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Virtual Phone Number Service

Global Call Forwarding provides a virtual phone number service in more than 120 countries around the world. Accessibility is important for businesses, and international companies need a way to communicate with customers in a foreign country. A company can use a virtual phone number service to offer a free point of contact in a foreign country and forward calls to their intended destination.

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What is a Virtual Phone Number Service?

Put simply, a virtual phone number service is a free call forwarding service that is used to route calls from a virtual phone number to another phone number or preferred phone numbers. Virtual numbers don’t have a direct landline associated with the number. Instead, calls may be directed to any number of the owner’s choosing, and may be changed at will.

Virtual phone numbers are also often used by businesses to achieve a virtual presence in a foreign country. Call forwarding is used to redirect calls from the virtual number to various destinations anywhere in the world.
Global Call Forwarding pairs their virtual phone numbers with their international call forwarding service so that clients in target markets can call businesses without expensive long distance calling fees. Whether used for an office or individual purposes, this service empowers 21st century businesses to achieve their logistical and financial goals.

How Can I Use a Virtual Phone Number Service?

A virtual phone number service may be used by businesses and individuals to forward free calls to a virtual office. Virtual number services allow customers in target markets to reach a business no matter where the business is located. A company might use this service to achieve a virtual presence, as international call forwarding enables businesses to establish a local presence no matter where they are physically.

By maximizing the abilities of virtual phone numbers, and by coupling them with free call forwarding, businesses have an easier time communicating with customers. If a business is physically located in the US but wishes to reach a market in Singapore, for example, virtual phone number services allow them to tap into that market directly.

Additionally, virtual phone numbers can be used as a powerful branding tool for up-and-coming business. They may be paired with toll free numbers which are uniformly seen as more professional in the eyes of both experienced businesspeople and customers. For businesses hoping to achieve a greater stance among their competitors or in the marketplace as a whole, a virtual phone number service creates an environment where marketing and communication is simplified.

How to Forward Phone Calls from a Virtual Number?

Virtual phone number services forward calls to preset telephone numbers set by the customer in advance. Through a virtual number service provider, forwarding phone calls from a virtual number is a simple process. Instead of being chained to a landline, business owners and/or their representatives can use their free time to complete projects or simply focus on marketing. Phone calls may easily be forwarded from a virtual phone number to a mobile or landline phone, depending on the needs of the individual.

Since virtual phone numbers have no set ‘location’ they must be paired with a device for calls to reach their intended destination. Virtual phone numbers also prevent missed calls and guarantee companies and customers can always connect.

What Can I Expect From the Best Virtual Phone Number Service?

In addition to providing virtual phone number services, Global Call Forwarding also supports their services with advanced features. These features include remote forwarding, simultaneous or sequential ringing, and click-to-call.
Remote forwarding allows businesses or individuals to be anywhere in the world and receive phone calls. This enables business owners to take care of important matters without being tied down to a phone line, while also never missing calls.

Simultaneous or sequential ringing allows all incoming calls to be configured to either ring sequentially or simultaneously to as many as five phones. Whether linked to cell phones, local or satellite phones, or home office phones makes no difference. This empowers individuals to connect with customers everywhere they go, and never miss a call in the process.

Click-to-call allows business owners and individuals to simply click to return a call using their cell phone when the person on the other end of the line is calling the business. This guarantees privacy and communication.

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