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What is Fax to Email?

fax to email setupThe Fax to Email feature, also known as Forward Fax, will enable your virtual numbers to receive and forward faxes directly to your email as a file. Fax to email forwarding, therefore, is the process by which a fax machine upon receiving an incoming fax, retransmits it to a pre-programmed destination such as an email address of a business or person, instead of printing it like a regular fax. This has the benefit of eliminating paper waste, which can also get lost easily while maintaining a digital trace and storage, which is much easier to keep track of.

How Does Fax to Email Work?

The sent fax is receivable as an attachment. These files may be saved as TIFF, PDF, or XPS files. Once the fax is received as an email attachment, it may be opened and subsequently printed from a laptop or desktop computer. The additional advantage of this feature is that it allows all fax transmissions to be kept private. This is not possible on conventional faxes because the printed copy gets collected by the receiving tray, waiting to be picked up. Depending on how necessary confidentiality is, this may not be the best way of handling sensitive information. Multi-page contracts, receipts, and invoices to clients and customers are sent and received via fax within minutes.

Fax to Email Benefits

  • Enables the use of fax machines in a more modernized way
  • Offers a reliable option for document transmission
  • Adds an additional option for communication and sending/ receiving documents
  • Gives the option of long-term storage of faxes in a paperless manner via email
  • Allows for multiple channels for receiving faxes
  • Allows for the transmission and receipt of physical copies of a document over a particular phone line

How to Get Fax to Email With Your Virtual Number

Global Call Forwarding includes fax to email with the purchase of most virtual numbers. This free, advanced service feature maximizes the benefit of your local or toll free numbers.

With the versatility of email, there is a general perception that faxes are or have become obsolete. Yet many businesses continue to use faxes as they are still some distinct advantages for document transmission. The reliability factor comes first because the fax machine itself and the recipient’s virtual number are the only items needed to successfully forward the fax. Faxes sent straight to email allow for easy access, they are easy to transfer and send to others as needed, and they can stay stored in email long-term if necessary.

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Additional Points to Consider

Our forwarding service offers a distinct advantage over email in the event the recipient doesn’t possess the right technical knowledge or appropriate software to open and print it. Fax machines, moreover, are free from virus attacks or any other potential programming malfunctions that a computer may have. A fax forwarded to the right email ID will surely appear in the recipient’s inbox immediately.

Fax machines can be slow. They can be susceptible to network issues. They don’t always process as needed. There’s a paper trail. Despite these issues, with Forward Fax, the benefits of faxes can be maximized, while eliminating the negatives.

Furthermore, with physical documents, it takes more time to scan them, upload, and subsequently, send than it does to put it in a document feeder and enter a number. Fax to email offers the best of both worlds; instant and secure transmission, without the additional complicated aspects. Faxes are instantly transmitted, offering a safe storage option and no physical trail to manage. Once the file is received, it can be easily and quickly sent to others without having to wait on a fax machine.

Legal Benefits

Another aspect of having fax to email in your suite of features is that a faxed copy of a signed document is always acceptable to a court of law as evidence whereas an unsigned email may not be. Faxes still stand as a professional form of communication, and being that they may be preferred as a more “official” type of document, their relevance remains. In this regard, fax to email is a great option that ensures an additional means of communicating.



The Benefit of Familiarity

The last advantage to consider about the benefits of fax to email is that some people are more familiar with faxes and may find them easier to use than other methods of transmission. Since faxing has been around for decades, most office workers are highly accustomed to using this method of communication. Due to the simplicity of the operation, which even a person with limited experience can perform, faxes remain an option for sending documents and other types of communication. Fax to email ups these benefits thanks to the many positives of technology, allowing for digital storage and retrieval.

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F A Q | Fax to email

Fax to Email is a virtual phone service feature that enables subscribers to receive fax documents directly to their email. This feature is also known as Fax Forward, Fax Forwarding, or eFax.

Fax Forwarding, eFax, or Fax to Email is a communication feature offered by virtual phone service providers that enables users to receive faxes directly to their email inbox.

Fax to Email offers a reliable option to receive fax documents and makes storage and sharing of these documents easy. Furthermore, you can receive faxes through multiple channels.

Global Call Forwarding offers a Fax to Email feature along with our virtual phone number plans. You can sign up on our homepage or connect with our sales representative to learn more.