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Understanding the UAE Local Numbering Plan

A complete guide to the UAE's local numbering plan

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UAE phone numbers are among the most highly sought-after phone numbers in our industry. We receive tens of inquiries for Dubai local numbers each week, but the (+971) prefix is very rare. Global Call Forwarding continued to restock our inventory with UAE local numbers. Here’s a practical guide to the UAE numbering plan so our readers can learn more about UAE phone numbers.

Telephone Numbers in the UAE

There is no questioning Dubai’s status as a major global city and business hub. It is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, with rising per capita income and strong employment growth. UAE is one of the most diversified and competitive economies in the Middle East, with Central Dubai acting as a global metropolis of incredible skyscrapers, colossal urban infrastructure projects, and a globalized workforce.

You can enter your business in this ever-growing economy with UAE virtual numbers.

UAE Local Numbering Plan and Format

UAE phone numbers start with the country code +971 and follow a closed telephone numbers plan. These phone numbers are 7-digits long, with area codes being 2-3 digits.

UAE virtual numbers are suited for any business or entrepreneur that wants to develop its presence in the United Arab Emirates. And you can forward these incoming calls to any VoIP, mobile, landline, or call center of your choice.

UAE Toll-Free Numbers

UAE toll-free numbers are free to call from within the country. So, your local customers can call your business for free. And you can forward those calls to your office or call center located anywhere in the world.

Dubai Local Numbers

Within the UAE, Dubai is widely regarded as a key player in global trade and finance, and a center of entrepreneurial innovation. Any business can become more accessible to Dubai’s markets with Dubai virtual numbers.

Dubai local numbers are virtual phone numbers with Dubai’s area code (04). Any business can use Dubai virtual numbers to establish a virtual presence in Dubai, while forwarding incoming calls to anywhere in the world.

Dubai local number format: 971 (04) xxx-xxxx

Callers will simply dial a familiar Dubai local number, and they might not even know that their calls route internationally.

An example of this would be a US-based entrepreneur who wants to develop his business in Dubai. The entrepreneur can get a UAE local number and answer the incoming calls to that number, from his mobile phone in the United States. While this is just one example, the possibilities are endless.

How to Get a UAE Local Number

If you plan to do business in the UAE or want to offer customer service to locals in that region, then you will need to buy a local UAE number. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose a UAE Call Forwarding Provider

The first step in getting a UAE local number is to choose a call forwarding provider. The provider provisions virtual numbers to subscribers and also routes incoming calls to your intended destination. It is hard to find international call forwarding providers that have UAE local numbers in stock. However, Global Call Forwarding works with local operators to bring you reliable phone coverage in the UAE.

2. Purchase a UAE Phone Number

Global Call Forwarding offers 5 different plans for our UAE phone numbers, starting at $28.95 per month. We also offer a 14-day free trial so that business users to test these local numbers risk-free.

Each plan also includes a free suite of advanced features (like advanced routing, IVR, call detail records, and more) to customize the service. You can add premium features like call recording and outbound calling.

You may want to check out these useful insights about things to consider when setting up call forwarding and choosing a plan. We recommend picking a plan that best supports your incoming call traffic. You can always upgrade your plan later, so don’t worry if you cannot forecast call traffic accurately.

Watch how our customer uses our Middle East voice solutions.

Buy UAE Phone Numbers

Global Call Forwarding offers a wide variety of international phone numbers, including UAE numbers. Sign up on our website or speak with our experts to learn about other communication solutions we offer. Call us at +1 (561) 908-6171!

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F A Q | UAE Local Numbers

UAE phone numbers typically follow this format: (country code) (area code / toll-free prefix) xxx-xxx. Here’s an example of a local Dubai phone number: +971 (04) 123-456.

UAE phone numbers are typically 9-10 digits long. And this includes the area code or toll-free prefix (2-3 digits) and the subscriber number (7-digits).

An example of a UAE phone number is +971 (04) 123-456. This consists of the country calling code (+971), city or state area code (04 local area code for Dubai), and the subscriber number (5-6 digits).

The country code for UAE is (+971).

The UAE has a variety of phone number types including local, toll-free, and national numbers.

You can get UAE phone numbers from international phone number providers like Global Call Forwarding. We offer phone numbers for more than 160 countries including local, national, and toll-free UAE phone numbers.