I Buy A Universal Toll Free Number?

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Toll Free Number

A toll free number, also known as a “free phone,” is a phone number in which all charges are incurred by the subscriber for receiving incoming calls. All calls placed to a toll free number are completely free for the caller. Toll free numbers can be used by both landline and mobile phone subscribers. Rates may vary depending on the device.

Toll free numbers are often used by businesses to allow their customers to make inquiries or transactions without incurring any costs. Toll free numbers usually have a 3-digit prefix such as 800, 0800, and 1-800. The 800 prefix is common with most toll free numbers, however, the service access numbers may be country specific.

The modern toll-free services that we have today were upgraded from the traditional electromechanical switching systems when computerized systems were developed. However, toll free services like Global Call Forwarding largely make use of both traditional phone systems and computerized cloud systems.

Toll-free numbers are readily available to anyone who need them for business or for personal uses. There are well over a dozen known toll-free numbers provided by call forwarding providers who offer different packages depending on the volume of calls that you are expecting. Being in business for over 20 years, Global Call Forwarding is one of such companies with flexible offers, and excellent prices for subscribers.

What Are Universal Toll Free Numbers?

Universal toll free numbers are similar to regular toll free numbers in the sense that the calling party bears no cost for making a call. Unlike regular toll free numbers, universal toll free numbers can be dialed from anywhere in the world at no cost. Universal toll free numbers also feature a 3-digit 800 prefix followed by an 8 digit dialing code. This code allows customers from anywhere in the world to contact businesses via phone at no cost. Global Call Forwarding currently offers toll free services in more than 150 countries across the world and this has become a very useful tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Universal toll free numbers are essential for all types of businesses. Businesses that are looking for an opportunity to establish a presence in different countries without setting up a physical office can benefit from universal toll free numbers. For businesses with international clients, a universal toll free number is a unique way of establishing global connections between them and their customers.

To get a universal toll free phone number for your business, you must choose a service provider, after which you will be required to select a plan. Choice of plans include minute-to-minute formats or an inclusive payment plan. Global Call Forwarding offers flexible universal toll free number service plans for all users.

Are Universal Toll Free Numbers Real?

Universal toll free numbers are definitely real! This is indicated by the number of multinational corporations that make use of this service to make their businesses more accessible to their clients and prospective customers abroad. However, a number of people are quite skeptical about these numbers; it just seems too good to be true!

If your business has a specific requirement to have a universal toll free number set up in one or more countries, Global Call Forwarding is a call forwarding provider that services clients across more countries as compared to other service providers. Once you are signed up on their website, you will be provided a free trial that offers you first-hand experience in operating your universal toll free number.

The idea of a universal toll free number is a very practical one. Imagine if every business were required to have a contact number for every country where they operate, or where their goods and services are being offered. It would be quite difficult to centralize customer service activities in this manner. Today, a business in the UK can receive calls from their customers in New York through a universal toll free number. This is where Global Call Forwarding comes in by providing this service to businesses quite conveniently.

On the part of the customer or person initiating the call, it does make a lot of sense to be able to call a company in another country for free. Customers feel more comfortable and reassured about a business that has a toll free number through which they can give feedback about products and services or to make inquiries.

How Do Universal Numbers Work?

The process is very simple from when the call is initiated to the receiver. When a customer initiates a call to a universal toll free number, the call is at no cost to the customer. For the receiving party, all calls will be charged based on the selected plan. Customers are aware that 0800, 800, and 1-800 numbers are toll free, unlike local numbers that do not have these prefixes and are often charged at regular local and international rates when called from within a country or from abroad. With Global Call Forwarding, exceptional call services are guaranteed with a subscription.

Universal toll-free numbers make use of both cloud and traditional telephone systems even though most services provided are cloud based or virtual. Global Call Forwarding offer their subscribers full control of their account management with a very easy-to-use platform that gets you connected.

Where Can I Buy Universal Toll Free Numbers?

For businesses looking to get a universal toll-free number, Global Call Forwarding is a leading company that provides access to flexible package plans that are tailored to serve your business and personal uses.

Subscribers are provided the opportunity to buy universal numbers at very affordable rates. When it comes to additional features, Global Call Forwarding offer a suite of features to accommodate your phone number needs. More importantly, their services are seamless as subscribers are provided with very reliable and efficient support.

Buying a toll free number from Global Call Forwarding is very easy as they have put in a lot of effort to ensure that you will have your toll free number ready to use in a matter of minutes. Their website has been optimized for mobile use so that you can have easy access to your account at any time, wherever you may be.

When you choose a Global Call Forwarding plan, you get more than just a telephone number for your business. You will get additional features like a virtual assistant, sms forwarding, rollover minutes, voicemail, advanced call forwarding, and much more!

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