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What is Account Management from Global Call Forwarding?

Managing your account with Global Call Forwarding and accessing all of your information will never be a complicated process. It is our aim to ensure every customer has the tools they need available 24 hours/ day to ensure all aspects of your account are accessible and able to be customized as needed.

How Does Account Management Work?

We offer you an easy to use Customer Control Panel to manage your account, change account settings, add services, set up or modify the advanced features, change your ring-to numbers, manage your call forwarding service, view up-to-date invoices, and view in-depth call details — including date, time, phone numbers, and duration.

Global Call Forwarding Online Account Management Features

  • We offer convenient 24/7 access to your account online
  • You can view all of your business phone numbers with just a click
  • As needed, you can update contact and payment info
  • You will have full access to all advanced service features and the accompanying settings

How to Get Online Account Management

We offer a user-friendly interface that has been designed to offer the easiest navigation, with efficient access, and a very simplified approach to managing one’s account. Additionally, through the account management dashboard, we offer a variety of advanced features that can be incorporated into one’s account to get the most utilization and functioning from your virtual phone numbers.

For further convenience, the dashboard has been designed for easy access at all times. You are free to access your control panel from any computer, at any time and from any location. Just visit, click Account Login, and enter your access information.

Using Your Online Account Management

Online account management gives you a point of access for all of your services with Global Call Forwarding. This ensures you can verify your services, check on usage, customize settings, work with the available features to suit your needs. If you need to view your account info or customize aspects of your virtual phone numbers, this is where it is done. Upon logging in, you will see notifications and alerts, if relevant. All aspects of managing your account are easily done through the dashboard, allowing you a fast, user-friendly way to stay on top of your communications.

Additional Benefits of Account Management

Our customers have continuous access to live chat, which allows them to communicate with our customer support representatives as needed. If necessary, they can easily request new local virtual numbers or toll free phone numbers to add to their account. If they need to change service plans, through the account portal it can be done simply. Additional benefits include access to all call details, along with resources such as answers to frequently asked questions and the option to open tickets with customer service in the event of service issues..



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