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How international call forwarding works

Interested in expanding your business in other countries? If so, one of the first steps to becoming a globally recognized business is investing in international toll free numbers.

If you have never used international call forwarding before, you may be curious as to how it works and what your role is in the process. After all, any investment is a large one for most small businesses. To help you get a better grasp on how our international call forwarding works at Global Call Forwarding, consider the following.

What is International Call Forwarding?

In its most basic terms, call forwarding is a telephone service that allows you to redirect telephone calls to an alternative destination. The final destination for a call may be a mobile phone, landline, or voicemail box as has been set up by you, and the destination can be located anywhere in the world.

While its use in local settings is widespread, the use of international toll free numbers within the small business world has only recently taken off. The quality of these calls through Global Call Forwarding is always top-notch, and we strive to make it easy for small businesses to engage customers in markets around the world.

In a boarder sense, international call forwarding works through a complex network of virtual phone numbers with a centralized toll free number as the foundation. With Global Call Forwarding, each and every call that comes to your toll free number is directed to the number of your choice. This allows you to travel freely without ever worrying about additional fees or missed phone calls.

Virtual Presence Around the Globe

International voice routing is designed to help you establish a virtual presence for your business anywhere in the world. By activating international toll free numbers, your business becomes a player in any given country. Local toll free numbers become a center of communication between you and your customers.

No matter where your business is physically located, it can maintain a virtual presence simply by having international toll free numbers in the country you prefer. For example, many companies focus on niche markets in certain areas of the world. If you’d like to do business in the US but your company is located in Singapore, you need a point of origin. An international number would be that centralized point. Once the number is called it will be redirected to your number at no charge to your customers.

Local international call forwarding aids in activating your business in local markets you want to do business in. Your local office will never miss a call thanks to this seamless and easy-to-use service. Establishing a presence in countries far away from your home base has never been easier.

Simplifies Call Management

Essentially, international toll free numbers simplify call management. Gone are the days of setting up countless employees just to answer phones. Now all you have to do is sign up for international call forwarding services through Global Call Forwarding and we’ll do the rest.

There is no equipment needed and no setup costs for you. We offer international call forwarding in over 80 different countries and countless cities around the globe. All you have to do is choose a number in the country you intend to do business in and we will get you set up.

Now you can centralize your call center into one phone number at affordable rates. Our international toll-free numbers are accessible from landlines and mobile phones, and are ideal for supporting 21st century business needs. We’ll activate you in just a few minutes so you never miss a beat.

Every call forwarding package we offer comes with a long list of features. Each of these features is yours free of charge based on your plan. From select country forwarding to account management and our specialized GCF API, we provide the ultimate in features for your international call forwarding needs. Manage all your lines in one centralized location without the hassle of setting up several numbers, all thanks to international call forwarding services.

Only the Best Quality & Services

International call forwarding allows your business to have a presence in any country you choose. No matter where your business is located, customers can call you for free with international toll free numbers.

At Global Call Forwarding we use only tier-1 carriers to provide the highest quality international call forwarding at affordable prices. Tier-1 carriers are able to provide exceptional service because they have direct access to the internet and efficient networks within it. Direct access is imperative, as it directly affects the quality of your calls and reduces the likelihood of dropped calls.

Our international toll free numbers give you and your customers a clear line of communication where you never miss a call. Having international toll free numbers for your business can build your presence in any country in the world. Centralizing communication and expanding your business is made much easier thanks to international call routing services.

Discover the best service no matter where your customers are calling from with Global Call Forwarding.

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