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7 Reasons to Get an International 800 Number

An international 800 number can help your business gain more credibility, improve customer satisfaction, and boost overall sales. This article features 7 reasons why you should get international toll free numbers for your business. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an International 800 Number?

International 800 numbers — also known as international toll free numbers or ITFNs — are toll free numbers assigned to different countries. Calls made to these numbers are forwarded to representatives in different countries or locations for answering.

Residents and contacts within those countries can call the number for free. While incoming calls to the recipient (your business) are forwarded to your country or another location as desired. Say your UK business has an Australia international 800 number. Australian residents can call this number for free and calls are then automatically routed to your office in the UK.

international 800 numbers

So, how can 800 numbers benefit your business? Here is a look at the top advantages.

1. Offer Customers a Free Calling Option

With an international 800 number, your international customers and contacts have the option to call your business for free. Being given easy access to connect with a business greatly increases the chances of customer engagement. Whether it is to inquire about a new product, plan a partnership, or receive customer support, individuals will hesitate less when calling a business with a toll free number.

2. Improve Your Company’s Professional Image

800 toll free numbers have a reputation. For years, small businesses and large corporations have used these business numbers to make customer calling simple. Toll free numbers are associated with large and established corporations that care for their customers. And so, getting an 800 number improves your professional image as a business that’s established and customer-focused.

3. Acquire More Credibility

Not only do 800 numbers increase customer engagement, but they also make your business seem more trustworthy and credible. A toll free number makes you more accessible and easily reachable. Customers can rest assured that when they need your business, they can connect with you quickly and without obstacles. This increases credibility and gives your customers confidence in your abilities to meet their needs.

4. Easy Mobility

ITFNs make it possible for you to move anywhere within the country or the world without changing your number. You can have incoming calls forwarded to any number, line, or VoIP phone of your choice. And so, even if you decide to move to a new location, simply change the forwarding specifics and keep your numbers.

5. Gain Local Presence in Different Countries

ITFNs enable you to advertise locally in different countries across the globe. You can, therefore, develop connections with local customers, advertisers, vendors, and other business contacts by creating and maintaining a local presence.

6. Improve International Sales

By advertising locally and entering your business in local directories and other platforms for locations you are trying to expand into, you can increase brand visibility and awareness. Both of these are important when it comes to increasing international sales. Having an 800 number indicates to customers that your business is positioned to do business, offer a service, and it demonstrates your business is local to their area.

7. Offer Global Customer Service

Finally, you can offer global customer service by staying connected and reachable. Good and quick customer service leads to high customer satisfaction rates. And this is the best way to maintain and retain valuable customers, as customers need to know you are available to support their issues and concerns.

Ready to Purchase an 800 Number?

To get international 800 numbers, simply sign up on our website by choosing the country you want to target or offer customer service to. You can add additional numbers later once your service is activated. Furthermore, having an international 800 number is an ideal way to strategically offer communications and customer service. Purchase one today to ensure your international expansion connects with customers in the most efficient, effective ways possible.

The History of Toll Free Numbers

Many successful businesses today subscribe to a toll-free number service.

A toll-free number allows callers to reach an individual or business without needing to pay for the call. Businesses will often advertise their toll-free numbers as a free way of calling because the toll-free subscriber pays for the call.

Before the existence of toll-free numbers, the only way to call long-distance for “free” was to place a collect call. Some people still place collect calls from a payphone or a prison phone, but collect calling is now almost extinct.

Manual toll-free systems

Collect calling was the first real means of reverse charging phone calls.

In a collect call, the calling party would place a call to the operator (press ‘0’) and ask the operator to reverse charge the call. Next, the operator would manually dial the other party, provide the caller’s name, and ask if the called party accepted the call and the call’s fee.

It was still impossible to call another country at this time!

Many telephone companies provided this manual version of free calling. However, the process of reverse charging thousands of phone calls was taxing on the phone company’s staff.


