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It is a time of transition with regard to business leadership in Russia. Control is changing hands from those who raised in the Soviet era to those raised in the post-Soviet era. These changes affect many aspects of the country, in general. However, this is the perfect time to expand your business into Russia with a Russian phone number. Now, more than ever, companies are competitive. And there is more of a focus on productivity and efficiency than ever before. Customer service has been upgraded, and as long as the aim is to be more productive and efficient, these higher standards have made Russia an excellent place to do business with and in.

Russian Phone Numbers

Use Russian virtual numbers to create a local business presence in Russia. Connect with vendors, other businesses, suppliers, and more, even if your business is located elsewhere. With a call forwarding service, you can forward or route incoming calls to any location of your choice. This means, you can stay connected with your Russian customers from anywhere in the world.

Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of Russian phone numbers. Our team of experienced global communications specialists is able to walk you through the process of getting a Russian phone number.

How to Get a Russian Phone Number from Global Call Forwarding

You can get a Russian toll free number or a mobile or local number. Depending on your business needs, choose a number that works best for you. The steps are as follows:

Anyone who reviews the above steps can see how easy the process is for how to get a phone number in Russia. A Russian phone number purchased through Global Call Forwarding will function through the use of the Internet. So setting up a landline is not at all necessary. Virtual phone numbers may benefit your business in many ways. This includes offering great savings, enhanced mobility, and the availability of many features to match up with the phone number in support of the business’ overall growth.

For any entrepreneur to compete in today’s market, there are challenges, which will often require that a business expand to other nations in order to stay relevant and in order to keep up with their competitors. Luckily, beginning to operate in Russia can be simple with the use of a Russian virtual phone number, and knowing how to get a Russian phone number is an essential first step.

How to get a Russia phone number.

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Instant Connections with a Russian Phone Number

The easiest way to connect with various markets in Russia when planning expansion is by purchasing a Russian phone number. This number can help your business communicate with manufacturers, material suppliers, potential customers, and any other contacts necessary for running a successful business in Russia. A business owner may not know where to start and may be pondering how to get a Russian virtual phone number.

Working in Russia

The workforce in Russia is very well educated. It is second only to Canada in relation to the highest percentage of the population with post-high school education. This is a clear indicator that Russia has become a first-world country.

Of course, there are challenges, as they exist in all nations. The cost of labor is not inexpensive when compared to the cost of labor in Asia. But it is inexpensive when compared to the cost of labor in any Western European alternative. The unemployment rate in Russia is the lowest it has been in many years. Corruption still exists, though not nearly to the level where it was in the transitional era of the 1990s. Concerns rose with regard to sanctions by the Trump administration for those involved in international business.

Business is based on traditional competition in relation to price and quality rather than political support. Russia represents opportunities with its large economy and well-educated workforce. For those interested in tapping into what may be the largest number of inexpensive college graduates across the world, Russia is definitely an interesting option when considering international expansion. One may wonder though, how to get a Russian phone number to begin research and contact with the Russian markets.

Get Russian Phone Numbers

Get Russian local numbers or toll free numbers by signing up on our website. Within a few steps, you can quickly purchase a number, get a variety of features and services, and start using the number to connect with locals in Russia. Want to learn more? Call us or chat with us online!

F A Q | Get a Russian Phone Number

Russian phone numbers are personal and business telephone numbers used in Russia. Virtual Russian phone numbers can help businesses outside of Russia enter the local market and appeal to locals.

You can get a variety of Russian phone numbers such as toll free, mobile, and local phone numbers.

No, you can use your Russia phone number from any location around the world. Simply forward calls to your main office location, using an international call forwarding service.

You can get a Russian phone number from any phone service provider. However, virtual phone service providers like Global Call Forwarding can help you get local, international, and toll free numbers along with other advanced communication features and services.

How to Get a Russian Phone Number

Takes About 1 minute
Here are the steps to getting a Russian Phone Number
Necessary Items:
Telephone or Computer
image step 1
Go to the
Go to the homepage of our wesbite
image step 2
Select your country
Under the “Select Your New Phone Number” dropdown, select Russia as the country
image step 3
Select your number type
Depending on whether you wish to purchase a toll free number, a UIFN number, or a number based on geographic location
image step 4
Enter a destination phone number
On the right of the “Select Number Type” area, add your current telephohne number
image step 5
View Rates
Click on “View Rates and Try for Free” to see rates
image step 6
Select a plan & features
Select a plan and any options that you are interested in
image step 7
Enter contact info
Make sure to enter your name and other required information
image step 8
Check out and add payment info
Follow through to checkout and select your preferred payment method. Note whether you want to turn the free trial on or off.
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