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What is Call Tracking?

Want to get insights into customer preferences and behaviors? Call tracking can help you determine the best ways to reach your target audience and sell to them. Learn how virtual numbers can improve your call tracking process.

Call Tracking: The Basics

Call tracking is the process to identify where and how customers and prospects are interacting with your business and brand. As such, it helps you understand how your marketing efforts are performing, which can lead to more accurate forecasting. Marketing and sales teams use call tracking to determine the success of promotional campaigns and return on investment (ROI). This data and information can then help your teams strategize how to proceed with their efforts, what areas need improvement, and how.

Virtual Phone Numbers with Call Analytics

You can track incoming calls in different ways, either manually or with tracking software. The point is to find a process that suits your budget and is easy for your employees to use. You can choose to track calls manually where your reps conduct quick surveys at the end of the call. A question such as “How did you find our service?” may be enough. Or, you can use call tracking software or a tool that provides more data without taking time away from employees.

Tracking calls with a virtual phone number is one of the most inexpensive ways to get this data. A virtual phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding offers multiple virtual phone number types such as toll free, international, and local numbers. Additionally, they offer call log and activity reports that record the number of calls being made and how each call is faring.

Virtual numbers are cheaper than traditional phone lines because they route calls over the internet. Therefore, you can make and answer calls from anywhere, locally and internationally, and through any device. All you pay for is the virtual service provider’s subscription fee.

Location-Focused Tracking

You can initiate call tracking with virtual numbers by purchasing multiple numbers based on your needs and spreading them across different marketing and advertising platforms. For example, say you want to target different cities within the country or want to get the right marketing data on how different states are responding to your product. You can get local numbers for the cities you want to study and advertise those numbers in those specific areas. Then, when calls come in, you can calculate which cities your product is doing well in and which need help.

Campaign-Focused Tracking

Additionally, you could also spread virtual numbers across different advertising platforms. You can have a different number for each marketing campaign. For example, use a toll free number for posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., You can also have local numbers in local directories, print media, etc. And you can use a different one along with your emails. This way, when calls come in, you will know where your callers are finding your product and interacting with it. Then, you can target those areas further or identify areas that need improvement and work on those.

Who Should Use This Service?

Companies in practically any industry — marketing, e-commerce, travel, etc. — can use call tracking to understand where their customers come from. Any business focusing on marketing efforts and testing out various campaigns can track calls to study where they are getting their leads from. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large established one with connections spread across the world, tracking your calls will give you insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Understand Your Customers Better

Call tracking helps you understand your target audience’s preferences and behaviors better. You will know where they look for products like yours, what is the best way to appeal to them and how to connect with them.

For more information on how virtual numbers can help your marketing efforts, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171.

Coronavirus: How to Keep Communicating During Isolation

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has slowed our lives down and has practically brought the entire world to lockdown. In these uncertain times, it is easier than ever to lose contact with important people and connections. So, how do you maintain relations and keep communicating during isolation?

Coronavirus: Communicating During Quarantine

Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, causing many of us to practice social distancing and work from home, if possible. In such times, communication becomes more important than ever. Whether it is checking in on family and friends or completing business tasks, the right tools can help you stay in contact and take care of business.

Keeping Business Communications going

Most non-essential companies have been ordered to shut down in different cities, states, and countries. However, there are still many companies that can conduct operations virtually or remotely. This involves putting faith in employees while also ensuring daily and weekly tasks or projects are completed. If your business is working remotely, here are some tools you and your team can use to make communication easier:

  • Office chat tools such as Slack, Google Chat, WhatsApp groups, etc.
  • Video conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.
  • Virtual numbers with call forwarding to forward incoming business calls to personal or home phone lines.
  • Toll free numbers to make it free for customers and clients to reach you.

Most chat and video conferencing tools are available for free. They work over your internet or WiFi connection and offer good quality calls. This will help you be in quick and constant contact with your remote employees. You can create group chats for different departments as well as collaborate by sharing important files and documents.

You can also get virtual numbers such as toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding, or port your existing number. Virtual numbers work over the internet and through an online account management system. You can set up incoming customer calls to be forwarded to specific employee numbers. For example, you can have calls made to your customer service line directed to your customer service team working remotely. Or, have them sent to your receptionist who then directs them to the right department.