AT&T rolled out a new service called InWATS as an alternative to operator-assisted collect calling in 1966.

InWATS was primitive, lacking the complex routing features provided by modern toll-free services and with no access to call detail records.

800 numbers were little more than a novelty. Some companies owned toll-free numbers, but AT&T had a monopoly and charged a premium for the service.

Customers were required to sign up for a fixed-rate bulk service that required special trunks. The service was suited to large volume users.

It wasn’t until competitors entered the game that toll-free numbers for business became commonplace.

End of a monopoly

In 1984, a federal judge ordered the monopoly formerly known as “Ma Bell” to split into seven different regional companies called “Baby Bells”.

Competition caused rates to drop, and 1-800 numbers became more affordable than ever.

Most businesses owned 800 numbers. So many numbers were in use that area codes were born.

Modern direct-dial systems

After the transition from a manual switching system to a computerized system in 1966, toll-free calls could be routed based on instructions found in a central database. 800 calls could be directed anywhere.

Vanity numbers came into existence shortly after the dissolution of Ma Bell. Vanity phone numbers allowed users to choose their own phone numbers. Clever vanity numbers were created like 1-800-BUY-BEER.

Then a law was passed that guaranteed number portability in 1994. This law ensured that a company could keep its vanity number or toll-free number when changing providers.

800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 8-X-X?

The demand for toll-free numbers skyrocketed in the 1990s, exceeding the supply of 800 numbers.

To satisfy the market, 888 numbers were created in 1996. 877 and 866 numbers became available in 1998 and 1999. 855 debuted in 2010.

There is such a vast market for toll-free numbers that new toll-free prefixes have been created. Surely, the demand for the six prefixes will one day outpace the supply and a new prefix will be available as a toll-free number.

Toll-free numbers today

While the internet and email have drastically altered business communication, toll-free numbers for business are still very effective. A toll-free number enables a business to project a professional image. In addition, toll-free numbers allow customers to call the business for free.

Collect calling gave way to toll-free services and long-distance communication was altered forever.

FreedomVoice vs Global Call Forwarding Business Phone Service and Pricing

Need a service that provides a VoIP phone number and a number of useful features without breaking the bank? It’s probably reassuring then, to know many different business phone services are available to choose from. FreedomVoice and Global Call Forwarding are two of the most competitive options out there. If you don’t know which company to choose for your business phone number needs, keep reading. In this article, we provide information to find out more about the best business phone deals. This way, you can confidently choose the best phone service providers on a global scale.

The Similarities Between the FreedomVoice and Global Call Forwarding

Both FreedomVoice and Global Call Forwarding offer some of the same business phone solutions. The feature we’ll focus on in this article is VoIP phone numbers. Essentially, these are phone numbers with any local area code in the nation. And, you can use them to reach specific audience bases. Plus, since they route over the internet, they don’t require you to purchase big, expensive telephone systems. Rather, they give businesses the capability of using any type of business phone system. These systems include cloud-based systems, PBX phone systems, and even mobile devices.

Both organizations can provide these numbers with easy installation. And, both organizations offer virtual phone numbers that are easy to use. However, there are some differences between these companies. And, recognizing these differences could save you and your business loads of time, money, and energy.

Comparing the Pricing of Each Business Phone Service

Companies that offer great business phone services, like Global Call Forwarding, deal with business owners who strive for success. To be successful, a business should look for ways to save money on the services they use every day. So, comparing VoIP service pricing is important. Especially if you have a business that relies on making or receiving business phone calls. When it comes to pricing for VoIP numbers, there is a difference between FreedomVoice and Global Call Forwarding.

What FreedomVoice Costs

According to their website, FreedomVoice offers three different pricing structures. The first comes with 400 minutes to use and is priced at $9.95 per month. The second is a plan that comes with 1,200 minutes and is priced at $19.95 per month. With either of these two plans, you can go over the allotted number of minutes. But, the company will charge you an extra 3.9 cents for every additional minute you use. For companies that do more phone business, there is an unlimited minute plan that costs $29.95 per individual user. However, this plan is designed for businesses who have four employees or fewer.

