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Improving Internal Communications in Your Company

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Failing to address the challenges that arise when companies due to poor communication within a company is a recipe for disaster. Miscommunication leads to losses in productivity, creates tension amongst coworkers, and results in a higher turnover rate.

Overlooking internal communication issues in your company also makes the hiring process much more difficult because the lack of communication makes it harder to translate company goals to new team members. When a new hire is brought into the business, it’s difficult for the individual to learn or seek guidance from other team members because there isn’t a clear path to follow or specific strategies for success. Furthermore, team members will not know how to properly represent the company.

The Importance of Improving Internal Communications In Your Company

Why is improving internal communications in your company so critical? There are many answers to this question, but one of the main reasons would be harmony and balance must exist between coworkers and management to build trust and encourage open, honest dialogue.
A lack of proper communication has a major impact on productivity and it can be the difference between reaching company goals and falling short on completing critical tasks.

Another negative impact of miscommunication is a high turnover rate. Turnovers cause companies of all sizes to lose money because the business must invest in the hiring and onboarding process, not to mention the training and compensation of new employees. When a new hire leaves unexpectedly, the process must start over and it will require more funding. When this happens on a frequent basis, the high turnover rate also brings the integrity and management of the company into question.

Strive Towards Improving Internal Communications In Your Company Regularly

Many business owners wonder what specific methods can be implemented to improve internal communications in your company. This answer will depend on your unique company structure and team, but there are actions that every company should take to improve their ways of communicating.

Internal communication can be improved in your company with the right mindset, transparency, and the use of technology. Whether your business is large or small, communication is key.

These key methods should be helpful for companies striving to communicate and improve their workplace with more clarity and efficiency.

Establish A System For Sharing Information

One of the biggest communication errors companies make is deciding to use a middleman to relay information. This can go wrong for various reasons. If communicating information between select employees, they may not understand the importance of making sure that everyone on the team receives the message. With so many daily tasks to handle, it’s easy for team members to forget sharing information that is not related to the immediate task at hand.

Another conflict that may arise from handing off information and priority documents to specific employees is the possibility of favoritism. If your staff feels that only one person or a few people on staff can be trusted with sensitive information, it may result in tension in the workplace. Hence, another reason improving internal communications in your company will be necessary.

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Maintaining a high level of transparency through the use of technology is the best way to avoid communication gaps. This is crucial for improving internal communications in your company. There is a wide selection of cloud communications technology that will allow managers to quickly upload important documents and notes so that all employees can access with just a username and password. When looking to share quick notes and attachments, there is the option of Dropbox, along with team messaging services such as Slack and WhatsApp for constant convenient communication. These apps also allow employees to give their input and ask questions in real time and read responses on similar topics.

Host Online Meetings

Consistent meetings are great for improving internal communications in your company. Just as the internet allows companies to share important documents, businesses can also use online technology to host online meetings, which is especially beneficial if you are working with remote teams.

Remote teams will not be able to attend most company meetups due to their location or time zone differences, however, this can be easily supported. The best way to make meetings convenient and cost-free for everyone is by using cloud phone numbers for conference calls or video messaging. Employees appreciate this because a feeling of inclusion through the sharing of information is great for team morale.

Hosting meetings online makes sure that everyone has access to the same information, eliminating silos and hierarchy. Hierarchical environments can make employees feel isolated, and this can make everyone more reluctant to communicate openly. This resentment often results in a loss of motivation and prolongs the time it takes for teams to take action and achieve success.

Define Your Company’s Mission and Set Goals

You know your company goals and mission, but do your employees know? When your aim is improving internal communications in your company, this is really important to set a foundation. Discuss company goals in meetings and have your company mission statement clearly visible in the workspace and online. These reminders will help keep everyone on track while helping employees better assist customers.

Understanding a company’s goals and mission creates a better customer service experience because representatives will demonstrate more confidence in their role and product knowledge. Along with in-depth knowledge, customer service associates will be able to provide support while respecting the tone and communication style of the brand.

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