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Top 11 Qualities of a Successful Sales Rep

Successful Sales Rep

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What does it take to be the best sales rep out there? Here are 11 top qualities every salesperson who wants to be successful should have. A critical eye and hard work will help you achieve your goals better and perform your job effectively.

How to Become a Successful Sales Rep?

As a salesperson, you need to prepare yourself through education, networking, and more to handle calls and clients in the best way possible. So, what are the key elements to be a successful sales rep? Here are the 11 qualities only the best sales reps possess:

1. Stay Persistent But Respectful

Most sales require multiple follow-ups and contacts, yet reps are generally inclined to abandon a call after the first or second follow-up. The idea here is to not be too persistent so as to frustrate the prospect. However, a successful sales rep has to be persistent to close more deals. For inbound leads, 6 to 10 attempts to contact a person is considered the industry norm.

Persistence does not suggest aggressiveness. When following up with clients, ask if they are still interested in completing or achieving a goal with the help of your product or service. Speak with them about the issues they are facing and help them identify your product as a viable solution.

2. Be Goal-Oriented

It is every sales rep’s responsibility to know and understand what the goals are and what is expected of them. If you are not goal-oriented, then you are not moving towards the same direction as the rest of your team or company. This can lead to confusion, lack of motivation, and more. Keep track of the company’s goals as well as the personal goals you set for yourself. Make a plan and aim for it. Track your progress either bi-weekly or monthly. And, most importantly, be sure to celebrate those small victories.

3. Stake Your Claim as an Expert in the Industry

A good sales rep takes the time to study the company, its products, values, as well as the industry the company resides in. Understanding the target audience’s businesses — from general goals to daily tasks — is valuable. As an expert in the field, you will be able to help customers understand how your product can be applicable and useful in their specific business. You can use this information to guide and consult them and offer your product as a solution.

4. Be Tech-Savvy

Depending on the business you represent, you will be required to work with different technologies and software. This is why it is important that you take time to master the tech most frequently used in demos, meetings, presentations, or calls. The tech used can range from video communication tools, CRM software, outbound calling software, PowerPoint presentations, and so on. Learn how to troubleshoot common issues, bad internet connectivity, etc.

5. Adopt Active Listening

Paying attention to prospects and clients is crucial. If you don’t listen, you will not be able to provide useful information and solutions. Sticking to the script is important, yes, but every prospect and client is different. Their needs, issues, and goals differ. To understand their problems and provide them with the best help, you should listen actively to what they have to say. This way together both of you can make a plan that satisfies their needs.

6. Take Rejection Well

Rejection is a common occurrence with outbound sales calls. Not every prospect has the time, patience, or even interest in what your product is or what you are presenting. And while rejection is hard, a good sales rep knows how to overcome rejection. Take risks and pursue promising deals. And if you are rejected, bounce back and focus on the successes.

7. Focus on Building Relationships

As a sales rep, your job includes — and at times, depends on — building strong relationships. Therefore, you need to be able to build a rapport, strike up interesting conversations, and be a good listener. Research your prospects and their businesses deeply. Ask follow-up questions. Let your client know that they are important to you and your business and they are not just another prospect on your long list.

8. Network, Because Your Business Depends on it

Salespeople love to network. This includes being involved in relevant online and offline communities, having various business connections and relationships, and knowing the ways of your business and industry.

9. Multi-tasker

As a sales rep, you will be handling a variety of tasks and deals simultaneously. Therefore, you should know how to prioritize and juggle promising leads while responding to and following up with leads in the initial stages of the selling process.

10. Understand How to Communicate Well

This should go without saying but a sales rep that cannot communicate well will struggle with leads and clients. You should have good verbal and written business communication skills and use the right industry-jargon to inform, educate, and sell your services and products.

11. Patience (Is More Than a Virtue)

Finally, be patient. Inside sales can be hectic and often overwhelming. You will come across some very difficult clients and situations. Take the time to evaluate and find the best possible solutions.

Self-Evaluation is Key!

Evaluate yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses with honesty and determination to consistently perfect your skills. How many of these qualities do you possess? And what areas do you need to improve in? Find yourself a good mentor who can help, teach, and guide you. With hard work, you can be the next successful sales rep in your team. Good luck!

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