FreedomVoice vs Global Call Forwarding Business Phone Service and Pricing
Source: Depositphotos.com Lic#158306602 ID#36347541

What Global Call Forwarding Costs

On the other hand, Global Call Forwarding also offers various pricing packages to choose from. The first starts at only $7.95 a month, which is less than what FreedomVoice offers. This means you can have a virtual phone number for your business for less than $8 a month depending on the type of service and phone number. Furthermore, you also can choose the applications, features, and phone numbers you need. This way, you only pay for what you use, rather than what your phone service provider wants you to pay. Plus, with no hidden fees and a transparent pricing structure, you always know what to expect with billing. And, you’ll never run into costly surprises, like you would with competitors.

Get a VoIP Phone Number for Business Today

Think that a VoIP phone number is what you need to take your business to the next level? Don’t regret your phone service provider decision. Go with the company that can customize a phone service to meet your exact business needs: Global Call Forwarding. When you choose us as your business phone service provider, you can take advantage of our 15-day free trial. This way, you can see if a VoIP phone number is what you need. And, do so without having to commit or even pay a single cent. Furthermore, there are no contracts. So, there is no commitment and you can cancel your plan at any time, for any reason. Finally, take advantage of the best business phone deals available by getting a discount for high volume orders. This means that if you need more than one virtual phone number, there could be even more savings in store! To get started with your VoIP phone numbers through Global Call Forwarding, reach out to us now.

FreedomVoice vs Grasshopper Phone Number Provider, Service, and Pricing

Phones in the business realm aren’t going away anytime soon; instead, more and more businesses are populating as a result. But, with all of these providers, choosing among them to fit all of your needs is difficult. Additionally, competitive pricing is very important. Two of the top-rated VoIP phone service providers in the nation include Grasshopper and FreedomVoice. But, what are the differences between these two companies? And, which should you choose for your business phone service needs?

Pros of FreedomVoice as a Business Phone Provider

The most notable and highly reviewed aspects of FreedomVoice’s business VoIP service is that it’s easy to use. Since it doesn’t require any additional software, you can purchase the service, install it, and have it running in just a few minutes. Plus, once it is set up, most reviews note that the software application is quite easy to use and operate. Furthermore, you can pick and choose from any additional features you may need. And, set these up before you make your first call, right from your smartphone device. Some of these features include customizable greetings, simultaneous ring, and call transfer.

Cons of FreedomVoice as a Business Phone Provider

While FreedomVoice boasts ease of use, there are some cons to choosing this phone provider for a VoIP phone number. For starters, they don’t offer as many features as other competitors, including the virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding. For example, you can’t send team messages or conduct conference calling from the VoIP numbers through FreedomVoice. Secondly, with this company, there is no ability to merge integrate VoIP lines with business software systems. These are systems that are used every day like your business CRM (Salesforce, Asana, etc.). Finally, with rates starting at $9.95 for one cloud phone number, there are certainly more inexpensive options available.

FreedomVoice vs Grasshopper Phone Number Provider
Source: Depositphotos.com O#S-4820344 ID#204678092

Pros of Grasshopper as a Business Phone Provider

Just like FreedomVoice, Grasshopper is a virtual number provider. Benefits of choosing this company include ease of set up and the ability to add features to business VoIP numbers. This organization also provides the option to include other, additional features. Some of which can make doing business much easier. This increases overall customer satisfaction when it comes to doing business over the phone.

Cons of Grasshopper as a Business Phone Provider

Unlike FreedomVoice, Grasshopper requires you to have an already established business phone system. A multi-line system or a physical VoIP unit are both examples. This means that choosing FreedomVoice for VoIP management could mean having to fork over money to pay for phone units. Would you rather have the ability to make calls from any device you want, including mobile devices? And, not have to purchase brand new equipment just to make these types of calls? If so, Grasshopper is not for you. Finally, with a starting price of $26 a month, even FreedomVoice is cheaper than this option. So, if money is an important issue for your business endeavors, it isn’t the best choice.

