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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Do you own a global business with customers across the world? If so, you might have heard of virtual phone numbers.

A virtual phone number is a local or toll free number that is not directly associated with a telephone line. It doesn’t look any different from a regular phone number and it is dialed the exact same way. Virtual numbers are typically used with a call forwarding service so that callers do not incur long distance charges.

If you don’t already use virtual phone numbers, you should start taking advantage of this great marketing tool. Hopefully this blog gives you the information you need to unlock the true potential of your business with a call forwarding service.

What are the benefits of owning a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a cost-effective way to make your business more accessible and more scalable from anywhere in the world. When you get a virtual number, you take strides towards realizing the true potential of the business.

The main reason to own a virtual phone number is to make your business more accessible. When you have a virtual number in the same country as your clients, it will cost them nothing to call you. This will make existing clients more comfortable and will encourage prospective customers to call your business.

International growth is another major benefit associated with virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers enable you to operate remotely because they are not tied to any landline. A business can buy a virtual phone number in almost any market while still operating from its headquarters.

Establish a virtual presence for your brand

Most scalable businesses will understand that their target markets are not confined to any particular region. Rather, its employees are constantly seeking out growth opportunities in different countries. A virtual phone number enables you to establish a virtual presence in any potential market.

Establishing a virtual presence does wonders for your brand. People around the globe will become familiar with your company and the services you provide when you advertise in new regions.

Branding is a valuable marketing component and a professional image can propel the success of a business. A known brand can build incredible value for companies and corporations. One of the most effective branding tools is a virtual phone number.

Cheaper than opening a new physical office

There are several issues that need to be considered before opening a new office. One important factor is performing market research focused on the proposed new location. This means identifying new target markets, measuring demand and measuring competition. Ideally, your market research will include test marketing, according to

Another important factor to consider is funding for the new location. There are many expenses associated with opening a physical office in a new country. You will need to pay rent, hire employees and cover additional operating expenses. Further, there are accounting and foreign exchange issues to consider.

Before opening a new office, it is important to consider all appropriate growth alternatives.

Operate remotely – from anywhere in the world

There are countless business opportunities that exist globally. Luckily, virtual phone numbers are offered in more than 120 countries around the world. This means that you can seize any opportunity no matter where you are located.

We provide local and toll free virtual numbers in over 120 countries and in thousands of cities. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this great marketing tool and start growing their business today!