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When you route calls based on the caller’s location, your business can reach customers where they are and offer 24/7 global customers support. Route calls to a specific number or location based on the location of your caller. This way, your customers get support when and where they need it, in their time zone and region. Here’s a quick overview of Global Call Forwarding’s geographic call routing feature and how your business can benefit from location-based routing.

geographic routing

What is Geographic Call Routing?

Geographic call routing is an advanced call routing service that provides immense convenience for businesses by routing calls from different countries to select locations automatically. With geo routing, you can geo route phone calls based on the caller’s location. These calls can then be sent to the business’ closest location, regional call center, remote workers, or satellite offices.

Geographic call routing is also known as location-based routing, geo-routing, select country forwarding, caller ID routing, and position-based routing.

How Does Location-Based Routing Work?

Location-based routing is an advanced IVR feature. An interactive voice response system (IVR) answers incoming calls, determines the purpose of the call, and routes the caller to the right location. You can route calls based on location using an IVR system with advanced call forwarding and routing abilities.  This lets you route incoming calls from certain regions to specific numbers. This way, you can ensure callers receive customer service that meets their cultural and language needs.

What Can Your Business Do with Geo-Routing?

Geographic call routing is a versatile service that adds additional value to a business. If a company receives many international calls, this service enables them to automatically redirect calls through forwarding to select phone numbers or extension lines in specific area codes and countries.

For example, your business has a large number of Spanish-speaking customers from various countries. You can use geographic call routing to forward all calls from these countries to your call center located in Puerto Rico. Similarly, if you have clients in French-speaking nations, you can forward their calls to your call center in Montreal, Canada.

Benefits of Geographic Call Routing for Your Business:

  • Simplifies and channels incoming call traffic based on location.
  • Offers an efficient, automated service to ensure efficient call management for specific countries.
  • Allows you to manage your international calls with maximum efficiency in specific languages.
  • Ensures your clients are attended to with the best customer service possible.
  • Automatically directs international call traffic to specific locations.
  • It’s easy to use and set up through the control panel to suit your individual business needs.

Get Geographic Call Routing with Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding offers geo-routing — along with other advanced routing features — as part of our Advanced IVR service. And our IVR service comes included with each virtual phone number plan. Start by purchasing a local or toll free business number with us. You can also port your existing business phone number to our network. Then, once within our service, you can access our free features and add premium ones too. Want to learn more? Chat with our experts today or call us at 1-888-908-6171.

Using Geographic Call Routing

Using the geographic call routing feature is an excellent way to streamline customer calls for your company. To use the service in the Global Call Forwarding dashboard, you will have to first select the predefined country code along with the specific phone numbers calls should be forwarded to. As an example, all calls coming in from a specific French area code may be best handled by your call center office in Paris, so you will select these details accordingly. You have the option to ensure all calls from specific locations/ countries get automatically forwarded to numbers/ extensions with specific area codes, so the customer service and language of the call center resonate with callers.



Advantages of Geographic Call Routing

This add-on feature presents many benefits to businesses who operate across different countries, including:

Courteous Customer Service: This feature is an excellent way to ensure your business is providing exceptional customer service by catering to your clients who may speak other languages or have other cultural customs. Ensuring language barriers are kept to a minimum while providing customer service in specific languages is an excellent way to ensure your customers are happy and having their needs met. Geographic call routing will allow you to have lines that connect to specific areas automatically to ensure your customers are taken care of.

Increased Efficiency in Your Business: Geographic call routing saves time and effort by automatically providing service to customers regardless of their language or location. Settings can be arranged so that inbound calls from international toll free numbers in specific predefined area codes are directed to designated numbers. This eliminates the chaos of transferring calls in hopes of landing a customer service representative who may/ may not be able to take the call. Efficiency is key here, and less time will be wasted on behalf of all parties. If your company has global offices and locations, this service is a necessity.

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