Presently, to keep things even more convenient and cost-effective, you can get $5 off Global Call Forwarding’s Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise plans with the COVID19 promo code. This will help you maintain essential communications between your business and its valued customers with call forwarding, even during a pandemic like coronavirus. Purchasing and setting up a virtual number is quick and easy.

Personal Communications

Social distancing is much harder for some people over others. But it does not mean that you need to stop all kinds of interaction. With technological advances, it is possible to stay connected even in uncertain times through communication apps such as:

  • Instant messaging over the internet using iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  • Video chats: Google Hangouts, Skype, Google Duo, WhatsApp, etc.

These apps and tools make it easy to keep in touch with friends and family through texts and video capabilities. You can create and share audio, images, videos, GIFs, etc. In fact, Netflix has an interesting and fun “Netflix Party” feature that even lets you watch shows and movies with your loved ones along with a group chat element. While virtual, this still maintains some degree of social interaction that can be comforting during this time.

Stay Positive and Keep Talking

Everything does not need to come to a halt during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the internet and virtual communication capabilities, you can still stay in touch with the people you care about. Whether it’s grandparents stuck indoors or employees working from home or keeping a sick friend company, stay positive and keep communicating.

How To Get a Virtual Business Address

Companies with a global customer base need a local presence in the countries or states they are conducting business in. Customers need to know they can reach you easily without much hassle. Freelancers, on the other hand, hesitate to provide their home address as their business address in order to maintain a work-life balance. Additionally, a lot of official documents need a business address. So, what can you do to establish your virtual business as a professional one? This is where a virtual business address comes in handy.

Cost-Effective Business Address Option

A virtual business address is basically an address for a location separate from your business or home address. This location can be anywhere, depending on where you want to run or expand your business. Those who run a home-based company or have branches in other states or countries can make use of a virtual business address to establish a local presence. They are generally more cost-effective than renting an office space.

Who Can Make Use of a Virtual Address?

Companies, large and small, can utilize a virtual business address to expand and maintain relations in different markets globally. Enterprises/ business people that can benefit greatly from a virtual address are:

  • Small businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Solo professionals
  • Solopreneurs
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Companies looking to expand to other countries.

How to Get a Virtual Business Address

There are different options for obtaining a virtual address for your business. You can get a private mailbox or invest in a virtual mailroom or virtual office. Here’s an overview of how you can maintain mail through these options:

Private Mailboxes

You can sign up for a private mailbox at your local post office. Your address will have a P.O. Box number on it. Cost is usually less than $10/month for most places. However, the rate depends on the size of the box and the duration of use. It is the most cost-effective but has a few drawbacks. Private mailboxes cannot receive packages from other carriers like UPS or FedEX. You can also get a private box through UPS or Pakmail for a slightly higher price. These boxes do not have a P. O. Box number on the address and can receive packages from other carriers.

Virtual Mailroom

Virtual mailrooms provide addresses in a city of your choosing. A virtual mailroom scans and uploads images of your mail to a secure website. You can then decide to have the mail shredded, forwarded to your personal address, deposit checks, etc. Such mailrooms cost more than private mailboxes but offer more convenient services. Companies such as PostScan Mail and Earth Class Mail provide these services. Subscriptions for such services, depending on the type and volume of mail, start at $9.95/month and go up to $60/month.

Virtual Office

If you are looking for a virtual mailroom but also want access to office or conference rooms then a virtual office is the one for you. With a virtual office subscription, you will have the ability to meet customers, hold meetings, and therefore have a stronger local presence. These offices have live receptionists, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems, mail forwarding, and professional settings for meetings. And because of these facilities, they are the most expensive of the three with prices starting at $60/month.

Get A Virtual Phone Number To Go With Your Business Address

Now that you have your virtual business address figured out for your mail, it is time to consider virtual phone numbers for your calls. Customers are more likely to get in touch with you through your phone number than any other means of communication. This makes it highly important to invest in a reliable and resourceful phone service that can cover all your virtual needs. You need a phone number that has multiple lines and call forwarding to ensure no call goes unanswered. You can get a local or toll free number for the state or country you are interested in. Get all this and more with a virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding. Sign up today and let us help you expand globally.

How To Make Your iPhone Announce Calls

Want Siri to tell you when your annoying boss or an old friend is calling instead of searching for your phone as it’s ringing? Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t know where our phone is. Other times, we would like to do everything we can to make our lives easier. Having your iPhone announce calls is one more way to make answering your phone convenient. So, how can you make Siri announce calls for you?

