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International Call Forwarding Services and Advantages

international call forwarding services

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Many companies now offer their customers a way to forward incoming calls to a specified number. This helps business and global businesses in many ways. Some telephone and forwarding services refer to call forwarding services as “follow me” services. For a sales team or international business call forwarding can be a vital part of their structure and here’s why:

  1. International call forwarding services allow a sales team to be reached where ever they are. If a call comes to their desk and they happen to be on location the incoming call can be forwarded to their cell phone without the caller ever have known. This is a helpful tool for the sales person who will never miss a call or have to rely on answering machines or people to take messages for them so they can return the call at a later time.
  2. Customer service also may rely on international call forwarding services to better serve their customers. Many international businesses may need to have 24/7 sales or customer support. Companies that require international support and sales teams may outsource this support to other global areas and will need to have a phone number redirected to the support team during certain hours or for specific support related issues. Having the ability to custom route incoming calls can be a vital part of a business’s structure.
  3. Even a home phone may want to have call forwarding services applied to the number. If a person travels often and wants to stay in touch with people calling their home phone or local phone number an affordable option would be to have calls forwarded to the hotel, mobile phone or location where they are located.

These are just a few examples of how international call forwarding services may be used using forwarding numbers to other countries. Today there are many options available to the consumer, these options can, but don’t always include, international fax forwarding, simultaneous ringing (when more than one phone will ring for the incoming call) or even sequential ringing (when phones will ring in a sequence until answered). Depending on your needs there are many affordable call forwarding services and options available.

International Call Forwarding Services and Smart Phones

With the popularity of smartphones many businesses are relying on international call forwarding to deliver faxes to them wherever they may be. With fax forwarding services, a business can have a fax sent to their email as an image and respond instantly. This gives international and local businesses that have this feature advantage over their competition in many ways depending on the nature of the business.

The real-estate business is heavily reliant on call forwarding services. For a realtor, being in touch with their clientele is essential to their success. Realtors will often use call forwarding services to stay in touch since they are oftentimes out of the office and having an answering machine just doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced real estate market.

Cost of International Call Forwarding Services

The cost of international call forwarding services today is very low. To get prices on what the cost would be for you in your area call us  toll free (US) 1-888-908-6171 or local +1-561-908-6171

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