A Better Choice: Global Call Forwarding

Still not sure if either FreedomVoice or Grasshopper is right for your business? That’s because there is a better option available! Global Call Forwarding is more competitively priced than both of these competitors. And, it’s just as simple to set up and use and doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment to start. Finally, it is competitively priced (with the lowest priced plan starting at $7.95 a month).

Choosing Global Call Forwarding for Cloud Telephony Needs

There is a more affordable way to conduct business without the headache. To set up cloud telephony services with Global Call Forwarding, contact us today.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for KaiOS

KaiOS is an emerging phone software system. It allows people to use smartphone applications in locations where they would otherwise not be able to. With this emerging software comes the need for various calling features that toll free numbers provide. So, how do people with these types of phone systems get a toll free number for KaiOS? In this article, we determine what KaiOS is and its benefits across the world. We will also cover how people with this phone software can benefit from and use toll free numbers for KaiOS.

What is KaiOS?

KaiOS is a phone software system that is intended to help people across the world get the most from their cellular devices. In many countries, smartphones are still not accessible to every person. For example, in India, most people have cell phones that aren’t touch screen and use a standard keypad. Seeing that these individuals don’t have access to internet applications and search accessibility, Google wanted to provide a new software system with the option of uploading onto these phones. So, with a fund of $22 million, the KaiOS software was developed. Since its beginning, the software system has brought more applications to people who would otherwise not be able to access these types of platforms. And, it continues to grow as a leading software system in India and other countries. In these countries, it has even surpassed Apple IOS systems.

The Benefits of a Toll Free Number for KaiOS

This software can be uploaded to outdated and non-smartphones because it doesn’t take nearly as much memory as other software; only 256MB. This means almost anyone who has a phone can download the software to begin using web-focused applications like WhatsApp, even though they don’t own a smartphone device. Plus, it can connect through various connection options like 4G, LTE, and can even process payments using NFC. Additionally, it can pair devices so they may utilize WIFI. It even has the option of being SIM card compatible. Finally, phones downloaded with the KaiOS system are relatively affordable. So, almost anyone can benefit from using the internet on their phones without having to fork over high monthly fees. For example, one KaiOS option in India called the Reliance’s JioPhone costs only around $20.

The Growth of the KaiOS System

Just like other software systems, KaiOS has an application play store that’s built by HTML5. This allows for the building of various applications that can be utilized on this software system. This allows applications to be created and utilized without a high demand for additional resources. Plus, since KoiOS can work across a number of phones like Nokia, Alcatel, and Reliance, their applications can be universally downloaded. So, app builders only have to make one type of application for it to work on any of the types of phones that KaiOS supports.

Toll Free Number for KaiOS
Source: Stockphoto.com O#23559 ID#100071739333

The Applications Used on KaiOS Systems

(PSo, what types of applications can the KaiOS system support? While the same applications we use on our smartphones may not look or act like the same on KaiOS, the basics of these applications are still there. Some examples of applications you’d recognize on both smartphones and phones with KaiOS software may include:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps
  • Google Assistant
  • WhatsApp
  • And even some games like Danger Dash

In addition to these applications that you’d recognize, there are some applications built specifically for the KaiOS system. Some of these include weather checking applications and even a QR scanner for help with barcode scanning.

Who Does KaiOS Benefit?

Essentially, this phone software system was developed to get people web-based applications in countries where smartphones still aren’t the norm. But, it can also work well for those who don’t like the functionality of a touch screen. Or, those who simply don’t want to hop on the mainstream smartphone wave. With a toll free number for KaiOS, you get all the regular applications you would use on a smartphone. An additional benefit is a functional device that still offers many conveniences.

