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Bio: Tom Senkus is a freelance writer and author of 9 books (available on Amazon). His work has included articles in the financial sector, as well as.other contributions to other industries. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing music, staying up to date on the latest tech, and reading the great works of Russian literature.

Posts by Tom Senkus:

Building Relationships with Customers and Gaining Their Trust

If there’s one thing about being a successful business owner, it’s the need to consider who is keeping your business afloat – namely, your customers. While you may be involved …Read More »

United States Phone Numbers

Are you looking to get U.S. phone numbers for your business? In this article, we will cover a number of aspects about United States phone numbers, including how they work …Read More »

Building Credibility with Professional Toll Free Numbers

If there’s one thing that new businesses need when they enter the market place, it is the credibility to attract customers. And there’s no better way to do so than …Read More »

Delegating Tasks and Managing a Team

One of the primary tasks of an entrepreneur is to delegate tasks and managing a team. Without proper delegation, business owners run the risk of using up too much of …Read More »

The Excitement of Starting a Business

Are you thinking about turning your business idea into a reality? While many business professionals caution that new entrepreneurs are in for a lot of hard work and suffering, the …Read More »

Building a Business When You’re Broke

It has never been easier to build a business than now. However, starting a business when you have a lack of capital is as difficult as it has ever been. …Read More »

5 of the Best Drones in 2018

The best drones in 2018 boast high-quality cameras, fast flight speeds and long battery life. However, the needs of the specific buyer dictate which drone is considered the best because …Read More »

In Iraq, Distinguished Phone Numbers Can Cost More than Gold

What’s in a phone number? For those living in Iraq, there has been a scramble for attaining phone numbers that reflect on someone’s status. Some “distinguished phone numbers” in Iraq …Read More »

Port Your Grasshopper UK Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

For those who live in the United Kingdom or use the call-forwarding service, Grasshopper, it will probably come as a blow to know that Grasshopper is no longer offering UK …Read More »

Scammers Steal Phone Numbers from T-Mobile

If you’re using a T-Mobile phone, you may want to watch your bank account.   Mobile cell phone provider T-Mobile is warning its customers about the appearance of a new …Read More »

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