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Global Call Forwarding Launches a New Control Panel

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Global Call Forwarding launches a new control panel with a modern design and an intuitive user experience.


Global Call Forwarding, a leading provider of international virtual phone numbers, announced the launch of its new cloud telephony platform.

The new platform combines over twenty six years of industry experience with the latest in today’s communications technologies to bring a modern and intuitive platform to global businesses.

The new control panel by Global Call Forwarding is a convenient, user-friendly, and effective business communications tool. It comes with a full suite of business phone features and advanced call management tools that customers can use to build their cloud phone system.

With the new control panel, customers can log in from any device, adjust features and settings, and build their business phone system. Some of the main features of the new control panel are:

1. Mobile-friendly platform with a modern look: Customers can easily log in and manage their accounts from their smartphones.

2. Login with email address: Easy login with the user’s email address and password, instead of using their account number.

3. NEW Two-factor authentication: Increased security with two-factor authentication to keep their business account and information safe.

4. NEW Customizable holiday scheduler: Set up custom holiday schedules in advance with forwarding rules.

5. IVR editor: A customizable IVR editor where users can record or upload new prompts and announcements and set triggers for when messages should be played.

6. Access all features: One platform to manage all call management features and adjust settings when needed.

The new interface will not only benefit their customers but also give Global Call Forwarding the ability to easily build, upgrade, and add new features. In the coming months, they plan to include new features and integrations to further develop this portal as an effective service management tool.

Global Call Forwarding’s teams have always strived to make it easy for customers to use their service and get responsive, 24/7 customer support. This new control panel is another step in this direction and further enhances their business communications solutions.

About Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is the leading telecom provider of virtual phone numbers for business, serving thousands of contact centers around the world. GCF was launched in 2007 as an exclusive brand of United World Telecom (UWT). UWT was founded in 1996 in Delray Beach, Florida, as a global telecommunications provider.

The company has a physical presence in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and serves SMB and enterprise clients worldwide.

Contact: Luke Genoyer
Phone: +1 (561) 908-6171
Email: luke@unitedworldtelecom.com

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