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Understanding the UAE Local Numbering Plan

UAE phone numbers, especially those from Dubai with the coveted (04) prefix, are highly sought-after in the global business landscape. Global Call Forwarding receives dozens of requests for Dubai local numbers weekly. We recognize this demand and constantly restock our virtual number inventory with UAE local numbers to meet your business needs.

Let’s explore the UAE numbering plan in our practical guide to UAE phone numbers.

Telephone Numbers in the UAE

Dubai’s meteoric and sustained rise has cemented its status as a major global city and business hub. As one of the fastest-growing cities worldwide, it boasts a thriving economy and a diverse, competitive business environment.

The UAE’s growth trajectory, strategic location, and digitization plans make it an ideal location for businesses seeking expansion in the Middle East. You can enter your business in this fast-growing economy with UAE virtual numbers.

UAE Local Numbering Plan and Format: Understanding the Basics

The telephone numbering plan of the United Arab Emirates is well-structured to ensure efficiency and clarity. UAE phone numbers begin with the country code +971, consisting of eight digits, including the area code. Emergency numbers are three digits and reachable from anywhere in the UAE.

The country follows a closed numbering plan. This means callers in the UAE should dial 0 before a local phone number.

Understanding Area Codes in the UAE

Area codes usually consist of ‘0’ followed by one digit. For example, Dubai’s area code is 04, while Abu Dhabi uses 02 for Abu Dhabi. Familiarize yourself with these area codes to help you better understand UAE local numbers:

  • 02: Abu Dhabi
  • 03: Al Ain
  • 04: Dubai
  • 05: Mobile Numbers
  • 06: Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm al-Quwain
  • 07: Ras Al Khaimah
  • 08: Western Region (Liwa, etc.)
  • 09: Fujairah

UAE Toll-Free Numbers

Metered phone plans in the UAE require subscribers to use credits when making phone calls. UAE toll-free numbers start with 800 and can be dialed for free from mobile phones and landlines within the country. These numbers are an excellent way to improve customer relations and expand your brand presence locally within the country.

UAE National Numbers

These phone numbers are considered “non-geographic numbers” and not local ones in the UAE. National numbers start with +971 600. They are usually reachable from mobile phones, landlines, and other countries.

Dubai Local Numbers: Your Connection to a Global Trade Hub

Dubai is a central hub for global trade, finance, and innovation. Your business gains direct access to this dynamic market by using Dubai virtual numbers. Dubai local numbers, starting with the area code (04), enable you to establish a virtual presence in the city while managing calls from any global location.

Dubai local number format: 971 (04) xxx-xxxx

How to Get a UAE Local Number: A Simple Guide

Acquiring a local number is essential to integrate your business operations within the UAE. Learn how to get started:

  1. Choose a UAE Call Forwarding Provider: Select a provider that offers reliable virtual number services in the UAE. Most cloud phone service providers only offer numbers in major countries. Global Call Forwarding partners with local operators and tier-1 carriers to ensure comprehensive, reliable, and high-quality coverage in the UAE.
  2. Purchase a UAE Phone Number: We offer various plans to suit your business needs, starting at $28.95 monthly and a 15-day free trial. Our plans include advanced features to enhance your communication capabilities. UAE-based company directors have praised our flexibility and dedicated customer service.

The Role of TDRA in UAE Telecommunications

The TDRA oversees and regulates the telecommunications sector in the UAE. It ensures competition, quality of service, and the efficient allocation of numbers. Understanding TDRA’s regulations and compliance requirements is crucial for businesses using UAE phone numbers.

Enhancing Business Communication With UAE Local Phone Numbers

Understanding local phone numbers within the context of international calling is key for companies operating in the UAE. This knowledge can help executives with targeted marketing and establishing a more localized presence in specific Emirates.

To learn more about local phone number options for the United Arab Emirates, talk to our team of experts.