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Bio: Tom Senkus is a freelance writer and author of 9 books (available on Amazon). His work has included articles in the financial sector, as well as.other contributions to other industries. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing music, staying up to date on the latest tech, and reading the great works of Russian literature.

Posts by Tom Senkus:

5 of the Best Drones in 2018

The best drones in 2018 boast high-quality cameras, fast flight speeds and long battery life. However, the needs of the specific buyer dictate which drone is considered the best because there are endless options out there. While the experienced buyer may be eager to invest in a drone with a more impressive flight time, a [Continue Reading]

In Iraq, Distinguished Phone Numbers Can Cost More than Gold

What’s in a phone number? For those living in Iraq, there has been a scramble for attaining phone numbers that reflect on someone’s status. Some “distinguished phone numbers” in Iraq can fetch high prices for what is, at face level, just a way of individuating a caller’s identity. In a recent report from The Washington [Continue Reading]

Port Your Grasshopper UK Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

For those who live in the United Kingdom or use the call-forwarding service, Grasshopper, it will probably come as a blow to know that Grasshopper is no longer offering UK service. On their website, they announced the following: “Due to recent changes in our product strategy, we have made the tough decision to shut down [Continue Reading]

Scammers Steal Phone Numbers from T-Mobile

If you’re using a T-Mobile phone, you may want to watch your bank account.   Mobile cell phone provider T-Mobile is warning its customers about the appearance of a new scam that targets your phone number linked to your bank account. According to T-Mobile, this scam could potentially affect any other service provider (i.e. Verizon) [Continue Reading]

Broadcom Offers Qualcomm $121 Billion in Takeover Bid

On Monday, February 5, 2018, Broadcom Ltd made a $121 billion (86.35 billion pounds) offer in a last effort to acquire Qualcomm Inc. This move upped the pressure on its U.S. semiconductor peer in hopes of engaging discussion on what is prospected to be the largest technology acquisition ever. This acquisition could affect the future [Continue Reading]

Elon Musk Launches the Largest Rocket Ever Made… with a Cherry Red Tesla Roadster Onboard!

It seems like every day that you turn on the news, Elon Musk is making headlines. This time, his company SpaceX is launching its Falcon Heavy rocket today, Feb. 6th at 3:45 PM. The Falcon Heavy is, according to SpaceX, one of the largest and most powerful rockets in the world (or solar system, for [Continue Reading]

Call Recording Regulations for Forex Trading and International Banks

In recent days, compliance regulations and requirements for traders and banks have been expanding dramatically due to leveraged technology and the need for accountability and higher standards. Due to these new regulations, Global Call Forwarding has increased our long-term call recording storage up to 6 years to enable easy access and a trustworthy platform for [Continue Reading]