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Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud or virtual call center software throughout different industries. This is because it offers a wide range of valuable benefits, including a high level of versatility. Whether the business is large or small, the right software can help streamline processes and add greater functionality.

Budget-Friendly Cloud Phone Solutions

With our cost-effective call center solutions, you can improve business communication and enhance customer service. Our call center software can provide you with a suite of features to route and manage calls effectively, analyze call detail reports, and improve office productivity.

Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

The call center software from Global Call Forwarding comes with a high-availability network, advanced call management tools, VoIP redundancy, and outbound calling solutions.

Customize your business communication system by adding valuable features, routing calls to different locations as needed, and using various local and international phone numbers. Our international call forwarding service ensures your business can offer excellent global customer support.

Whether you are a small business starting out or a mid-sized company looking to expand, we have a wide range of features and services to support your needs.

What Can Call Center Software Do for Your Business?

Centralize business communications with an easy-to-use and reliable service. With Global Call Forwarding’s call center software, you can…

check Centralize business communication
All necessary business communication tools and features are found in one call center platform.
check Reduce communication costs
With cloud call center software, you can run the business communication virtually without purchasing extra equipment.
check Increase flexibility and mobility
Call center software is easily adaptable and not limited to a specific type of business. Customize it and scale it to meet your needs.
check Support remote working
Manage remote and distributed teams by connecting to one centralized hub for communication.
check Expand global reach
Connect with local and international clientele through virtual phone numbers and international call forwarding.
check Improve business communication security
Call center software comes with VoIP security, so you can rest assured that your data is always safe.

Advanced Call Management Tools

Unlike conventional call center solutions, virtual call center solutions come with added features that can boost the efficiency and productivity of your business. This includes handling calls from different parts of the world, real-time monitoring, productivity tracking, and performance indicators. Here are our top features and services:

  1. Cloud Phone Numbers - Local and international toll free phone numbers to expand your customer base.
  2. International Call Forwarding Service - Forward incoming calls from global customers to any location, device, or phone line.
  3. Advanced Call Routing - Reduce missed and abandoned calls by routing to different locations based on rules that suit your needs.
  4. Hosted Call Recording - Record incoming and outgoing calls and store them for future reference and quality assurance.
  5. Outbound Calling Service - Call customers in different locations with outbound calling and customize your caller ID to match the location.
  6. Softphone - Make and receive calls from any compatible device. Install the softphone on any device and start calling.

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