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Call tracking and analytics software.
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Call Tracking: A Marketing Tool

Companies are gradually shifting to digital campaigns with marketing attribution. Digital marketing execs pay close attention to how qualified leads are sourced.

Call tracking software gathers phone call data and metrics to analyze for a business’ benefit. Call tracking works in the same vein. By collecting information about your customers, you'll serve them better and convert calls into sales.

Streamline Marketing Efforts

Tracking phone leads is crucial to ensure your marketing and sales tactics work well. Call tracking will help you identify where customers are calling from. From this, you can understand areas where your marketing efforts are being successful. Use call tracking for conducting market research and learning more about your customers’ preferences, geographical locations, etc.

Tracking Calls with Software

Global Call Forwarding offers different call tracking numbers such as local phone numbers, toll free numbers, and international phone numbers. You can purchase various tracking numbers and assign them to different locations or campaigns.

Get a toll free number for your website that allows your customers to call you for free. Or, advertise your local number with a specific area code in local directories or billboards. You can also distribute numbers across different social media accounts.

This way, you can determine which sources your customers are calling from and identify areas where your marketing efforts need improvement.

How Can You Track Calls Made To Your Company?

You can track calls in a variety of ways. However, you need to find a mthod that fits your budget and that does not take too much of your employees’ time. Here are several tracking options to consider.

check Track manually
Have your reps conduct surveys or ask customers where they are calling from and note it within your CRM. Note that manually taking surveys may take up more time than you desire.
check Invest in tracking software
Use call tracking software to get reports on calls attached to different locations and campaigns. Such software can be expensive, so research well to find one that is suitable for you.
check Get virtual phone numbers

Purchase different numbers for different regions and advertising platforms and track where calls come from. Cloud phone numbers help with organizing and controlling incoming calls while also letting you keep tabs on where the calls come from.

Virtual numbers are growing increasingly popular because they are cheaper than traditional phone numbers. Instead of routing calls through traditional lines, they work over the internet. And so, all you need to make and answer calls is a good internet connection.

Benefits of Call Tracking Software

There are many benefits to using virtual or cloud phone numbers to track where your customers are interacting with your business, among them are:

call tracking
  1. Large Network - Choose from an extensive network of global call tracking numbers from more than 160 countries around the world.

  2. Global Reach - Meet your customers where they are. Use geo routing to offer support to customers in different geographic locations.

  3. Call Analytics and Reports - Get detailed call records for all incoming and outgoing calls related to your business.

  4. Advanced Features - Handle and route incoming calls effectively to offer uninterrupted, excellent customer service.

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