Making Your iPhone Announce Calls

Apple is constantly trying to find easier and more handy (or hands-free) ways to use their devices. And Siri has been an invention for this purpose. One of the useful features that come along with Siri is having your iPhone announce calls. This feature came out in 2016 among more than 100 other new features for iOS 10.

With this feature, you will know who is calling you without having to look at your phone. iPhone uses Siri to announce the calls by saying their name out loud. For example, if John Doe is calling, the phone will first start ringing, then the ringtone volume will reduce and Siri will say “John Doe.” If Siri doesn’t know the name of the caller, she will announce the number. The process of making your iPhone announce calls is very easy. To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

make the iphone announce your calls
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Step 1: Open “Settings.”
Step 2: Select “Phone.”
Step 3: Then, tap “Announce Calls.”
Step 4: Finally, choose when you want Siri to answer your calls:
• Always
• Headphones & Car
• Headphones Only
• Never

How Can You Use This Feature?

Now you know how to make your iPhone announce calls. But why should you use this feature? Assuming the caller is in your phone contacts, Siri will announce the name of the person calling you. This is a good reason to keep your contacts up to date so that there are no surprises. Otherwise, Siri may announce the number of the incoming call or tell you that it’s an unknown number.

You can determine in what circumstances you want your iPhone to announce calls. Set it up to always announce calls by selecting “Always.” If set to “Always,” Siri will announce the caller through the phone’s speakers only when the phone is in Ring mode. So, if the phone is set on Silent, calls won’t be announced.

Generally, when you are wearing headphones or using the phone hands-free, you can use this feature by selecting “Headphones Only” to let you know who is calling. This way, you don’t have to fish out or locate your phone to see who is calling. Select “Headphones & Car” if you want to answer phones hands-free when driving and when using headphones. Lastly, you can always disable the feature by selecting “Never.”

Customize Incoming Calls

Other ways to know who is calling you are through caller ID or by assigning ringtones to a caller. To set up caller ID functionality, go to “Settings,” scroll to “Phone,” and select “Show My Caller ID” and turn it on or off.iphone

To assign ringtones, open “Contacts,” select the person you want to assign a custom ringtone for. Then tap “Edit,” scroll to “Ringtone,” and select from a list of available tones. Then, tap “Save.”

Get A Virtual Phone Number for Your iPhone

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual numbers for more than 140 countries. You can get a local or international number for your business at a very reasonable price. Virtual numbers route calls over the internet to any device, in any location. Answer business calls on your iPhone, even when you are traveling for business. Sign up for a number with Global Call Forwarding today or contact us for more information at 1-(877)-898-8646.

Best Sales Strategy for an International Finance Bank

Do you work as part of the marketing department for an international finance bank? Whether you’re employed by a national finance company or corporation bank, boosting sales through optimized advertising is key. 

In this guide, however, we won’t be talking about the typical ways of increasing the number of leads through having a well-honed sales team. Nor will we cover the in’s and out’s of crafting clever advertising that gets results. Instead, we will take a look at a relatively simple concept: how virtual phone numbers can impact the success of your international finance bank. 

How Virtual Phone Numbers can be Beneficial for your International Finance Bank

Virtual phone numbers have been evolving with the latest developments of telecom and modern computing. Thanks to their enhanced functionality over traditional communication solutions by phone, virtual phone numbers can greatly benefit your international finance bank.

Broad Access

While we live in a modern era of telecommunication, not every caller can reach your international finance company. By accommodating every customer regardless of their ability to communicate from outside of their country by phone, you exponentiate your sales results. 

The best way to remove barriers of communication is by incorporating virtual phone numbers in your business model. Virtual phone numbers enable callers to call your international finance bank without incurring long distance fees and service blockages – two factors that can influence how likely a customer is to transact with you.


Businesses that deal within finance can’t afford to appear out-of-step with technology – particularly if your competitors are dedicated to appearing more professional. By using toll free phone numbers, your international finance bank gains two advantages of professionalism: First, your organization pays for each call made to the number. Second, numbers with a toll free prefix immediately impart a professional aesthetic that customers associate with high-volume professional enterprises. 

