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How to Get a Virtual Phone System?

Global Call Forwarding provides cloud-based solutions and virtual phone systems to companies looking to centralize business communication and expand their customer base. We can get you set up with a virtual phone system and advanced cloud communication tools to meet your business communication needs.

Speak with our representatives to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you upgrade your business phone system.

Work from Anywhere with a Cloud-Based Phone System

A virtual phone system enables businesses to work seamlessly from anywhere. This includes working from a fixed office, remote set-ups, or collaborative workspaces. Calls can be easily forwarded to employees wherever they are located. And they can use their own devices to make and receive calls. No additional equipment or hardware needed.


Affordable Pricing for Businesses of Every Size

We offer multi-tiered pricing plans suitable for all types of businesses. Choose from five different phone number plans with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate. Each of our plans comes with a set of features and tools. Furthermore, you can get advanced features for a small additional rate. Ask us about our flexible payment options so you are comfortable with how you pay for your service.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

A virtual phone system provides a cost-effective, professional interface between persons calling the business and remote workers. Here are the main benefits of virtual phone systems:

check Cost-Effective Solutions
Cut down on costs of purchasing equipment, supplies, and hardware. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection.
check Route Calls Smartly
Use international call forwarding and advanced routing to manage incoming calls effectively and reduce the number of missed and abandoned calls.
check Access Cloud Communication Tools
Create a phone system that works well for your business communication needs with our features and services.
check Offer Global Customer Support
Adopt a follow the sun support model and offer your global customers 24/7 support by connecting your remote teams using call routing.

Virtual Phone System: Features

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We have a wide variety of call management features. Here are some of our top features:

  1. International Call Forwarding - Forward incoming calls from one location to another as and when required. Answer international calls without paying international rates.

  2. Advanced Routing - Route calls based on your needs. We offer simultaneous, location-based, skill-based, and time-based routing options.

  3. Cloud IVR - Use an automated voice response to answer calls and direct callers to the right department or employee.

  4. Voicemail & Fax Forwarding - Receive voice messages from callers in your email. Have incoming faxes forwarded to your email. Messages can be accessed from any device or from the control panel.

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