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Dialpad Download Alternatives for Business

Dialpad Download Alternatives for Business

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Have you heard about using Dialpad? Before you use Dialpad download consider the alternatives. As a way to interact with clients via voice and messaging, it has become a growing choice among businesses that want a communication method that helps them achieve their goals. Used by bootstrapped startups and SMBs, Dialpad seems like an obvious choice, as it enables businesses to manage incoming/outgoing business calls as well as text messages.

However, Dialpad is not without its limitations. Read on to learn more about this service as well as viable alternatives that may accommodate your needs better.

Limitations of Dialpad

Many companies that have adopted Dialpad have noticed that its features are best suited to companies that are mobile in nature. This means that freelancers, sole proprietors, frequent travelers, and those that work from home use it for phone-based communication. However, as many soon realize, it is a less appropriate choice for growing organizations. In fact, many organizations that use Dialpad soon realize that their growth is stunted and its interface isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In other words, using Dialpad has its risks, which you should consider when using it in your business model.

Why Global Call Forwarding is the Best Choice for Business

As a result, it’s for those reasons and more that make Global Call Forwarding’s virtual phone number service a better Dialpad alternative for business.


The feature that makes Global Call Forwarding a solid choice for your telecom needs is scalability. Likewise, we offer five different payment plans that can grow with your needs and usage. Simply change your monthly usage plan to upgrade or downgrade your telecom service.

Additionally, Global Call Forwarding offers rollover minutes for its customers. With Rollover Minutes enabled, your business can keep unused minutes per month – perfect for seasonal businesses.

Dialpad Download Alternatives for Business
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Ease of Integration

Hardware functionality has been reported as a key flaw with Dialpad, specifically headsets. In many cases, it has been reported that a calling party is unable to hear a user despite headsets being properly installed. On the other hand, virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding can work with any device that has audio and Internet capabilities.

There are also complaints about Dialpad’s call relay service. For many users, it is complicated and counterintuitive to handle. While this may be an issue of adapting to a learning curve, the truth of the matter is that larger organizations will see higher rates of failure among their team members. Particularly, Dialpad’s service can mean more time spent training employees than actually using the service. By contrast, Global Call Forwarding’s call relay has been the preferred choice of large organizations for its ease of integration. There’s less downtime spent and more productivity.


As a subscriber of Global Call Forwarding’s services, you enjoy the key benefit of using a Dialpad download alternative that greatly enhances your business model. For instance, using time-of-day routing can give your business 24/7 accessibility, routing calls to available agents around the clock. If a caller dials your virtual phone number that routes its calls, the inbound call automatically routes to a preselected destination number.

Top-Quality Service

For over two decades, Global Call Forwarding has been the leader of business phone number solutions for:

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sole proprietors
  • SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses)
  • Large enterprises

And our services include a wide array of industries:


In conclusion, if your business is ready to modernize how it operates, the best Dialpad alternative is Global Call Forwarding. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization evolve and adapt to the contemporary business landscape. Above all, users can subscribe to the service within minutes and revolutionize how their organization functions today!

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