Selecting Your Target Markets

Being able to directly call your leads and prospects with outbound calling is a pivotal sales strategy. However, you’re probably aware that broad cold-calling campaigns can bring less-than-stellar results. The secret lies in narrowing the scope of your intended target market by appealing directly to your potential customer. How? With local access numbers from Global Call Forwarding. 

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual phone numbers in over 140+ countries around the world, with innumerable cities and regions included. This means that your international finance bank can target hyper-specific target markets with virtual phone numbers that have the same country/area codes customers are familiar with. This aids in the localization process, particularly when your customer base may only want to do business with domestic entities – or organizations that they perceive as “local.” 

Virtual Offices

The days of having multiple branch offices spread out around the world are no longer necessary. Thanks to the advent of “virtual offices,” customers simply aren’t required to handle their business in-person. Virtual offices are simply a method of approximating the same level of service that a brick & mortar location offers by leveraging Internet-based technologies. 

This is especially true for big-name corporation banks and national finance corporations. Customers that want to open up accounts and get loans at these institutions can do so without stepping foot inside a brick & mortar location. Of course, speaking to your international finance bank’s representatives directly over the phone is still an important part of doing business. And virtual phone numbers are the key to driving sales and taking care of customer concerns, all in one solution. 

Sales Strategy for International Bank
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 The Best Virtual Phone Numbers for your International Finance Bank

As you’re probably wondering, what makes Global Call Forwarding such a great service provider for international finances banks? Especially when there are literally hundreds of companies offering what appears to be the same basic service, Global Call Forwarding sets its service apart with top-tier features and add-ons. These include:

  • Extensive Experience: For more than two decades, Global Call Forwarding has provided enterprise-level, startups, and SMBs with the best in telecommunication.
  • Instant Access: When it comes to sales, the best strategy is immediacy. Thankfully, working with Global Call Forwarding enables your business to start using virtual phone numbers quickly. The subscription process only takes a few minutes to select a business phone number for your international finance bank. 

How To Improve Lead Generation Services with Virtual Numbers

Growing your business is directly linked to the strength of your lead generation services. With no new leads, your company must rely on a well-established customer base. This is something that’s unlikely to be sustainable in today’s fast-paced economy. Whether you outsource your lead generation services to a company or use an in-house sales team, there is a solution: virtual phone numbers. 

Virtual phone numbers can improve the quality and quantity of your leads in a number of ways. This is thanks to the versatility of cloud-based communication technology available through Global Call Forwarding. In this article, we’ll cover a number of methods to improve lead generation services, including

  • Tracking Where Your Leads Are Coming From
  • Better ROI for Marketing Campaigns
  • Testing New Markets
  • Dedicated Phone Lines for Customer Types

Tracking Where Your Leads Are Coming From

Knowing where your leads are coming from is important to determine where your marketing efforts should be focused. After all, if your lead generation is only providing low-volume or poor-quality leads, what’s the point? Conversely, if your lead conversion rates are better through certain methods, delegating more effort can grow your business. 

Virtual phone numbers offer the option of tracking the metrics of inbound call data. This can be done through the virtual phone number provider’s interface/ dashboard. Similarly, using a virtual phone number dedicated to only one type of marketing campaign (ex. social media) can help you pinpoint accurate data.

Better ROI for Marketing Campaigns

The more you market, the greater the reach for your brand. To get a better ROI, 

Global Call Forwarding offers affordable payment plans and services geared towards businesses of all sizes. However, considering there are no unlimited marketing budgets, virtual phone numbers can be a creative marketing tool for your business with low overhead costs. Furthermore, virtual numbers are simple to implement, can be used on nearly any device, and require minimal training. 

In essence, virtual numbers enable your business to gain a wider audience at a lower cost than other advertising methods. 

Testing New Markets

Like it or not, but improving lead generating services requires risk through trial and error. After all, if you knew exactly which methods worked to improve your sales, you can make better organizational decisions. Virtual phone numbers cost little to begin using. Also, they can be ready to use within 24 hours or less. For these reasons, your company can try out new target markets instantly. And if you discover potential in a market, you can scale your efforts. And vice versa, for poor-performing markets, your company gains the knowledge of where its brand presence is weak.  

