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If you’re looking to create a sales-driven business from the ground up, a virtual call center may be the type of business you’re looking to create. With advancements in technology, now is the best time ever to operate a business remotely. And, virtual call centers allow you the opportunity to do so, while having others work from home to contribute to your sales leads. If you’re looking for ways to better implement outbound calling sales tactics in your own virtual office business, this article can help to provide some tips.

What are Virtual Call Centers?

We all know what a call center is. There are many different types of call centers; collection agencies, customer service agencies, and sales call centers. If you’re interested in creating or better managing your sales call centers, you may be familiar with outbound calling. This is when sales agents dial numbers to telemarket their products or services. But, an outbound virtual call center is different.

A virtual call center is a call center that’s managed and operated over the internet. Instead of working in cubicles all in one building, a virtual office means that all of your sales employees work remotely. There are many reasons to choose a virtual call center rather than a typical outbound call center office.

The Benefits of a Virtual Call Center for Outbound Calling

Call centers work great for closing sales leads. But, what if they could work even more efficiently? With virtual call centers, employees can work from home rather than having to drive lengthy miles to and from an office every day. This allows for boosted morale and a feeling of freedom for your sales agents. Typically, this results in increased sales and works to make your team feel motivated.

Additionally, a virtual office gives you the opportunity to have sales agents online at all times of the day. This is because you can hire from outside of your location. This means more calls, which results in more closings.

Finally, with happy agents, you’ll find that retention rates increase. When employees are happy with their work schedule and routine, they’re less likely to start looking for a new job. Or, work at just above par until they get fired. If you’re looking for a great way to keep your team, creating a virtual office might be the solution you need.

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Boosting the Effectiveness of Outbound Calling

One of the main concerns with business owners looking to start a virtual office is how to improve the effectiveness of outbound calling. As a sales manager, it’s your job to provide your sales agents with everything they need to make a sale. So, start with providing the tools your sales agents need to reach out to potential sales leads, track sales metrics, and close deals. Here at Global Call Forwarding, we offer a number of solutions that can help a virtual outbound call center maintain and increase the number of outbound calling sales your business converts.

Outbound Calling VoIP Systems for Virtual Call Centers

Even though your sales agents work remotely with your virtual office, they will all need to call leads from the same number. This way, their clientele base is secure in knowing that your agents are legitimate. But, how can you have your sales agents all have the same number if they work from different locations? Easy – Global Call Forwarding’s outbound VoIP system.

With this phone system, you can make outbound calls from any VoIP system from anywhere in the world with the same phone number. This allows your remote employees to make calls using your business phone number easily. Plus, there are no long-distance fees, so there is no limit to where your employees can go!

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Considering Global Call Forwarding for Your Virtual Office Calling Needs

Need more phone services for your virtual outbound call center? Here at Global Call Forwarding, we offer a variety of phone features businesses expect. If you want to make your phone systems easier for your consumers and employees, consider us for your business communication needs! Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your sales business.

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