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It is hard to imagine doing business in today’s world economy and not including Europe. The continent is an economic powerhouse and has been for many years.

If your business is small or medium-sized, expanding into Europe may seem daunting. However, if you utilize the right methods, it can be done easily and quickly.

Virtual Numbers: The Answer

The answer to this potential dilemma is European virtual phone numbers.

Before you read on, let’s clarify something — “virtual” has become synonymous with “fake” (think “virtual reality”). However, a virtual phone number is an actual, real phone number that people dial or you or anyone you designate can pick up.

When your phone starts ringing from customers located anywhere; from Latvia to Monaco, you start to appreciate how real virtual numbers truly are.

Virtual numbers get their name from the fact the phone number is one that is via an internet connection, instead of using traditional phone lines. These internet phone lines have been around for years (your office may already have them in some form), but today they are being used to give businesses a presence anywhere in the world.

Access to Europe

European virtual numbers can be toll-free anywhere in Europe, and they can be tailored to resemble whatever part of Europe you want. This is a huge cost saver for you and your customers. Instead of having to pay for numbers for every country individually, with European virtual numbers, you only need one number. And your customer will have the feeling they are calling a local number.  

Europe is Enormous in Population and Culture

An image of a man using his European virtual phone number.
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Europe is one of the most populated continents on the planet, with over 700 million people. This is not including Russia as a part of Europe.

Getting your business European virtual numbers can open up access to millions of customers. The UK alone has around 67,330,000 residents, with Italy and France not that far behind. Turkey is nearing 85 million, Ukraine about 43.79 million, and Poland 37.75 million.

The EU

You have probably heard of the European Union, which is a monetary and fiscal unification of the European countries. Europe is comprised of many different countries, and people of many different cultures. So, as a whole, the continent was hesitant to unify politically. However, they did recognize the benefit of unifying monetarily and felt that unification would provide greater stability in the region. Hence, the European Union was born in 1993.

You may have also heard of Brexit, a vote whereby Britain opted to leave the European Union in the year 2019. This puts the EU’s future in doubt.

The great thing about a European virtual phone number is that regardless of the status of the EU and Brexit, managing your European virtual numbers will remain the same. Should these countries become more and more isolated from each other, and even if the .eu address to European websites cannot be renewed (as has been reported) you will still be able to manage your virtual numbers.

What this means is that your phone numbers will still seem local to the European Countries you have them in, regardless of what happens to the European Union. In some ways, you may benefit. Because as other businesses struggle with how to deal with a newly fractured Europe, your phone numbers will continue seamlessly, toll-free and local to the cities and countries where you have them.

A European Virtual Number Can Have Many Benefits

This is why there is no better time to get European virtual numbers. Not just to do business with the broad population, but to make sure your business continues in Europe for as long as you want it to, without having to work around any potential fracturing of the EU.

It’s worth noting that not only do European virtual numbers get you the benefits we’ve already discussed, but virtual numbers often offer excellent features not available with standard phone numbers, which may only be available at a sizeable cost.

For example, advanced forwarding, ringtones local to each European country, rollover minutes, IVR, and voicemail, are all available with a European virtual phone number.

European virtual numbers can open the business gates to Europe for your business. One of the globe’s largest, wealthiest, and most populated continents now is easy for you to access, without costly hurdles that only larger companies have the ability to work through.

It couldn’t be easier for your business to start doing business in Europe — or at least, to test the waters to see how your product or service sells in the region. Give Global Call Forwarding a call today to get European virtual numbers so your business can establish a presence in Europe, easily.

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