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Looking to establish a business presence in Europe? If so, one of the best ways to do so is by using European virtual phone numbers, which make your business more efficient and personalized towards European markets like Germany, France, Poland, and so forth. To appreciate just how Europe Virtual Phone Numbers can impact your business, it is necessary to understand exactly what virtual phone numbers do and how they’re used.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that resemble ordinary phone numbers. However, when a caller calls a virtual phone number, that call is routed through the cloud to another phone number located elsewhere. This allows your organization to route phone calls originating in one location (including countries, cities, regions, etc.) enabling them to be answered in another location.

This enables calls, both national and international, to be made as part of your business (or even for personal reasons). When a caller receives a call from a virtual phone number, it can be identical to the country and area that they are located in — which builds authenticity and trust with your potential clients.

Benefits and Applications of Europe Virtual Phone Numbers

There are many applications and benefits to using Europe Virtual Phone Numbers. Let’s take a look the ways Europe Virtual Phone Numbers can improve your business:

Creating a low-cost business presence: As mentioned before, using Europe virtual numbers can enable your business to establish a European presence without having to handle the red tape and regulations that come from leasing office space, hiring local staff, and a host of other problems that can delay establishing a foothold in Europe. For instance, having a business set up in Italy may not reach French customers in the same way; with Europe virtual phone numbers, you can subscribe to a virtual phone number and advertise your number on a website to reach customers across Europe. After all, callers are more likely to pick the phone up if the call originates from a number that resembles their home country rather than a foreign number.

Cost Efficiency: Calling long distance can be an extremely expensive option for many businesses, making it virtually impossible for startups and bootstrapped businesses to penetrate European markets. With virtual phone numbers, the process is made cheaper for your business to operate internationally without racking up the charges and fees that come from making non-local calls. Similarly, and perhaps more importantly, customers aren’t charged when they dial a virtual phone number; instead, your business pays for the subscription to facilitate communication.

European virtual numbers are a low-cost method for European residents (and the surrounding metropolitan regions) to forward their number to many cities simultaneously. And vice versa, these virtual phone numbers allow other countries to reach potential markets in Europe. This can include neighboring countries that comprise countries within the European Union, as well as countries around the world.

Hardware Flexibility: Europe virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding are not associated with a specific device or proprietary hardware. Instead, you can use any device you already use to handle inbound and outbound calls, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Also, you can use traditional landlines with virtual phone numbers, making the process of retrofitting your business more cost-consciously than when purchasing proprietary hardware. This ease of transition reduces overheads and avoids incompatibilities with your pre-existing hardware.

Training: Training your employees is a significant cost and any organization’s bottom line will feel it. By using Global Call Forwarding’s Europe virtual numbers, you can take advantage of their intuitive dashboard that gives employees an easy-to-learn account management system. With Europe virtual phone numbers, all your employees need is a compatible device (see above) and your employees can start handling your new European customers.

An Example of Using Europe Virtual Phone Numbers

Suppose your US-based company has learned that there is a hot market in Paris and Spain. However, after crunching the numbers, you realize that there are simply too many barriers to setting up shop, especially when it comes to hiring local staff, visa applications, taxes — you name it. Instead of coming up with large amounts of capital to overcome these obstacles, there’s a way to work smarter. Your business purchases several Europe virtual phone numbers — some in Paris, Madrid, Lyon, Girona, Seville, Marseille, and Barcelona. After advertising the number on your website, callers from those cities begin to call your business.

Et voila! You’re in business, even without a brick and mortar presence.

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