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Importance of Reliable Voice Phone Services for Businesses

The importance of Reliable Voice Phone Services for Businesses.

In business, where every interaction counts, the role of reliable communication cannot be overstated. At the heart of customer trust lies positive customer experiences, and your business phone service serves as a fundamental tool in this endeavor.

With that said, where does your business stand when it comes to phone support?

Are dropped calls leading to frustrated customers? Are your sales agents struggling to call international customers?

This is where cloud telephony providers like Global Call Forwarding come in.

Having provided small businesses and multinational enterprises with global telephony for more than 27 years, we know a little something about the importance of reliable voice calling.

Let’s get into it!

Why is Good, Reliable Voice Calling Important for Businesses?

A robust voice communication system remains a cornerstone of effective customer service and business operations. From addressing customer inquiries promptly to gaining a competitive advantage, reliable voice calling is indispensable for maintaining operational efficiency and driving customer experience.

What makes a business phone service reliable?

And what does a dependable phone service look like? We asked our experts:

• Consistent, high voice quality: “People can call your business in mission-critical situations without poor call quality or calls dropping. Your sales and support agents can also dial out without glitches and have conversations with crystal clear quality.” – Luke Genoyer, Business Development.

• Global coverage: “Being able to reliably cover target global markets, including hard-to-reach regions, where your customers reside.” – Meryl D’Sa-Wilson, Marketing.

• Customer-focused care: “As you build customer trust, you will create a solution for the customer where they understand how useful and reliable the service is. They can see that they are in good hands and can trust our network to handle their business phone system needs.” – Miguel Isabal, Senior Sales Manager.

High availability infrastructure and redundancy: “Reliable providers often have redundancy measures in place, such as backup servers or data centers, to ensure continuity of service even in case of hardware failures or network issues.” – Greg Porras, IT.

• Network security: “At GCF, we offer fully encrypted calls for clients using Secure WebRTC with Transport Layer Security (TLS). We also maintain strict firewall rules and monitor traffic regularly.” – Greg Porras

• Responsive support: “It means ensuring a business can communicate with their customers without any technical or connection issues. This includes low downtime, little-to-no quality issues like (jitter, network latency, etc), responsive 24/7 support, help guides, and so on.” – Alain, Tech Support

Here are some specific ways in which your business can benefit from voice coverage reliability:

1. Responsive and Faster Call Handling

When you have reliable phone service in place, your customers can expect prompt and responsive care. Cloud phone services optimize call routing and management, ensuring incoming calls are directed to the most appropriate agent or department.

For example, a customer calling with a billing inquiry is routed directly to the billing department using IVR strategies. This reduces wait times and improves efficiency. This way, you can provide callers a faster, smoother, and more seamless experience.

Additionally, cloud calling features like call routing, CRM integration, and real-time collaboration enable agents to understand and address customer issues promptly. This can lead to efficient issue resolution and satisfied customers.

2. Improved Call Quality

Compared to traditional and legacy phone systems, VoIP ensures high-quality voice calls with minimal disruptions or delays. And a reliable VoIP provider emphasizes good call quality with minimal latency, jitter, and packet loss. By leveraging your provider’s established and redundant voice network, your business can rely on high call quality.

For example, Greg shares that “Global Call Forwarding provides servers in both the Western and Eastern hemisphere so no matter where the call originates or terminates, call quality should remain good.”

Enhanced call quality leads to clearer communication, reducing misunderstandings and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Ability to Monitor Calls

Call monitoring happens on two fronts:

  • Phone service provider monitoring call quality on their network and
  • End-users (business) monitoring call records for their phone lines.

Any VoIP provider worth its salt will routinely test and monitor the quality of calls running on their network. This is to catch any potential issues and resolve them quickly.

On the other hand, these providers will also offer features like call logging or call detail records to help businesses keep tabs on their call traffic. Supervisors can use these records to study call volume trends, listen to recordings, review transcripts, or identify recurring issues. By analyzing call records and identifying common pain points, businesses can proactively address underlying issues and implement solutions.

When both the provider and business closely watch call traffic, managers can improve how the business communicates with its customers.

4. Business Continuity

Uninterrupted communication is vital for maintaining business continuity. Downtime or disruptions in voice calling services can result in lost productivity, missed opportunities, and negative impacts on revenue. Businesses with reliable voice networks and infrastructure are better equipped to handle unexpected challenges and maintain operations seamlessly.

Luke explains that “this involves a robust cloud or hybrid infrastructure with the provider using multiple tier 1 carriers to deliver calls and failover routes in place.”

On the business end, you can use features like failover forwarding and redundant routing. With managed voice continuity, these features can automatically kick in when your primary communication channel is unavailable.

8 reasons why a reliable business phone service is important.

5. Integrated Communication Channels

Some cloud telephony providers like Global Call Forwarding further expand their offerings with CRM and help desk integrations. This is so that you can combine a reliable phone service with your other core business applications.

By integrating voice calls with CRMs, businesses can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their customers. Agents have access to caller information and history during calls, allowing them to tailor their interactions based on customer preferences and previous interactions. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For instance, the Global Call Forwarding softphone connects with popular CRM platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. With this integration, every time you make or receive a call through our network, it’s automatically recorded in the CRM system. And by easily viewing comprehensive customer interactions through the CRM, you equip agents with information they need to have targeted conversations.

6. Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, so do your communication needs. And a provider with an extensive global coverage means you can rely on expanding to new regions and markets with the same phone service and same quality.

No more dealing with multiple carriers and contracts! Let your provider handle all the nitty-gritty.

With a highly scalable service, you can easily add or remove users, add new phone lines, and adjust call routing rules to meet evolving demands without disrupting business operations.

7. Enhance Customer Experience and Trust

71% of consumers expect personalized interactions from businesses. Reliable voice calling enables businesses to provide prompt assistance, leading to an improved overall experience.

And with intelligent call routing features like time-based or location-based routing, agents can address inquiries efficiently, resulting in higher satisfaction levels—no matter where your teams or customers are located.

Quality voice service indirectly affects key metrics such as customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), customer effort scores (CES), and Net Promoter Score (NPS), among others. Clear call quality minimizes misunderstandings, thereby increasing CSAT ratings. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the business, which influences NPS. Additionally, these two aspects reduce the efforts customers need to expend, which is likely to improve CES.

Whether it’s resolving an inquiry promptly or providing responsive support, businesses that prioritize reliable phone services lay the groundwork for lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

8. Gain Competitive Advantage

Finally, a reliable voice phone service enables businesses to thrive in competitive environments. Providing excellent customer service and communication experiences can differentiate a business from its competitors.

Businesses that invest in reliable voice calling systems gain a competitive edge by delivering superior service, building strong relationships with customers, and outperforming rivals who may offer less reliable communication options.

Improve Voice Calling with Global Call Forwarding

Voice calling remains to be the preferred mode of customer communication. So through high-quality interactions, you can foster lasting relationships and gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Investing in reliable voice calling systems and business call center software is imperative for businesses aiming to excel in customer communication and service delivery.

Global Call Forwarding can help you up your communication game with state-of-the-art contact center solutions. We’ve been assisting global businesses for over two decades.

Call us or chat with our experts online to upgrade your business communication system today!

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