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A UAE virtual number service presents a tremendous growth opportunity to your business. UAE virtual phone numbers allow businesses to have an 800 area code or national phone number in the United Arab Emirates. By getting a UAE virtual phone number, customers in UAE can contact your business at the cost of a local call.

Dubai virtual numbers are currently not allowed for international resale. Also, they do not work for SMS verifications and WhatsApp.

Benefits of UAE Virtual Numbers

UAE virtual phone numbers are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates. Buy a UAE virtual number and start using it to grow your business. Global Call Forwarding provides a UAE call forwarding service to make your business more professional and the recipient of more incoming sales calls.

1. Setting up an office in UAE

A business that is looking to expand into the UAE should consider every available option. Brick-and-mortar stores are effective because they give companies “boots on the ground.” Potential customers can walk into the store to browse the inventory or speak with a representative. However, operating a physical office location in the United Arab Emirates is expensive. Monthly rent typically starts at around Dhs 1,500 – 6,500 per person for a small office.

Luckily, there are other ways to build a presence in the UAE. UAE virtual numbers enable businesses to build a presence in the United Arab Emirates for a fraction of the cost of physical office space. In addition, customers from all over the UAE will be calling you to do business when you buy UAE toll free numbers. Compared to attracting customers limited to one region of the country, UAE toll free numbers are more scalable.

E-commerce has opened the door for businesses to operate remotely. UAE toll free numbers enable scalable businesses to gain customers from all over the UAE. A call forwarding service further enhances the virtual office.

2. Cost and convenience

Calling internationally can be expensive. Placing an international phone call from the UAE to another country is a complicated process. However, due to the business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, many businesses still thrive there. International firms doing business with customers in the UAE should consider getting virtual numbers.

It is more convenient to call a company that provides UAE toll free numbers. For example, consider two companies that offer the same product to customers in the UAE but have different marketing schemes. Company 1 displays a convenient (800) 111-1111 as their phone number. Company 2 lists their phone number as +7 499 111 1111. A customer in the UAE is more likely to buy Company 1 because it provides UAE toll free numbers.

The cost of calling Company 1 is less than it would be to call Company 2. In addition, it is more convenient to dial the familiar UAE toll free numbers than an unfamiliar Russian phone number. Buy UAE virtual numbers and your business will be accessible and convenient to dial.

3. UAE virtual phone numbers for a call center

Customer support is vital to the success of a business. Satisfied customers are likely to be repeat customers. Get a call center to be able to respond to every customer inquiry. UAE virtual numbers make your call center accessible to customers in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the call center can be located anywhere in the world with a call forwarding service. A firm can save a lot of money outsourcing its call center to a country with cheaper labor costs.

UAE phone numbers with call recording are one of the top quality assurance tools on the market. Global Call Forwarding provides UAE virtual numbers with call recording so that users can automatically record their incoming calls. The call recording feature is great because users can monitor conversations between customer service representatives and customers. In addition, call recording can be used to train new employees.

For customers who buy UAE virtual numbers to forward calls to an abroad call center, call recording is a must-have feature. UAE toll free numbers with call recording will give you an edge in the field of customer support.

4. Branding and corporate image development

Branding is a key facet to consider with marketing. A good branding strategy can be carried out in many ways. UAE virtual phone numbers are a great branding tool for your business.

Businesses can set up an IVR system to answer callers with a standardized company message. For example, a professional greeting can be set to greet customers with choices. I.e. choose 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc. UAE virtual numbers with IVR are one of the most effective branding tools.

UAE toll free numbers also give your business credence. Toll free numbers, with 1-800, give your company a professional appearance and boost its image with customers. Toll free UAE numbers are a great way to build a brand name.

Get Virtual UAE Numbers

Global Call Forwarding offers UAE phone numbers and toll free numbers with a free trial. Contact our customer support staff to get a consultation and learn more about how call forwarding can help you grow your business. Sign up on our website or speak with our representatives to learn more!

F A Q | UAE Virtual Phone Numbers

UAE virtual phone numbers are business numbers that route calls over the internet. In other words, users can make and receive phone calls virtually from any location.

No, UAE virtual numbers do not work for any verification.

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. It works just like a normal landline, but you can make and receive calls from an app or through a VOIP phone that plugs into your broadband connection instead of your normal phone socket.

UAE phone numbers make your business more accessible to callers in the United Arab Emirates. You can be located almost anywhere in the world and still answer incoming calls from the UAE. Having a local UAE virtual number ensures your callers can reach you affordably and easily, as they can place calls with the same ease as any other local number.

If you want to purchase a UAE virtual phone number, you can go to a phone services provider such as Global Call Forwarding. If you want your numbers set up as quickly as possible, this company specializes in a great service at a low price.

No, you can get a UAE virtual number and use it from any location in the world. You can use a call forwarding service to forward incoming calls from the UAE to your office location.

You can get UAE virtual phone numbers from a virtual phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding. Sign up on our website or speak with our representatives for more information!.

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