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How Much Does a Virtual Number Cost?

How much does a virtual number cost?

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Virtual phone numbers (also called hosted numbers or cloud phone numbers) can help your business expand its services and support to cover more countries and regions across the globe. All without needing to open physical offices in these locations.

Here’s an in-depth guide to the cost of virtual numbers. We discuss the factors contributing to the cost and include a list of virtual number costs for major countries around the world.

Virtual Number Cost: Factors to Consider

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-based business phone numbers that companies can use to reach customers in different parts of the world. Residents from these countries or regions can call your virtual number for free or local calling rates, and you can forward those calls to your business office or customer support center located anywhere in the world.

Because these numbers transmit calls over the internet, your business can use these numbers to connect with and offer customer support to global customers, even if you do not have a physical office in target regions.

Virtual numbers cost between $7-$20 / month per number, but this varies from country to country.

How much virtual number costs depends on the following factors:

1. Call volume
Your business’ monthly call volume greatly influences your monthly bill. So consider, how many calls do your teams need to make on a regular basis — separately or simultaneously? And how much call time do you expect?

2. The location of the caller
One of the most significant factors contributing to the cost of a virtual number is the caller’s location; in other words, where your callers are calling from. For example, calls from one country may ring more expensive than calls from another. Additionally, the device — landline, mobile, or payphone — they call from also affects the cost.

3. The type of virtual number
There are a few different types of virtual numbers, namely toll-free, local, national, international toll-free, and mobile. Each number type has a different cost. Generally, local and (international) toll-free numbers cost less than national and mobile numbers. But the caller’s location can influence this, leading to some local and toll-free numbers costing more. It’s always a good idea to check with your provider which option is the most cost-effective when you buy hosted phone numbers.

4. Call termination (call forwarding costs)
Call termination is the process of forwarding calls from one provider to another. Your plan’s included minutes and an additional per minute rate depending on where your calls are forwarded. You do have the option to eliminate termination costs by routing incoming calls to a VoIP or SIP address instead.

5. Additional features and services
Premium add-ons and additional services can increase your overall cost. You should have the ability to get important premium features like outbound calling, IVR, call forwarding, etc., at a reasonable rate. If the prices for these services are too high, you may want to consider a different service.

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Global Call Forwarding: Virtual Number Breakdown

Here, we break down our current virtual phone number costs for the most popular countries. We include our basic monthly plan, SIP trunking price, and forwarding rates:

*Note: Costs mentioned in this article are current at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes.

1. US Virtual Numbers
To buy a US phone number, you can review our rates below and sign up on our Pricing page. We offer:

US local phone number cost: $7.95 / month
US toll-free number cost: $12.95 / month

2. Canada Virtual Numbers
With Canada virtual numbers, you can connect with locals in Canada and the United States. We offer:

Canada local phone number cost: $7.95 / month
Canada toll-free number cost: $7.95 / month

3. Mexico Virtual Numbers
Mexico virtual numbers let you communicate with Mexico and US customers for low calling rates. We offer:

Mexico local phone number cost: $12.95 / month
Mexico toll-free number cost: $12.95 / month

4. Germany Virtual Numbers
Connect with prospects and customers in Germany with Germany virtual numbers. We offer:

Germany local phone number cost: $12.95 / month
Germany toll-free number cost: $28.95 / month

5. UAE Virtual Numbers
UAE virtual numbers can help your business offer sales and support to businesses and customers in the UAE. We offer:

UAE toll-free number cost: $28.95

6. UK Virtual Numbers
Use UK virtual numbers to extend your operations and services to the United Kingdom. We offer:

UK local phone number cost: $7.95 / month
UK toll-free number cost: $12.95 / month

7. Australia Virtual Numbers
With Australia virtual numbers, you can connect with local companies, suppliers, vendors, and business contacts in the country. We offer:

Australia local phone number cost: $12.95 / month
Australia toll-free number cost: $23.95 / month

8. Philippines Virtual Numbers
Buy Philippines virtual numbers and add locals to your customer base. We offer:

Philippines local phone number cost: $23.95 / month
Philippines toll-free number cost: $28.95 / month

9. Malaysia Virtual Numbers
Bring in more sales from Asia by using Malaysia virtual numbers to work closely with Malaysian customers. We offer:

Malaysia local phone number cost: $39.95 / month
Malaysia toll-free number cost: $27.95 / month

10. Hong Kong Virtual Numbers
Expand your reach in Asia with Hong Kong virtual numbers that give you access to potential Hong Kong and China customers.
We offer:

Hong Kong local phone number cost: $11.95 / month
Hong Kong toll-free number cost: $12.95 / month

11. Singapore Virtual Numbers
With Singapore virtual numbers, your business can connect with locals in Singapore without needing a physical office or support team located in the country. We offer:

Singapore toll-free number cost: $18.95 / month

12. Indonesia Virtual Numbers
Use Indonesia virtual numbers to increase sales and offer customer support to local customers in the country. We offer:

Indonesia local phone number cost: $48.95 / month
Indonesia toll-free number cost: $28.95 / month

13. Vietnam Virtual Numbers
Want to expand to Vietnam? Buy Vietnam virtual numbers and add a whole new customer base to your customers. We offer:

Vietnam local phone number cost: $34.95 / month
Vietnam toll-free number cost: $78.95 / month

14. Japan Virtual Numbers
Get Japan virtual numbers and sell your product or service in Japan. We offer:

Japan local phone number cost: $17.95 / month
Japan toll-free number cost: $38.95 / month

15. China Virtual Numbers
Use China virtual numbers to connect with customers, prospects, suppliers, and vendors in China. We offer:

China local phone number cost: $28.95 / month
China toll-free number cost: $44.95 / month

16. India Virtual Numbers
Take your business to India with India virtual numbers. We offer:

India local phone number cost: $38.95 / month
India toll-free number cost: $38.95 / month

Choose Your Virtual Phone Number Now!

Virtual numbers are a cost-effective and reliable tool to expand your business, reach global customers, and increase international sales. Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of international virtual phone numbers from more than 160 countries around the world. Browse our inventory and view virtual number costs on our pricing page. Have questions? Chat with our experts or call us at +1 (561) 908-6171.

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