Managed Voice Continuity

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Maintain business voice continuity with cloud phone solutions

managed voice continuity
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What is Managed Voice Continuity?

Managed voice continuity (MVC) is a telephony solution that automatically switches your voice service to a new setup if your primary setup fails. In other words, managed voice systems work as backups that let your business continue communicating even during an outage or crisis. You set up this solution early on as part of your disaster recovery preparation. Then, if your primary phone system shuts down, the backup system activates.

Why Do You Need Continuous Voice Services?

Customers trust businesses that provide a reliable service and are easy to contact, especially if help is needed. Managed voice continuity solutions ensure that your business can continue communicating with essential parties during an outage or disaster. So, your teams are prepared to face any type of crisis, and they can help customers without any interruption.

How to Gain Voice Continuity?

There are a few different ways to ensure your business can continue communicating with customers and vendors:

  1. Set up backup equipment and hardware that activates when the primary fails.
  2. Create secondary call groups and automatically forward calls to them when the first team or destination is inactive.
  3. Use a high-availability cloud phone service provider with multiple layers of redundancy to route calls through different channels to maintain voice continuity.

Ideally, you have multiple backup and failover systems in place. But this can prove expensive if you are not looking in the right place. You’ll need to work closely with your IT and operations teams to understand the best way to build redundancy and voice continuity into your phone system.

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Benefits of Managed Voice Systems

There are many reasons to use managed voice continuity solutions within a business phone system. Let’s look at a few:

check Build a redundant and reliable phone system
Create a phone system that works best for your business and teams.
check Access multiple failover solutions
Use advanced routing and forwarding features to create backup communication setups.
check Communicate with customers and suppliers during crises
Inform essential parties of the next steps and how your business will stay active.
check Diversify your business disaster recovery plan
Prepare for all types of business crises with multiple failover solutions in place.
check Leverage backup teams for additional support
Route calls to remote agents or call center BPOs when your primary teams are inactive.
check Maintain business continuity at all times
Keep your business up and running and easy to reach when customers need you.

Where to Get Voice Continuity for Your Business?

Cloud phone service providers offer voice continuity in a few different ways. Either their network is highly-redundant or they give you access to failover features that you can customize for your needs.

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Cloud phone service providers offer voice continuity in a few different ways. Either their network is highly-redundant or they give you access to failover features that you can customize for your needs.

You can get managed voice continuity with Global Call Forwarding in both ways. We have a large global network of reliable Tier-1 carriers and multiple POPs across the Americas and APAC. This means we can route calls through different channels if one fails. It also means we can provide voice services in hard-to-reach locations across the world.

Additionally, you gain access to various advanced routing and international forwarding features with your service. Route calls based on rules that make sense for your teams, wherever they work from. And we do this by utilizing high-quality voice termination, so your teams can enjoy high voice quality and value.

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