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What Are Rollover Minutes?

Global Call Forwarding understands that your monthly usage may vary from month to month and to accommodate your needs, we offer Rollover Minutes as an optional feature. This allows for greater flexibility and the ability to preserve the minutes you haven’t used.

How Does the Feature Work?

You have the option to upgrade your Call Forwarding plan and carry over your unused minutes from one month to the next with this feature for your service. Though it is not included automatically with all of our plans, subscribing to this feature is simple and affordable. It offers some added flexibility to your account while allowing you to retain minutes you have already paid for.

Global Call Forwarding is the only call forwarding service provider that offers affordable minute plans with rollover minutes (available add-on option) to carry over your unused minutes from month to month.

  • Avoid exceeding your plan’s monthly minutes
  • Perfect for customers who have high call traffic variations
  • Integrates with any operating system
  • Works great for customers with a fluctuating call volume

How Do I Get Rollover Minutes with My Call Forwarding Service Line?

Rollover minutes can be added to call forwarding service plans with Global Call Forwarding for local and toll-free numbers.

For New Customers: To add rollover minutes to your order just check the Rollover Minutes option that corresponds to the plan you select on the View Rates page and click the Add to Cart button to complete your call forwarding order.

Existing Customers: If you are already a call forwarding customer, log in to your online control panel. Then click on the monthly plan icon next to the call forwarding service line on which you want to add.

The Service Plan pop-up window will open. Under the plan of your choice, select the Rollover option and click Update Plan to activate the Rollover feature.
Note: any changes to your existing plan will take effect on the 1st day of the following month.

When do I Start Accumulating Minutes?

Rollover minutes begin to accumulate at the end of your second billing period. Furthermore, the minutes that you accumulate will expire after 6 billing periods. For example, unused minutes in January are available for use until August 1st, at which point they will expire if unused.

How Do I Check My Available Rollover Minute Balance?

Your available accumulated Minutes can be viewed easily from your Call Forwarding Control Panel. Log in at any time, 24/7 to see how many minutes you have and how long they will be available for.



How Do I Accumulate Rollover Minutes?

Rollover Minutes, or unused call forwarding minutes, accumulate each month and carry over to the next, for up to 6 billing periods. Minutes are collected when you use fewer minutes than the total number of minutes included in your international call forwarding plan.

For example: You have a toll free number in the UK with a 700 minutes/month call forwarding plan. If in one month you only use 430 minutes, you will have accumulated 270 rollover minutes that should be available to carry over. If you have the Rollover feature, these 270 minutes can be used within the next six months and can be applied to your account if you ever exceed your monthly limit. Businesses with fluctuating call traffic consider rollover minutes a necessity for their call forwarding service. If you don’t have this service and your monthly calling changes from month to month, you may be at a great disadvantage.

For the small additional monthly fee, rollover minutes can save you much more in the event you do not use your plan’s allotted minutes each month. To begin using these minutes, all you have to do is activate the feature on your call forwarding plan. Click here to see plans and rates.

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