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What is Holiday Call Routing?

Holiday routing is an advanced call routing feature that lets users (a business) route or forward incoming calls during a particular holiday or holiday season with certain rules.

With this feature, you can choose how you want to route calls on a holiday or during a certain period of time. By doing so, you can take care of customer calls that come in when your team is out of the office.


How Does Call Routing for Holidays Work?

Different call routing providers offer different ways to establish holiday routing. With Global Call Forwarding, you simply create a holiday list for your company and then set rules for how calls will route during those periods.

All of this can be easily set up and managed through our easy-to-use online control panel.

How Can Your Business Use Holiday Routing?

You can create a holiday list and set specific rules to go into effect during those periods of time. For example, when customers and prospects call during a holiday and your teams are unavailable, you can send these callers to:

  • Personal phone or a number within your reach
  • Another team working remotely or globally
  • Voicemail to leave a message with information
  • An IVR system with prerecorded messages where callers can get information and troubleshooting help. For instance, the IVR can direct callers to your online support center where they can find answers to common questions.

This way, your customers and prospects can get some help even when your main teams are unavailable. And you can maintain business continuity without losing valuable customers.

Here’s an example of holiday call routing:
Your business has offices in different regions of the world. As such, you will have to route calls from one office to another during national and regional holidays to maintain business continuity and offer uninterrupted customer service. During the holidays, you can route calls from one location to another or send callers to voicemail. This way, employees can rest assured that their customers and prospects are taken care of when they are on holiday.

You can do the same when an employee goes on vacation for a couple of days. Their calls and customers can be forwarded to another representative for that period.

Benefits of Holiday Call Routing Schedules

With holiday routing for phone calls, your business can:

  • Access to holiday routing features such as holiday calendar, holiday schedules, custom greetings, and cloud IVR.
  • Offer 24/7 customer support even during holidays
  • Leverage outsourcing services when your headquarters is out-of-office
  • Use remote or global teams to manage customer service during national holidays
  • Reduce numbers of missed calls and opportunities during the holiday season
  • Prepare for maintenance and upgrades by setting up failover mechanisms such as routing calls to another location or number


Where Can I Get Holiday Call Routing?

You can get holiday call routing from a cloud phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding. We offer holiday routing with all our cloud phone number plans. Learn more about our plans on our Pricing page.



How to Set up Holiday Routing?

You can set up round robin call routing in the Control Panel through Global Call Forwarding. Here is how you can configure this type of routing with your call forwarding number:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel.
  2. Choose a phone service line and click on Settings.
  3. Select Call Forwarding from the horizontal menu and click Advanced Routing.
  4. Click on the Holiday Routing button.
  5. Click the green Create a New Holiday List button. Add the name of the list, description, and select your days.
  6. Then, click on Save New Holiday List. You can set up multiple lists for different holidays.
  7. Go back to Advanced Routing and click on Go to Rules.
  8. Click the green Create New Rule button. Add a description and select the desired holiday list from the dropdown box on the right-hand side. Then, add the necessary routing rules for this particular holiday list.
  9. Click Save Rule.
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