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What is Call Tracking?

what is call tracking

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Want to get insights into customer preferences and behaviors? Call tracking can help you determine the best ways to reach your target audience and sell to them. Learn how virtual numbers can improve your call tracking process.

Call Tracking: The Basics

Call tracking is the process to identify where and how customers and prospects are interacting with your business and brand. As such, it helps you understand how your marketing efforts are performing, which can lead to more accurate forecasting. Marketing and sales teams use call tracking to determine the success of promotional campaigns and return on investment (ROI). This data and information can then help your teams strategize how to proceed with their efforts, what areas need improvement, and how.

Virtual Phone Numbers with Call Analytics

You can track incoming calls in different ways, either manually or with tracking software. The point is to find a process that suits your budget and is easy for your employees to use. You can choose to track calls manually where your reps conduct quick surveys at the end of the call. A question such as “How did you find our service?” may be enough. Or, you can use call tracking software or a tool that provides more data without taking time away from employees.

Tracking calls with a virtual phone number is one of the most inexpensive ways to get this data. A virtual phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding offers multiple virtual phone number types such as toll free, international, and local numbers. Additionally, they offer call log and activity reports that record the number of calls being made and how each call is faring.

Virtual numbers are cheaper than traditional phone lines because they route calls over the internet. Therefore, you can make and answer calls from anywhere, locally and internationally, and through any device. All you pay for is the virtual service provider’s subscription fee.

Location-Focused Tracking

You can initiate call tracking with virtual numbers by purchasing multiple numbers based on your needs and spreading them across different marketing and advertising platforms. For example, say you want to target different cities within the country or want to get the right marketing data on how different states are responding to your product. You can get local numbers for the cities you want to study and advertise those numbers in those specific areas. Then, when calls come in, you can calculate which cities your product is doing well in and which need help.

Campaign-Focused Tracking

Additionally, you could also spread virtual numbers across different advertising platforms. You can have a different number for each marketing campaign. For example, use a toll free number for posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., You can also have local numbers in local directories, print media, etc. And you can use a different one along with your emails. This way, when calls come in, you will know where your callers are finding your product and interacting with it. Then, you can target those areas further or identify areas that need improvement and work on those.

Who Should Use This Service?

Companies in practically any industry — marketing, e-commerce, travel, etc. — can use call tracking to understand where their customers come from. Any business focusing on marketing efforts and testing out various campaigns can track calls to study where they are getting their leads from. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large established one with connections spread across the world, tracking your calls will give you insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Understand Your Customers Better

Call tracking helps you understand your target audience’s preferences and behaviors better. You will know where they look for products like yours, what is the best way to appeal to them and how to connect with them.

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