If you’ve given thought about expanding your business overseas or testing out marketing initiatives in different parts of the world, maybe you’ve narrowed your target areas to various countries or cities where you think your business or product would appeal most.

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However, you may want to think even bigger. What about marketing the products you have to offer to an entire continent? Europe toll free numbers can help you do that, despite how expansive and diverse the entire continent may seem.

Close Countries and the Free Flow of Ideas

The nations of Europe as so close together, and its economies so interdependent that some have said it is the most interconnected continent in history. The mixture of highly fertile land due to favorable climate conditions and great access to seas (Europe has a higher coast to land mass ratio of any other continent) have allowed people of different histories, cultures, and languages to live so closely together for centuries.

Europe’s location gives it the benefit of the gulf stream, which tends to warm the winds that come off of the cold North Atlantic sea. For example, the average climate in Naples Italy is 61 degrees, compared with 54 degrees in New York, even though both are on the same latitude.

The landscape of the continent is varied, and this includes such natural land formations as the Scottish Highlands, Hungarian plains, mountains in Southern Europe, the Ural Mountains, and a Northern plain spanning from Ireland to the Ural Mountains, which are partially underwater. The Celtic Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Barents Sea provide shallow waters, but still submerge parts of the plains in the North.

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The European Economy

When examined wholly, the European continent, compared to all other continents, holds the largest economy on earth. All of the assets managed in Europe account for one third of the world’s wealth. In terms of GDP per capita, Europe is home to the richest country in the world: Monaco.

Twenty-eight countries in Europe make up what is known as the European Union (EU), which together make up the largest economic area or union in the world, most of which use the Euro as their currency. The EU also provides more aid to foreign countries than any other economic region.

Businesses looking to expand into Europe with Europe toll free numbers will find that the EU helps in reaching many countries at one time. Policies that apply to all EU countries help facilitate the easy import and export of goods and services. EU countries have enacted and abide by one set of laws that set trade regulations. They even conduct independent diplomatic missions and have their own representation before the UN and the World Trade Organization.

The European People

If you are looking for Europe toll free numbers, you probably want numbers for the areas where the most people are located. Cities in Europe such as Istanbul, Moscow, London, and Paris have populations that eclipse 10 million. Cities such as St. Petersburg, Madrid, Barcelona, and Athens have over three million people.

Your marking dollars will reach a diverse group: among the millions of Europeans, there are about 87 different nationalities. That is due in large part to the inclusiveness of the area; there are more migrants in Europe than any other global region.

A Rich Culture

Europe toll free numbers put you in touch with some of the richest and most celebrated cultures on Earth. Europe’s historical museums and its rich cultural history go all the way back to the time of cave drawings during the Paleolithic Era. Some cave art which can be toured by visitors in Spain, dating back over 40,000 years.

The European Iron Age is represented in Celtic Art. The paintings, sculptures, and architecture of the ancient Greek and Romans can be found on many of the historical landmarks throughout Italy and Greece. Byzantine art, Romanesque Art, Romanticism, and the art of the Renaissance, all began in Europe.

Europe is the birthplace of some of the most recognizable pioneers in music such as Beethoven, Strauss, and Mozart. European orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestra are still considered some of the world’s finest. Modern masters such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd and hundreds of others also originated in Europe, which shows the unique cultural heritage continues to evolve in modern times.

Whatever business you are in, Europe toll free numbers can help you market to a diverse population across an expansive geographic region, efficiently and economically. Your Europe toll free numbers will have the same characteristics as the area of your customers, giving the impression that you are local to them. Availing absolute freedom and convenience, your Europe toll free numbers can be forwarded to you no matter where you’re located.

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