Toll Free Numbers for IT Companies

IT and data service companies often need to offer customer support and service to ensure their products are working as desired. Toll free numbers make it convenient for customers to call such companies for assistance. Getting a toll free business number can boost relationships with customers by making your business easily reachable.

toll free numbers for IT services
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What Are Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll-free numbers are easy to recognize because of the distinct code at the beginning of these numbers. For example, US toll free numbers start with 800, 833, 844, 855, and so on. The main reason why large businesses, call centers, and customer service companies choose a toll free number as their contact number is that these numbers are affordable and customer-friendly.

Individuals dialing these numbers don’t have to pay call charges. In fact, the business is charged instead. Giving clients an easy way to connect with you increases their level of trust. They know that making your IT company accessible means that if they need urgent help, they can reach you quickly. And so, toll free phone numbers encourage individuals to call your company.

What Type of IT Services Can Benefit From Toll Free Numbers?

The IT and data services industry mainly deals with the transmission, manipulation, and storage of data with computers and computing technology. Here are some services offered by the IT industry:IT server repair

  • Technology
  • Software and hardware services
  • Programming services
  • Network services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Tech support
  • Communications
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Data storage
  • Cloud computing
  • Analytics and reports
  • Business automation

To promote products and their usability, IT and data service companies need to be able to provide quick support. This builds credibility and further solidifies the image of the company as a reliable one and worth investing in.


What Can You Do with Toll-Free Numbers?

Now, it’s important to remember that not all consumers are tech-savvy. Therefore, they will often call tech businesses for clarification, information, etc. This leads to a naturally large incoming call volume for such businesses. Being prepared for this kind of call volume can determine how effectively the business handles it and takes care of each caller. Here are some services that can benefit from toll-free numbers: computer repair

  • Welcoming new users
  • Generating sales and leads
  • Offering tech support
  • Assisting in setting up new systems and software
  • Collecting surveys and feedback
  • Offering troubleshooting services
  • Resolving customer inquiries
  • Processing orders
  • Collecting payments

Additionally, if you have a global clientele, you can make use of international toll-free numbers. Global Call Forwarding has toll-free numbers from a variety of countries across the world. Calls made to these numbers are forwarded through an international toll-free service (ITFS) to a destination number of your choice wherever you are located. This considerably reduces long-distance calling charges.

toll-free numbers for IT

Purchasing Toll Free Phone Numbers

Ready to get a business toll free number? Global Call Forwarding has a variety of plans based on the amount of calling minutes required per month. To get a toll free number:
  1. Sign up on our homepage.
  2. Follow the prompts to choose your new toll free number.
  3. Then, enter your destination number. Note: this is where incoming calls will be forwarded.
  4. Add additional features like Outbound Calling or Call Recording.
  5. Complete the checkout process.
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Additional Communication Features

When you purchase toll-free phone numbers from a virtual phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding, you gain access to other resourceful communication tools. For example, you can record incoming and outgoing calls with our call recording software. Or, you can set up an automated response (IVR) to answer calls, greet customers, and send them to the right department. This further contributes to your company’s professionalism. Businesses with multiple offices across the globe can use call forwarding to route calls to specific numbers or lines during certain times of the day.

All Plans Include

  • advanced ivr IVR/Auto Attendant
  • call recording Cloud Call Recording
  • voicemail Virtual Voicemail
  • unlimited extensions Call Flow Designer
  • time of day Time of Day Routing
  • country forwarding Geographic Routing
  • simultaneous ringing Simultaneous Ringing
  • sequential forwarding Sequential Routing
  • account management Outbound Calling
  • country forwarding Outbound Caller ID
  • account management Number Masking
  • failover forwarding Failover Routing
  • enterprise api Call Blocking
  • local ringback Local Ringback Tone
  • fax to email Fax to Email
  • greeting Rollover Minutes

Improve Communication with Toll Free Numbers

You can also purchase multiple numbers for different locations and use them in your marketing campaigns. With call tracking, you can study where calls are coming from and where customers are interacting with your brand. You can then streamline marketing efforts to make them more effective. To learn more, talk to an expert at Global Call Forwarding today.
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