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7 Cold Calling Tips to Close More Sales

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Many in the sales industry ask if cold calling still works. The short answer is: yes, it still works but only if done right. Here are 7 practical cold calling tips that can help you generate better sales.

Generate Sales with These Cold Calling Tips

Businesses have been using cold calling for years to garner new customers and improve their sales growth. It is the most effective way to set appointments with relevant decision makers at your target accounts. However, while calling cold is easy it may not always convert into a sale, booking, or an appointment.

Here are successful cold calling tips that can help you manage these calls better with improved results.

1. Be Personable, Focus on the Prospect

Most individuals are not interested in being pitched to and may try to get off the phone as you try to make your sale. For this reason, it is important to develop a personable and human interaction at the very beginning of the call. Avoid sounding monotonous or reading straight off a script. Pause to ask prospects how they are doing. Try to understand their demographic and needs so you can present your product or service as a solution. Listen to their concerns or questions and provide easy-to-follow answers. Give them reasons to listen to your pitch and consider your product or company.

2. Follow Scripts But Don’t Be Robotic

It is recommended to stick to the script so you are not promising or adding anything that may cause an issue later. However, customize your interaction with each client. People can tell immediately if you are robotically reading a script and not pausing for questions. To avoid putting clients off, personalize the interaction by using their name, repeating something they mentioned before, and more. This will let them know they are not simply one of the million people you are speaking to and that their business will be valued.

3. Use Technology to Speed Up Processes

One of the most important cold calling tips is to upgrade the technologies used. Agents and employees performing cold calling in large volumes need the right tools to support their efforts.

Consider investing in an outbound call center software with customizable caller ID capabilities and a dialer. This way, you can override the caller ID to display a toll free or local number of the area being called. Prospects are more likely to answer a local number or one they recognize as local instead of a random number.

Use a web dialer to quickly place calls, save contact information and call notes, etc. A well-designed CRM to keep track of customer interaction can also greatly improve productivity and efficiency.

4. Be Respectful of Their Time

When contacting prospects, let them know you consider their time valuable. Start calls by asking how the client is doing. Let them know that this call won’t take long. If they seem to reject it or are busy, ask them when is a good time for a follow-up. Additionally, when booking appointments, instead of giving them a time, ask when would be convenient for them.

5. Make Calls During Certain Times and Days

One of the most common and oldest cold calling tips is making calls during specific times and days. For years, we have been told that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to call, and it still rings true. Mondays and Tuesdays are important business days because people are usually planning their week, catching up on emails and updates, etc. They are more likely to reject calls during these days.

Additionally, you want to place calls during specific times of the day where they are more likely to pay attention to you. Studies have found the best times to call are between 11 am and 12 pm (before lunch) or 4 pm and 5 pm (as the workday ends). Calling early in the morning as people are scrambling to get to work will be more of a hindrance than a successful call. If you’re calling across time zones, we recommend using a world clock like timeanddate.com or 24timezones.

6. Always Follow-Up

Follow-up either by calling again or sending an email or text message. This follow-up can be to answer a question or query, to remind them of the upcoming appointment, collect feedback, or simply to check in.

7. Use Collaborative Language

Studies show that the use of collaborative language results in more successful calls. Use “we” and “our” language instead of “I/my” language. Make yourself appear as part of a bigger team. This can help build credibility and demonstrate your company as large and capable.

8. Do Your Research

Prospects appreciate when sellers do their research. At the very least, you should understand who your target customers are. You should also go the extra step and research the prospect before your call. For example, you should know the person’s name and his or her position in the company.

Try These Cold Calling Tips!

Keep these tips in front of your employees or refresh them in your next upcoming training. Experiment with them to see which works best with your product and service.

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