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If your business has a large outgoing call volume, then you have probably looked at different ways to maximize growth. Business international outbound calling is one surefire way to expand your contacts to include clients from the world over.

Outbound Calling for International Business Calling

Advancements in technology and cloud computing have made communication easier and more enhanced. Thanks to voice over internet protocol (VoIP), businesses can receive and make calls through the internet and from devices like their smartphones, computers, etc. International VoIP achieves this by processing analog audio (voice signals) and converting it into digital voice packets. It then transmits these packets over the internet.

What is Outbound Calling?

Now, when a business makes outgoing calls, that is, calls to customers, it is using Outbound VoIP or Outbound Calling. Such a service uses a softphone to make outgoing calls. A VoIP softphone is an application that works on devices like smartphones, VoIP phones, computers, etc. Softphones run entirely on the internet and allow you to dial phone numbers to make calls. And so, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Business International Calling with VoIP and Virtual Numbers

Virtual telephone numbers are a cloud-based communication tool that works alongside a VoIP system. You can purchase local, international, and toll free virtual business numbers and make calls over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

Consider this example: your business is physically situated in New York with a local New York area code business number. But you want to conduct business in other states within the United States, and also in parts of Canada and Mexico. How do you contact potential customers in these different locations without paying high long-distance calling charges? Customizable caller IDs.

Switch Your Outgoing Caller ID

Global Call Forwarding’s Outbound Calling service comes with caller ID management which gives you the ability to customize your caller ID. First, you purchase local and international business numbers for the specific states and countries you want to target. Then, when calling these numbers from your outbound calling softphone, you select which number you want to display as your outgoing caller ID. When calling New Zealand, select the New Zealand local number or toll free number you purchased. Follow the same for others.

This way, you evade international business calling charges and only pay what you subscribe to. Additionally, customers are more likely to answer calls from numbers they recognize than unknown numbers.

Additional Communication Benefits

Global Call Forwarding offers many communication tools and features that will help you organize, streamline, and better handle your office communications. Here is a look at some of them.

1. Customize call distribution with call forwarding options such as Time of the Day Routing, Select Country Forwarding, and Simultaneous Ringing.

2. Create personalized greetings and voicemail messages.

3. Use interactive voice response (IVR) menus and unlimited extensions to create an organized phone map. Incoming calls are answered by the advanced IVR system which helps callers navigate through a series of menus so they find the right department or representative to resolve their concern.

4. Use Outbound Call Recording to record up to 100% of outgoing calls. These are stored as MP3 files for up to 6 years and can be used for performance reviews, protection against liability, meeting compliance requirements, etc.

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How to Get International Business Calling?

Global Call Forwarding is an international voice service. You can purchase Outbound Calling or add it to your Global Call Forwarding international calling plan from our Outbound Calling page. Depending on your needs, you have 5 different plans to choose from. The bigger the plan, the more discounts are applied.

You can also add Cloud Call Recording to your Outbound Calling plan. And, before you check out, you can also get a basic inbound plan, for incoming calls with additional communication tools. All of this together lets you build a strong phone system for international business calling.

Ready to Start Dialing?

International Outbound Calling is necessary if you want to take your business global. Stay in constant contact with local and international business calling in an inexpensive way. With great call quality, accessibility, and other features, you can expand your reach one country at a time. To learn more, talk to an expert at Global Call Forwarding.

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