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Global Call Forwarding Launches New Call Reporting Feature


DELRAY BEACH, Florida: October, 10 2022 ― Global Call Forwarding launches a new “Custom Reports” feature that enables users to instantly filter detailed information about calls made to their virtual phone numbers.

Custom reports are included with every virtual phone number plan.

The new call reporting feature allows Global Call Forwarding customers to collect, measure, and analyze their call activity in real time. This feature was developed based on customers’ requests and now allows users to:

  • Select multiple cloud phone numbers or outbound calling lines.
  • Select a date range.
  • Select the call type: completed or missed.
  • Display or download the .csv report.
  • Apply further filters to using Excel.

Customers are now able to view various metrics, including which phone numbers are calling them, duration of calls, times of the day, who is answering calls, calling charges for a custom date range, and the geographical locations of callers.

This information can be used to better understand customers’ call habits, as well as make informed marketing and staffing decisions.

Global Call Forwarding was launched in 2007 as an exclusive brand of United World Telecom (UWT). UWT was founded in 1996 in Delray Beach, Florida, as a global telecommunications provider.

The company has a physical presence in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and serves SMB and enterprise clients worldwide.

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