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3 Ways to Make International Calls from your Browser

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With advancements in telecommunications, connecting with international business contacts and customers is easier than ever. You can now initiate and answer international calls from your computer set-up anywhere in the world using only a reliable internet connection. Here, we will discuss how you can make international calls from your web browser.

How to Make a Phone Call from your Web Browser

The best way to make a phone call from your browser is with international VoIP. This is a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal that travels over the internet. Most VoIP services will enable you to call anyone who has a phone number – even local, mobile, and long-distance international destinations.

The three most common solutions are Voice over IP software, a webphone, and international callback.

1. Voice Over IP Software

Voice over IP is the most commonly used communication technology to make international calls over the internet. This is because it is much more cost-effective than using a landline. Furthermore, some providers offer virtual features and services that are not available with traditional landlines.

To use VoIP effectively, a broadband (high-speed) internet connection is required, either through a cable modem or other high-speed services such as DSL. The strength of your internet connection will determine the effectiveness of this solution.

In addition, you will need Voice over IP software and an inexpensive microphone. VoIP software usually costs around $25 to $50 per month, depending on the provider. With a good and reliable software, it’s easy to make international calls.

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2. Web Phone Dialer

A web dialer enables users to make international calls over the internet. It operates largely like a traditional telephone on your computer, where you enter a phone number on a dial pad to initiate a call.

To make browser calls from a web phone dialer, login to the service provider’s website with your username/PIN and password. After logging in, you’re given access to a dialer interface. This enables you to make international calls directly from your browser.

Web dialers will often offer features such as call transfer, call history, and other CRM integrations to improve your international calling experience.

3. International Callback

International callback is our top recommended way to make international calls if you don’t have a stable high-speed internet connection or if you are in one of the countries where VoIP is prohibited. Callback uses third-party countries, like the United States, to enable low-cost international calls.

Some providers offer international callback through click-to-call Chrome extensions that enable you to dial a number from any webpage just by clicking on the phone number. It is one of the top recommended ways to make an international from your browser when the internet connection isn’t strong.

Make International Calls Online

These solutions make it possible for businesses to make international calls online. Stay connected with your customers and contacts no matter where they are located.

All that is required is a stable internet connection and a Voice over IP software. If you want to make international calls from your browser, follow the tips in this article. For more information, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 and talk to an expert.

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F A Q | International Calls

Yes, you can make calls over the internet using an international VoIP service.

You can make phone calls through your browser by getting a VoIP provider like Global Call Forwarding, using a web dialer or softphone, or using an international callback service.

The cheapest way to call internationally is to get a VoIP provider like Global Call Forwarding. VoIP uses the internet to transfer calls, so you avoid the high international and long-distance calling rates associated with physical landlines.

To call internationally, you must first dial the US dial out code (011). Then, enter the country code, area code, and phone number of the receiver.