Additionally, many people like this type of software for their grandparents or kids. This is because it’s easy to use and regulate for older and younger generations. If you’re worried that your children may spend too much time on their smartphone or that your parent/grandparent may be confused by all the options on a smartphone, a KaiOS phone may be your easiest and most effective solution.

Getting a Toll Free Number for KaiOS Phones

If you do business from a phone that runs off of KaiOS, you may want to take advantage of the features of a toll free number. Virtual phone numbers allow you to make calls from an 800 number. They also ensure that the people you call don’t have to pay a thing. Plus, these numbers are customizable, so you can choose one that is easy to remember and that helps to brand your company.

Choosing Global Call Forwarding for Your Toll Free Numbers

Getting a toll free number on your cellular phone with KaiOS is as easy as giving us a call and getting started today! Choose your telephone number and we’ll route it to your cell phone in minutes! Contact us today if you have additional questions about our toll free numbers for KaiOS phones!

The Difference Between 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 Numbers

When looking for a US toll-free number, you will often come across a variety of three-digit toll-free codes such as 888, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 800 numbers.

But is there a difference between these numbers? And why are businesses still heavily demanding toll-free numbers?

Here we will detail the differences between these toll-free codes and explain how owning toll-free numbers can help a business grow.

Toll-Free Numbers: Definition and Benefits

A toll-free number is a number that is free for callers. In other words, callers can reach a toll-free number without being charged for the call. Instead, the toll-free subscriber or the owner of the toll-free number pays for the call. This presents a major benefit because customers are more likely to call a business if the phone call is free.

Owning a toll-free number also makes your business appear more professional. Imagine a business that advertises a professional and corporate 800 number or an 1800 number as opposed to a standard mobile or cell phone number. The company with the toll-free number is probably more likely to attract customer attention. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand.

Why Is There More Than One Code?

Businesses have been using 800 numbers for almost 50 years.

These 1800 toll-free numbers first originated in 1967 and were used primarily by hotels and rental car agencies. These agencies both take reservations from across the country. They also conducted a lot of business over the phone, before the internet. It was important for customers to reach these businesses for free.

However, the market for 800 numbers became saturated as more and more businesses started using toll-free numbers. This led to an exhaustion of 800 numbers and a need for more toll-free prefixes. To satisfy the demand:

Difference Between the 3-digit Prefixes

A toll-free number will begin with one of the following toll-free prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844. The six formats are essentially the same.

The main difference between these 3-digit prefixes is the price for the prefix. True 800 numbers tend to be a few bucks more than the other toll-free prefixes.

That aside, all these numbers perform the same function and cost the same for callers (your customers).

Which Prefix Should I Choose?

The prefix that you choose for your toll-free number depends somewhat on your advertising strategy.

800 numbers are more popular on common advertising media like television, billboards, and radio. Business analysts consider traditional 800 numbers to attract larger call volumes. A simple explanation: traditional 800 numbers are easily recognized as toll-free numbers. People are still familiarizing themselves with the other toll-free codes.

However, if the 800 number that you want is taken, then you can buy an 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 number and get the same benefits.

How are Toll-Free Numbers Assigned?

The FCC regulates the way toll-free numbers can be used or obtained. According to the FCC, toll-free numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis by entities known as “Responsible Organizations.”

The FCC’s rules prohibit toll-free service providers from warehousing or hoarding toll-free numbers. This means that a provider cannot legally reserve a number without having a subscriber in place. The FCC regulates this activity to ensure that a fair supply of toll-free numbers is available.

Porting 800 Numbers

The greatest advantage for consumers is portability. Porting means that a toll-free user can “port” or move his number to a new provider when he changes providers. Portability becomes especially useful when you have owned an 800 number for a long time. It eliminates the need to advertise a new number to clients when switching providers.

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Get 800 Numbers with Us

If you want to purchase a toll-free number or port your existing number to us, then simply sign up on our homepage. You can also contact our experts for assistance if needed.

