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International Virtual Phone Numbers

An international virtual phone number has the power to transform the way you communicate. They provide a range of benefits from reducing the cost of your current business phone plans to giving your clients, partners and personal associates a great impression.

The many advantages of this communication strategy can be applied to both business and personal cases.

Benefits of an International Virtual Phone Number

One of the main benefits international virtual phone numbers is in the power to choose your location. Any city within any country can act as the main base from which all your communications will originate.

There is great power in the ability to shift your perceived location. From both the business and personal perspectives, it gives you the power to influence your audience while reducing your costs.

Are you living in Europe, Asia or Africa and prefer to have a US based number? Or are you in the US and prefer that your business or personal number be based in a different country? Having an international virtual phone number is your solution.

Your callers will assume that you are managing an international operation. If nothing else they will assume you are locally based in the country that you have chosen for your international virtual phone number.

How you decide to leverage this influence is up to you. The great part is that the power is in your hands. The opportunities to apply your international virtual phone number towards your business goals or just your personal relationships are at your disposal. And the common denominator is that you will save your clients, friends and family’s money in the process.

International Virtual Phone Numbers for Business Use

Impressions are crucial to the life of a business. What your prospective and current clients feel about your company goes a long way into how they interact with you.

An international virtual phone number benefits your clients in that they will be able to call you via their local dialing channels. This will save them time, money and also give them a sense of security. Each one of these points work together to form an impression. Before even the first contact your organization has the power to influence new clients and continue to impress the ones you have.

A new client that is considering giving you their business takes your status and the general impression you give off as a clear indication. In terms of an international virtual phone number, they clearly assume that your operations are global. The impression that immediately follows is that your organization is a successful one.

It’s easy to assume that if a company has international reach and extends the courtesy of calling them toll-free, that they must be successful.

For current clients an international virtual phone number will show consistency. By proving that your business is well situated you are expressing the fact that you are reliable and trustworthy. The way that clients repay your trustworthiness is by remaining loyal and long-term client.

International Virtual Phone Numbers for Personal Use

An international virtual phone number for personal use is just plain cool! You literally have the world at your hands. The world becomes so much smaller when you can be located in whatever country you chose. And it’s perfect if you have more personal contacts, like friends and family, in a country that you don’t live in.

Going back to impressions it will make the most special people in your life feel as if you are close to them. Your family and friends will dial a local number to give you a call and you’ll get that ring no matter where you are.

And of course they will save money. Local phone calls are just about free these days so they will definitely appreciate it. Your international virtual phone number also has the option of being 100% toll-free – costing them nothing.

Get an International Virtual Phone Number

With all of the benefits, you would think that international virtual phone numbers might be expensive and difficult to set up. The opposite is true. We can set up your new international number within minutes. Simply let us know what country you want it to be based in and what features you would like to add and you are good to go.

Unless of course you would like to have a vanity phone number, in which case we would have to check for availability. In either case it’s a simple process and best of all our company provides it at the best possible price.

As a leader in the telecommunications industry we have the experience and the skills to provide you with the best international plan for your specific situation. The long list of features and options can be configured to provide you not only the best price but more importantly a consistent and reliable service that you can depend on.

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