Lead generation with virtual phone numbers.
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Dedicated Phone Lines for Customer Types

Virtual phone numbers are available in a wide variety of types. These include geographic numbers, toll free numbers, ITFS numbers, DID numbers, UIFNs, vanity numbers, and more. Similarly, Global Call Forwarding offers a wide variety of add-ons that enhance how inbound and outbound calls are processed. Let’s look at a couple examples, as each organization is different and can use its creativity to improve lead generation:

  • If you want to dedicate a direct line for your international and domestic sales teams, this is possible with virtual phone numbers.  
  • For directories of your business’ departments and individual staff members, using a PBX is a smart solution. Short for Private Branch Exchange, a PBX can enable customers to self-select through a directory system by phone. This helps customers find the person or info they need to guide themselves down your sales funnel. 
  • Depending on whether a caller is a previous customer or a new one can help improve your sales. Based on the type of callers, you can offer private customer-only lines for troubleshooting and account advice. For new customers, you can assign a virtual number dedicated to nurturing new contacts. To boost the quality of your leads, you can offer a private line of virtual phone numbers for more dedicated service (i.e. B2B, large enterprise contracts). 

How a Coworking Office Space Can Improve Your Startup

The past few years have been remarkable for the technology industry. It seems like every week that another tech startup is valued in the billions of dollars. With private market valuations of technology companies continuing to grow, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get in the startup business. How many entrepreneurs would rather have a monotonous desk job than own their sure-fire startup?

A “Unicorn” is a startup company with a valuation exceeding $1 billion. In the past decade, unicorn startups like Airbnb (Founded: 2008, valuation: $25.5B), Uber (2009, $68B), and Snapchat (2011, $17.8B), have all seen a massive inflow of funds from private tech investors.

California is home to numerous technology corporations, and Silicon Valley is probably the first place that comes to mind when you think about startups. Venture Beat pointed out that almost half of the startup “unicorns” are in California. They also show, however, that unicorns are scattered across the globe, with headquarters in China, Germany, India and Canada.

These days, an entrepreneur can open his own startup anywhere. Email and phone forwarding enables you to run a business effectively from anywhere in the world. As a result, coworking spaces have popped up in major cities around the world.

Where Can Entrepreneurs Find Cheap Alternatives to Office Space?

Deskmag gives a great definition of a coworking office: “Every workspace with flexible structures that is designed for and by people with atypical, new types of work – that is not exclusively for people from one certain company.”

Before the rise of coworking spaces, entrepreneurs had very few options apart from leasing office space. Sure, you could set up shop in a (cramped?) home office, but every business needs an address. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can occupy coworking spaces on a membership basis.

The major economic reason why an entrepreneur will use a coworking space is to save time and money. Coworking space operators will usually offer flexible terms that allow renters to move in and out and upgrade or downgrade their pre-furnished offices as the renters please. But a coworking space has value that extends beyond what a business can save on rent.

Coworking spaces deliver value-added benefits that are difficult to quantify in dollar terms. The first benefit is the networking opportunities. The second benefit is helping your business project a more professional appearance.

The first major benefit of a coworking space is the opportunity to network with like-minded people. In the entrepreneurial world, who you know can be equally important as what you know. A great coworking space is a congregation of minds who share similar aspirations. Every person who walks in the door is a professional, and a coworking space is an ideal place to bounce ideas off your peers and create long-lasting business relationships

In addition to networking, a coworking space can help entrepreneurs project a more professional image for their business. Just like a toll-free number is more effective as a branding tool than a personal phone number, a coworking space will make a business look more established than a home office. A business address and phone number will show clients and investors that an enterprise is well-established.

Coworking Trends

These days, it is the small customer, or small group, that supplies the highest amount of demand for office space. There are more small groups looking for office solutions than there are large groups looking to lease an entire building or entire floor.

We look for this trend to continue as large corporations downsize. In addition, we expect coworking operators to modify their approach in order to attract more clients.

We expect four themes to emerge during 2017 with regards to coworking: niche communities, corporate partnerships, around-the-clock renting and added services. First, operators will appeal to specific groups and professional sectors to create a stronger community. Second, coworking providers have started to form partnerships with corporations. Third, the shared-space concept will be extended into living arrangements. Finally, look for some operators to experiment with concierge services, travel offerings, etc. in order to entice renters.

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space

The coworking market currently has thousands of players. Locations have sprung up in huge numbers in cities like New York, Hong Kong and Singapore while operators are designing new service offerings and rental models. Entrepreneurs, especially those with web-based businesses, are able to work in whatever country they choose thanks to virtual phone numbers and offices. No matter which country you reside in, there are several important factors to focus on when choosing a coworking space.