International Call Forwarding Explained

Customers dial 800 numbers to make a product inquiry, get customer service, book a hotel room, etc. Many businesses today offer toll free numbers as a point of contact to allow callers to call the business for free. These businesses utilize call forwarding to direct incoming calls. Furthermore, companies that offer services internationally or wish to expand globally use an international call forwarding service. Here we explain what international virtual call forwarding is and how it can help your business.

What Is International Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telephone service that redirects a call from one phone number (ie, an 800 number) to another destination phone number. The destination number is typically a call center or company headquarters, but can also be a home phone, smartphone, etc. International call forwarding can be used in a number of ways to improve a business’ system of communications.

Now, let’s look at how a call forwarding service works.

How Does International Call Forwarding Work?

When a business buys a toll free number from Global Call Forwarding, they select a new phone number and a destination phone number. Calls placed to the ‘new’ number get forwarded to your destination number. This destination phone can be located anywhere in the world.

For example, a business in the US buys a US toll free number so that customers can contact them for free. US customers will call the new US 800 number and the call will be forwarded to an existing business line. Calls placed to your USA toll free number connect automatically to a local public switched telephone network (PSTN). The Global Call Forwarding network then forwards calls, via your local carrier, to your destination phone number.

International call forwarding is primarily designed for businesses that want to establish a virtual presence in any country. For instance, you can get international toll free numbers for countries that you want to target or enter and establish a channel of communication.

So, Why Should Your Business Use International Virtual Call Forwarding?

Your competitors probably already use a call forwarding service to their advantage. Most successful companies advertise a toll free number so that customers, vendors, and business contacts can speak with a representative at no cost to the caller. Businesses that use international call forwarding have many valuable advantages. These include:

1) Increased Expansion Capabilities — A business with call forwarding can attract customers from any country. And so, if you want to add new countries, cities, states, or regions to your customer base, this is a reliable solution.

2) Flexibility and Mobility — Call forwarding enables users to receive calls anywhere and at any time of the day. You are, therefore, not limited to one geographical location, you can move around or work remotely and still provide excellent service.

3) Eliminating Roaming Charges — Avoid international, long-distance, or roaming charges by forwarding calls virtually.

4) Establish a Local Point of Contact — An important initial step when expanding a business is entering new foreign and local marketplaces. After targeting a country with sales potential, use this call forwarding service to answer calls from customers in the target country.

5) Growth, Reliability, and Scalability — In addition to helping your business grow, you can make your business more reliable with advanced call forwarding. Add new numbers, new locations, and new customers as and when needed.

6) Advanced Communication Features — Take advantage of a variety of settings to ensure that your business is always available. For example, call forwarding with sequential ringing will send calls down a sequential list of phone numbers when the first call fails.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding

International call forwarding is very easy to set up and the service can be activated quickly. The easiest way to get international call forwarding is to buy a local or toll free number from Global Call Forwarding.

On our homepage, select a local or toll free number from one of the many countries we offer. After choosing your business number, view our competitive rates to determine which plan best fits the needs of your business.

Next, decide whether you would like to add “Rollover Minutes” to your account. Rollover Minutes can save a business a lot of money if the firm has unpredictable call volume. You may also consider adding “Outbound Calling” and “Call Recording” to your account. Outbound Calling supports your outgoing or outbound calling efforts and gives you the ability to customize your outgoing caller ID. Call Recording lets you record both inbound and outbound calls and store recordings for up to 6 years.

Add these additional services to your cart, then enter your contact and payment information and checkout. Your new business number will be activated as soon as possible, in as little as two days!

Once your virtual phone number is active, there are a number of features you can use with the service. Set up call forwarding from our online control panel, which is accessible through our website. Log into your account and click the call forwarding tab to set up desired call forwarding rules.

Get Call Forwarding Today!

Call forwarding makes it possible for customers in a foreign country to call a business without incurring expensive per-minute costs. Having this feature gives you a new way to engage customers and bring new ones to your business. An international call forwarding service is a great sales and marketing tool, giving your business greater sales potential. Sign up for the service now or chat with us to learn more.