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Creating The Perfect Phone Tree Template For Your Business

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Want to ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience when contacting you? Your customers should think of your company as approachable and, therefore, feel comfortable reaching out when they need help. One way to ensure good customer interaction is timely responses and resolution of conflicts. A well-planned phone tree template will achieve this.

Phone trees are becoming increasingly popular with business, big and small. They allow businesses to customize user experience when customers contact them for more information or to complete an action. The system recognizes tone presses or phrases and routes callers based on the rules programmed by the business. Automated voice prompts guide callers and, when unable to complete a request, forward the call to an employee. This way, businesses ensure responsiveness as well as productivity, with less time spent answering or making calls.

What is a Phone Tree?

A phone tree is an automated system that helps callers navigate menu options depending on their response and reach a solution. They are also used to contact large groups of people, where one person contacts two people, who each contact two more, and so on. Crisis phone trees are a great resource to quickly notify others during an emergency. With such systems, information is distributed quickly without the burden falling on one person.

A phone tree works as an interactive voice response system (IVR) to reduce a company’s cost and productivity. Customers dial into the system and choose from a menu list of options to complete their tasks. A well-built phone tree answers a variety of potential customer questions or concerns. Each option could lead them to another set of options, a voice recording with information, or a representative. IVR systems are beneficial for outbound calls as well. These phone trees can make calls to selected clients. They can also contact several customers at once to offer surveys or provide information updates. Phone trees can also work as a Private Branch Exchange (Cloud PBX) system. A PBX system is a private telephone network connects incoming calls to specific extensions.

Benefits of Utilizing IVR

IVR systems replace only the regular, mundane calls. This way, your company can focus on more complicated and high-value transactions. Companies in various industries and different services utilize this feature. For example, for customer service and feedback, browsing through healthcare or pharmacy queries, selecting plans and making payments, etc.

A phone tree has a variety of features to help your customers tackle their requirements or concerns. For instance, a clear voice prompt will let them know what options are available. The voice prompt can also spread mass information: inform customers of time changes, new company updates, or send them service reminders. Schedule calls to meet your customers’ and employees’ preferences. The IVR system will forward calls to a representative when it is unable to handle a request.

Pay Attention to Phone Tree Templates

It is, therefore, important to consider different options and features required to make the most of your phone tree. Does your business need an IVR to contact large groups of customers at a time? Would you like your customers to be able to resolve their issues automatically and quickly, saving everyone’s time?

A comprehensive phone tree template will focus on the features and phone menu options you require. It will also map out how you want your customers to interact with your IVR to make their experience comfortable. When creating your template, focus on developing a simple map instead of a list of complicated instructions. Customers appreciate an easier flow of information and instructions.

For example, the voice prompt for an insurance company can ask customers to indicate their enrollment status before proceeding. “Press 1, if you are an existing user. Press 2, if you wish to hear about available plans.” Depending on what users press, they will be directed to another set of menus or voice recording.

Therefore, when considering a phone tree, one needs to carefully plan:

  • What steps and actions will be made available to callers.
  • How the IVR system will collect and confirm information.
  • What should happen if there is an issue with one of the steps or the customer selects the wrong option
  • When the call should be forwarded to an agent or representative

Create Your Phone Tree Today

IVR systems not only make your employees’ jobs easier but also provide your customers with options to solve their issues. Creating a strong template with simple instructions and options goes a long way in increasing productivity. Global Call Forwarding provides you with a fully customizable phone tree system for your business. Buy a virtual phone number and use their Advanced IVR and PBX feature to customize your phone tree. Increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and reduce time consumption.

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