  • Focus on community

Networking is one of the greatest benefits that come with a shared office space. We advise you to consider the types of businesses that occupy the space and decide if these peers will help your business grow

  • Focus on function

What goals does your business have for the future? Some coworking providers have programs to accelerate the growth of occupants. For example, the Hive in Southeast Asia offers partnership opportunities for member companies, along with other great programs. You want a coworking space that will support your business.

  • Focus on location

If your virtual office is far away from where you live, chances are you won’t spend much time there. We recommend choosing an office that is close to your home.

  • Focus on utilities

High-speed internet is a requirement for doing business in today’s internet environment. The facility should come equipped with Wi-Fi, a fax machine and conference rooms. Some locations have a kitchen and free coffee and snacks. Others offers 24/7 access to the office. The utilities you want to look for will depend on the needs of your business.


Do you have experience with coworking? How did your business benefit from joining a coworking space? Do you recommend any particular locations? Share your comments below.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Do you own a global business with customers across the world? If so, you might ask what is a virtual phone number. This blog gives you the information you need to unlock the true potential of your business with a virtual number and a call forwarding service.

Virtual Numbers: Definition

A virtual phone number is a local or toll free number that enables users to make and receive calls via the internet. This number is not directly associated with a telephone line and doesn’t look any different from a regular phone number. Virtual numbers are typically used with a call forwarding service so callers do not incur long-distance charges. If you don’t already use virtual numbers, you should start taking advantage of this great marketing tool. You can get these numbers for different countries, cities, and regions from a virtual phone number provider like Global Call Forwarding.

Other names for virtual numbers: cloud-based numbers, cloud phone numbers, hosted numbers, and VoIP numbers.

How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

Virtual phone numbers use cloud telephony and number hosting to let users communicate over the internet. Unlike a traditional landline, you can make and receive calls from a virtual phone number from anywhere, and you can route incoming calls to any location. This means your business can expand globally without opening physical offices or relocating teams, and you can improve connectivity among your remote, local, and global teams via one centralized hub.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is a cost-effective way to make your business more accessible and more scalable from anywhere in the world. When you get a virtual number, you take strides towards unlocking the true potential of your business.

The main reason to own a virtual number is to make your business more accessible. When you have a hosted number in the same country as your clients, it will cost them almost nothing to call you. This will make existing clients more comfortable and will encourage prospects to call your business.

International growth is another major benefit associated with virtual phone numbers. Virtual business phone numbers enable you to operate remotely because they are not tied to any landline. A business can buy a virtual phone number in almost any market while still operating from its headquarters.

1. Establish a Global Presence for Your Brand

Most scalable businesses will understand that their target markets are not confined to any particular region. Rather, their employees are constantly seeking out growth opportunities in different countries. A virtual phone number enables you to establish a virtual presence in any potential market.

Creating a virtual presence in multiple target areas can do wonders for your brand. Potential customers around the globe will become familiar with your company and the services you provide as you advertise in new regions.

Branding is a valuable marketing component. And a professional image can propel the success of a business. A known brand can build incredible value for companies and corporations. And one of the most effective branding tools is a virtual number.

2. Cost-Effective International Expansion

Before opening a new office, you need to consider several factors. One important factor is performing market research focused on the proposed new location. Before opening a new office, it is important to consider all appropriate growth alternatives. This means identifying new target markets as well as measuring demand and competition. You may even want to consider test marketing as part of your market research. An international virtual phone number can help you communicate with and qualify prospects in that area.

Another important factor to consider is funding for the new location. Opening a physical office in a new country comes with many expenses. You will need to pay rent, hire employees, and cover additional operating expenses. Furthermore, you will need to consider accounting and foreign exchange issues.

3. Work Remotely From Anywhere in the World

Countless business opportunities exist globally. Luckily, we have hosted phone numbers from more than 160 countries around the world. This means that you can seize any opportunity no matter where you are located.

How Do I Get Virtual Numbers?

You can set up a virtual phone system for your business with Global Call Forwarding. We provide virtual numbers in over 160 countries and thousands of cities. To sign up, visit our Pricing page or speak with one of our experts. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this great marketing tool and start growing their business today!

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