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Bio: Sam Stevens is a travel enthusiast who writes about new trends in communications and technology. After getting her degree in writing and public relations, she climbed her way up the ranks from copywriter to content manager while working with several different marketing agencies. This experience helped her create a business that makes killer content for busy entrepreneurs.

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When Tech Goes Too Far: New GM Vehicles Offer Shopping While Driving

About the New General Motors (GM) App A new application from General Motors (GM) now allows you to order your favorite cup of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee from the open road. However, this has led to many asking is this convenience or a detriment to safe driving?   GM has decided to embrace newer [Continue Reading]

7 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

Did you know that 3 million employees in the U.S. quit their job voluntarily every single month? It’s not too surprising when you think about it. Many employers are unaware, or too busy to notice there are often company-wide bad habits that drive good employees to their competitor’s front door.   When workers don’t feel [Continue Reading]

How to Cancel Your Landline and Keep Your Number

Are you ready to cut the cord? The telephone cord, that is. It’s easy to do!  If you have a number you’d like to keep, but you don’t want to pay ongoing service fees because you’re not using it, you can park your number with us at a super low rate and save it for [Continue Reading]

Why Team Building Exercises Work

Time and again you read about the many benefits of team building and why it matters in the modern workplace. These may seem like frivolous activities, but there is actual data to prove otherwise. In fact, when team building exercises are regularly incorporated into an office environment, especially ones that include problem-solving, communication, and decision [Continue Reading]

Are 877 Numbers Toll Free?

Toll Free Number Prefixes If you’ve seen television commercials, billboards, or newspaper and magazine advertisements at any time, you have seen toll free numbers at work in the real world. These are often used as a marketing tool for companies who want to give potential customers an easy way of contacting them for products or [Continue Reading]

Why Should I Get a Virtual Phone System?

Virtual phone systems are powerful tools for cutting out landlines, expensive hardware upgrades, and very limited call forwarding capabilities. This type of phone system is fast growing in popularity and it is sure to take your business communications to the next level. However, those who are new to the game aren’t necessarily taking advantage of [Continue Reading]

International Phone Number Providers in South America

Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú… the continent of South America is a dream destination and one of the most exceptional for travel and exploration. Bounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as well as the Caribbean Sea, South America is home to tropical islands, stunning waterfalls, and the longest mountain range on earth. Whether or [Continue Reading]

867-5309: The History of America’s Most Catchy Phone Number

You’re probably hearing it in your head right now. The infamous song 867-5309, also called “Jenny” is impossible to read without associating it with the catchy tune. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular, even years after the song’s release in the 80’s. What you may not know is that this unique phone [Continue Reading]

What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Have you ever heard a sales pitch on your answering machine and wondered how it got there? Telemarketing messages are notorious in the eyes of the public, often seen as annoyances, especially if the person who received it never signed up for it in the first place. In response to this, the Telephone Consumer Protection [Continue Reading]

Telecommunications in North Korea

Officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea is just a little smaller than the state of Mississippi in the United States. During its existence, it has been ruled by three generations of the same family, the current leader being Kim Jong-un since 2011.   If our current relationship with North Korea has [Continue Reading]

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