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Business Phone Solutions

Need business phone solutions for your specific business? Global Call Forwarding is a leading provider of virtual business numbers. And it offers a variety of cloud communication tools and features that can enhance the way your business communicates internally and externally. Here we detail the different ways businesses in a variety of industries can use resourceful business phone solutions to improve office communication.
business phone solutions
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With Business Phone Solutions you can explore different types of features and how they can enhance your teams' communication, making them more productive. Continue reading or choose the section that's most relevant to you.

Business Phone Solutions: Virtual Communication Tools

Business phone solutions focus on making communication within the office as well as between employees and customers better. With customizable solutions and plans that fit your budget, you can get premium services that will upgrade your office communication system. These solutions can cut down the amount of time spent on mundane tasks by automating them to a certain degree. This way, agents and employees can focus more on serving customers in the best ways possible. Increase office productivity and improve efficiency with top-level business phone solutions that can reinvent your company’s communication system. Some of the best business phone solutions will let you: Now, let’s look at the various business phone solutions for different industries offered by Global Call Forwarding.
business phone solutions

Business Phone Numbers

An important aspect of building and running any business is having strong communication channels between the business and its customers. This is where business phone numbers come into play. Business numbers decide how your business interacts with its contacts and vice versa. Virtual business numbers route calls over the internet, making it possible to make and receive calls on any device anywhere in the world. You can get a toll free, local, international, or vanity virtual business number.

Toll free business numbers are 800 numbers like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Calling these numbers is free for the caller as the receiver is charged instead.

Local numbers correspond to particular cities or states within a country. These numbers generally have an area code prefix. Additionally, they are reachable from anywhere in the world.

Vanity numbers are easy-to-remember numbers made with the use of repetition, patterns, and letters. Examples: 1-800-FLOWERS, 866-222-2222.


Finance Services

Encourage customers to connect with your financial service company by providing an easy and safe communication channel with the following features:

IT Industry

Offer customer support and increase your IT company’s credibility by having a reliable phone connection with added communication benefits:

Marketing Agencies

Strategize, increase ROI, generate strong leads, and provide outstanding customer success by including the following cloud-based communication features to your marketing agency’s phone system:

Travel and Tourism

Stay connected with travelers looking to create memorable travel experiences by offering your services and customer support conveniently with:

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Services

Keep track of customer data and concerns while providing necessary information about drug updates, clinical trials, and more with:

Call Centers and Sales Teams
E-Commerce and Online Retail

Reach out to a large audience of online shopping and attract more customers to your e-commerce business with:

Small Businesses and Enterprises

Solopreneurs, start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses, and large corporations can all use the following business phone solutions to improve and enhance internal and external communications:

Outbound Calling

Outbound calling service is one of our premium and best-selling business phone solutions. This service can help businesses of various types and sizes expand their reach. With outbound calling, your business can connect with local and international clients at reasonable calling rates. You can do so by purchasing a variety of local and toll free numbers for areas and markets you want to target. Then, when you call a certain city, state, or country, you can have that specific local number display as the caller ID.

Individuals are more likely to answer a call from a familiar number rather than an unknown or foreign number. And they will be less hesitant to call back since calling charges would be regular local charges for local numbers or free for toll free numbers. Additionally, you don’t get charged excessively either, because calls are routed through an international forwarding service. As such, having a customizable outbound calling service proves a beneficial tool for sales and customer support teams.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is one of the most automated and interactive business phone solutions available. It is a voice response system that answers incoming calls and assists callers with their queries or requests. The IVR system presents callers with options and based on caller input lets them complete actions or transfers them to the right department or representative. An example of a common IVR set-up is:

→ Hello, thanks for calling [business name].
→ Press 1 for [insert language preference]. Press 2 for [insert language preference].
→ Press 1 for [insert desired action]. Press 2 for [insert desired action]. Press 3 to speak with a representative. And so on.

Call Recording

Call recording software is one of the most popular business phone solutions offered by cloud-based phone service providers. With this feature, companies can record incoming and outgoing calls and review them in the future. Global Call Forwarding’s call recording software enables you to record up to 100% of all calls. These recordings are stored as MP3 files for up to 6 years. Most companies use this feature to:

  • Review employee performance
  • Study customer preferences
  • Execute quality assurance
  • Avoid liabilities
  • Maintain compliance with regulations, and more

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is another one of our core business phone solutions. This service works with virtual phone numbers that run on cloud computing. Incoming calls from anywhere in the world get directed to numbers of your choice anywhere in the world through this forwarding service. This way, you can connect with clients and contacts from different parts of the world without facing high long-distance calling charges. Companies use this feature to assist in their efforts in global expansion. Easily connect with important customers around the globe without relocating your business. Some other call forwarding services offered are:

Time of Day Routing — Set up calls to route to specific locations or numbers during certain times of the day. This is helpful if you have offices working in different time zones or if you want to provide 24/7 customer support by hiring remote agents.

Sequential Forwarding — Calls that are not answered by the first line get forwarded to the next line on a prearranged set of numbers. This way, even if a certain agent is busy, another can answer the call and it is not dropped.

Geographic Call Routing — Set up incoming calls from different countries to route to select locations automatically. Use advanced call forwarding and IVR to ensure customers get support as you keep regions and language preferences in mind.

Simultaneous Ringing — Have incoming calls ring at once on multiple lines or numbers so that someone answers and the call does not go unanswered.

Voicemail, Fax to Email Forwarding

Besides call forwarding, we also offer forwarding capabilities for voicemail-to-email, and fax. Here is a look at some of these functionalities:

Fax to Email: Enables subscribers to receive and forward faxes to their email as a file. Incoming faxes are sent over to a pre-programmed email destination.

Voicemail to Email: Enables subscribers to receive voicemail messages as MP3 files in their email inbox. Keep records of incoming voicemails so that no important messages are missed.

For Internal Communication

Organize communications within the office with phone extensions and call transfer abilities using these features:

Unlimited Extensions: To let callers easily connect with the right department or representative.

Attended Call Transfer: To manually transfer calls to the right department by entering pre-programmed digit sequences or extension numbers.

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How to Add Business Phone Solutions

Takes About 2 minutes
Steps to getting business phone solutions for your business
Necessary Items:
Computer or Smartphone
image step 1
Choose a Reliable Virtual Phone Service Provider
Compare what different cloud-based phone service providers are offering to find one that suits you best. Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of business solutions. Our services are cost-effective and offer numerous additional benefits.
image step 2
Select Your New Business Number
To sign up, navigate to our homepage. Under “Select Your New Number,” select the country and phone number type for your new number. You can choose from toll free, local, and national numbers. Then, pick the number from the ones available.
image step 3
Enter the Number to Direct Calls To
Next, enter the information about the number you want your incoming calls directed to.
image step 4
Choose a Plan
Next, click on “View Rates & Try for Free” to review the plans we offer. Scroll down to add additional services and features such as Outbound Calling, Call Recording, etc.
F A Q | Phone Solutions for Business

Virtual phone numbers, call recording, outbound calling, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distributor, call forwarding, etc.

Yes, Global Call Forwarding offers phone solutions for businesses in various industries such as e-commerce, travel and tourism, marketing, healthcare services, IT companies, call centers, and more.

Global Call Forwarding offers top-level premium business phone solutions for businesses of every kind. You can contact us for more information.

You can purchase virtual numbers from Global Call Forwarding in less than 3 minutes. Other VoIP features like IVR, outbound calling, etc., can be set up in a day or less.

Financial services, telecommunications, marketing services, technology, e-commerce, healthcare, education, etc.